Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kid Flicks

You may not have noticed, but we seem to be in a golden age of children's movies. Having a six and two year old means I've seen more than my share. And seen them many, many, many times. In some cases we're approaching triple figures. I've decided to put a list together on which animated movies are the most rewatchable.

In no particular order.

Shrek: This one still cracks me up. Not for the littlest ones, but my eldest has enjoyed this since age 4. "It talks!?" "Yeah, it's getting him to shut up that's the trick!"

Monsters, Inc: The most original of all the Pixar movies and, sadly, Billy Crystal's best (only?) work since 'When Harry Met Sally'. Plus who can resist Boo?

The Iron Giant: This isn't just one of my favorite kid movies, it's also one of my favorite all time movies. Funnier than most people realize, superior voice work by the entire cast and a message you want your kids to hear.

Toy Story 2: Better looking, funnier and gentler than the original.

Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the WereRabbit: No, really. This movie is freakin' hysterical. Takes multiple watchings to catch all the jokes, too. Like Gromit putting a cardboard box over a naked Wallace, then realizing the box has an upside down label "May Contain Nuts" on the outside. I liked 'Chicken Run', too, but not as much as the others on the list.

Finding Nemo: What is it with Pixar getting great performances out of unexpected sources? First Billy Crystal, now Ellen Degeneres who's Dori is one of the most memorable (pun alert!) movie characters in history. Visually stunning and surprisingly emotional, considering we're dealing with fish.

The Incredibles: Cross Pixar with the director of 'The Iron Giant' and you get an all time classic. Not for the youngest ones, but 5 and up love this. That includes me.

Today's distraction: What Disney character are you? Big shocker here. Are you sitting down? I'm Goofy! Hyuck!

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