Monday, January 22, 2007

Call Me Arbitrary

Some leftover thoughts rattling around in my head. If I don't get them out, I can't make room for new ones. Please refer to beer consumption for further explanation.

Congrats to the Colts. Can’t figure if I’m more upset the Pats blew the game or that we now have to hear about the Peyton Bowl for the next two weeks. I just hope they don’t interview Eli. There are only so many slack jawed, arm waving quarterbacks with inferiority complexes I can take. Please, reporters, if you must talk to Eli ask about his decision not to play for San Diego during media week just so I can see his reaction. Pretty please?

Sign spotted alongside the GW Parkway, Virginia that made me laugh and laugh: "George Bush Center for Intelligence".

What the hell happened to the Saints? I mean, besides the 18 fumbles. I think it was that many. Lost count after a while.

Recommended new CD: Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me. Get it so you can say “Just picked up the brand new Brand New”. Well, that and it’s good music.

Recommended old CD: The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema.

Grossman still sucks. Indy wins by 14. On a completely unrelated note, I picked both games wrong last weekend.

Red haired woman at the Delta boarding desk, screaming at the clerk that she was given the wrong ticket. “How could you people pull something like this?” Making a scene. Ticketing woman looks at her, looks at her boarding pass, says “This is your boarding pass from last week. You need your boarding pass for today.” Red pokes around in her purse and sheepishly pulls out the correct boarding pass. Then looks around at all the gawking eyes and slinks away, mumbling to herself. Sometimes justice is swift. Or was that karma?

Only a few more weeks until spring training. Yeeee fucking hawwww!!!!

Did you know there will be a completely glass walkway built 4,000 feet over the Colorado River? Check out the link below and try not to think about why they are having a hard time getting this insured.

Two questions for this link: What happens when you start sweating in it? Will I look cool wearing it around the office? Actually that second one answers itself. I always look cool.

Had to take a trip to Hartford today and it reminded me of two incidents I witnessed on the drive down. First was when I saw a turkey way up at the top of a tree. The turkey decided to fly across the highway and must have forgotten how heavy it was or how hard it was to fly. It plummeted about 50 feet before leveling off and made it 3/4 of the way across the front of my truck before feathers blocked out the sun. No worries! I caught a glimpse of it, still in flight, making it's way across the other side of the highway. Just missed getting creamed by a FedEx truck. I must have just clipped it.

Second one involved seeing a deer bolt across that same highway. It actually made it too without killing itself or any drivers.

My point? Don't drive to Hartford unless you absolutely have no choice or you're on your way to New York. There's nothing here anyway.

Finally, as if I haven’t diverted your attention enough, today’s distraction: Check out bizarre buildings from around the world. Love the WonderWorks building. But then I’m disturbed.

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