Monday, February 5, 2007


Some left overs from the weekend.

Super Bowl Game: Man alive, this is the best we could do? The ugliest, most boring one I've seen yet. Every other play was a fumble or missed opportunity. I know, it was raining, but everyone has played football in the rain before and they are paid professionals. Even AV missed a field goal!! It started off so well, too, with the opening kick off. Whatever, now no football until next year. That just depresses me.

Super Bowl Halftime: My wife and I had a discussion on whether Prince getting electrocuted because of the rain during his performance would be the worst thing or best thing to happen to his career. We couldn't decide.

Super Bowl Commercials: Usually if the game is a bit dull like this one there are some entertaining commercials to hold my interest. Was there one that stood out at all? Any? Go Daddy was just ok, Bud Light seemed forced (nothing tops the rubber floor), the beard comb over made me laugh, but seems weird in retrospect. Maybe the Career Builder commercial, but in past years that wouldn't have cracked the top ten. There were more commercials for CBS shows than anything else. Did you know 'Criminal Minds' is 'TVs hottest drama'? Did you??

Marriage: Incident occurred at Vox that sums up the institution of marriage. We were at the bar and everyone was having a good time. We were close to the door, so I kept my coat on to protect myself from the drafts. I was comfortable and happy, but wifey kept asking why I wasn't taking my coat off. I said I was fine, but she kept at it, ending with "You're making me uncomfortable. Take your coat off." How having my coat on made her uncomfortable was beyond me, but I didn't consider it a big deal and wanted her to let go of whatever obsessive compulsive thought process she had attached to my coat. I draped it over the back of a bar stool and on top of all our other coats. Not two minutes later my buddy's girlfriend spills half her espresso martini all over it. Now my nice, expensive coat has shit brown stains all over it and I have to drop it off for dry cleaning. Wives and future wives, don't nag your husband into doing something he doesn't want to do. It always ends badly.

TMI: For 'Too Much Information". On Saturday night my buddy suddenly launched into an explicit monologue about the sexual preferences of his girlfriend (who was standing about 5 feet away). While I've never been a kiss and tell kind of guy, I'm definitely not a prude, but this was too much for me to handle and I had to stop him. Maybe his gf being my height and about 30 pounds heavier than me had something to do with it. There are still images I'm trying to gouge out of my mind's eye.

Aging: And, finally, nothing makes you act, show and feel your age more effectively than drinking heavily two consecutive nights. I can't adequately describe my initial reaction to my own reflection on Sunday morning. Let's just say I'm reevaluating my opposition to plastic surgery.

Today's distraction: Try to piss drunk. It's disturbingly good fun and a lot harder when there isn't a wall to brace yourself against. It's a tribute to my drunk fest of a weekend. Just like the good ole days.


Anonymous said...

Nothing in the last 2 posts about seeing the Other Woman last Saturday night, so assume she didn't surface... yeah?

BeachBum said...

no, no sight of Other Woman, which considering the state of wifey was best for all involved.