Monday, January 29, 2007

Scatter Brained

Some weekend thoughts:

Caught an awesome NFL Films behind the scenes documentary on the 2004 Patriots yesterday and was struck by a few things.

- Willie McGinest was the spiritual leader of that defense. Even Brushi listened to everything he had to say.

- From Buschi, "Willie says that if we win this game they'll call us a dynasty. A dynasty!!" The team itself seemed humbled and awed by what they were accomplishing. Makes me like them more.

- Brady and Deion Branch seemed to actually like each other. No wonder Brady was pissed when they traded him this past season. I thought of the Troy Brown botched route on that 3rd and 4 play in the Indy game. I love Troy Brown, but think Branch and Brady would have had that same miscommunication? Me neither. Eventually the Pats are going to have to start paying some of their key players to stick around. It's hurt them the last two years.

Buddy I've known since first grade just turned 40 yesterday. It was great to call him 'old man' and actually mean it, but at the same time it was depressing. Not because we're aging, but that I've hung around this goofball for 34 years. Seriously, is this the best I can do? He's a chain smoking, former basketball player who has the most addictive personality I've ever witnessed. Love him like a brother.

My six year old is obsessed with Star Wars. He already knows more about the myth and relationships behind the movies than I ever have. Maybe this says more about my fatherly skills than his personality, but his favorite character is Darth Maul. That satanic looking, dual light saber guy who winds up killing one of the Jedi's. He's my boy!!

Back in our college days one of our friends would sleep with any girl who gave him any kind of attention. That included some serious pigs. Including one girl who was by far the ugliest, nastiest creature I have ever seen. Before or since. She is the standard of ugliness by which all others are judged. What brings this up? I ran into her over the weekend and she is even nastier than I remember. Which is saying something. And, yes, I bring this up to shame and embarrass him every chance I get. What are friends for?

Advertisements are getting more and more inane every day. Example: Flomax. 'Here's to guys who want to spend more time having fun and less time in the bathroom.' Um, isn't that every guy? Everywhere?? I suppose 2% of the male population has some sort of masturbatory addiction I'm not aware of, but I'm guessing the rest of the male population would rather be tailgating, playing/watching their favorite sport, or getting shitfaced in a pub.

There is nothing better than morning sex. You know that semi-conscious 'don't kiss me, I have morning breath' kind? Gets the day off to a great start. I hope I get to have some one day.

And finally, winter can fucking kiss my ass!! I hate it with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. What's sad is this has been the mildest winter I can remember, but I still fucking hate it. Fuck you, winter!!! Yeah, you!! In fact, here. This is for you:

Today's distraction: One of my all time favorite time killers. One of my favorite people actually played this for over a month straight. That means one game for over a month. Never turned the game or her computer off. She even topped the million mark. Not sure why, but I find this one of the more impressive feats I've taken part in. Screw inventing penicillin, beat a million on this game.


Anonymous said...

You know I'm not allowed to play that game anymore, why would you tempt me like that? (And the game wouldn't open when I clicked on it! Damn you Bowen!)


Anonymous said...

I meant Jeff, not James...oops. Its hard to keep track you know. Nevermind, I'm sure you know.