Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random Patterns

Another brain dump for my excess thoughts and opinions.

Discovered a perfect hangover song by 'Sorry About Dresden' called 'Sick and Sore'. Download it if you can find it and quickly identify with the first few lines. Lead singer even sounds like he's been drinking way too much. 'Better go through the motions, before they go through you'

Watched some of the Grammys (shouldn't it be spelled Grammies?) on Sunday night and came to the sad realization we are in the musical lull. Boring, boring, boring!! Please, someone stir things up next year. And, no U2, I don't mean you. My one reprieve was 'SexyBack' not being performed. I hate that fucking song!

Speaking of the Grammys, can someone please explain to me the difference between Record of the Year and Song of the Year? Aren't they the same thing? Are they going to add a Single of the Year soon? How about Download of the Year?

Movie recommendation: "The Proposition" on DVD. Be warned, it's extremely violent. Australian western that pulls no punches depicting the brutality of that era. Item I found interesting - it was written by Nick Cave. Yeah, that same one. He even wrote the music for it.

New CD recommendation - Peeping Tom. Former Faith No More lead singer mixes up electronica, rock, jazz and hip hop with fantastic lyrics such as 'Well I know assholes grow on trees, but I'm here to trim the leaves'. Plus gets Norah Jones to sing dirty on 'Sucker'. I think I'm in love with her now.

Watched the Kentucky - Florida game on Saturday night and was, once again, reminded what is great about college basketball. Neither team played at top form, but it was down to the wire and playoff intense. Hard to envision Florida not repeating. Not only are they the most talented team, but one of the hardest working. They won this game on pure effort.

It also reminds me that March Madness is right around the corner.

Which reminds me that winter is almost over.

Which in turn reminds me baseball season is about to start.

Which then reminds me that summer is only a few months away.

I think I might cry.

Wound up watching some of 'Grey's Anatomy' last week and I just don't get the appeal of this show. Main character is annoying as hell (I hope she drowns), the medical situations are ripped from every other hospital show and the emotional aspect is soap opera-ish at best (yes, I just made a word up).

Love '24', but the actor playing the President blows. He's not very Presidential. He was better as the sniveling brother to the real President Palmer. There will be only one, true President Palmer. The father revelation was a shocker, too (still wished they got Donald Sutherland to play him). No other show keeps you reeling like this one. You can never seem to regain your balance.

Last weekend was a wasteland for sports. The Pro Bowl? Please. Not even the players cared about that, although it was great to see a punter get absolutely leveled during that fake punt. Leave it to Belichick to set up another team's punter. You don't really think he'd pull that play with his own guy, do you? In an exhibition game? No freakin' way. Props to the dude, though, as he popped back up and ran over to slap his tackler on the helmet. They'd still be peeling me off the field.

Watched some of the Lakers - Cavaliers game and was struck by how both Kobe and LeBron meander through spots in the game. Almost like they pick and choose when to actually try. Can you imagine Magic, Bird, or Jordan doing something like that? Christ, Bird had three herniated disks and was diving to the floor for loose balls. Jordan had a 104 degree temperature and still busted his ass. We're suddenly seeing the spoiled, superstars-since-high-school athletes try to motivate themselves through an 82 game marathon. It's not always pretty. Too bad they weren't given an actual work ethic along with all those free pairs of Nikes.

Speaking of LeBron, caught on interview with him over the weekend and he was asked what his goals were. His answer was not "To win as many championships as possible" or "To make myself into the best player ever" or even "To become the best person I can be". No, his answer was this: "I want to become one of the richest men in the world." While I can understand the drive behind this, it pained me a bit to hear this from someone who still hasn't become the player we all suspect he can be. Sure, he's great now, but there is no ceiling on how great he can become and it seems like he's already getting bored with the game. I can see him retiring at age 30 because he just doesn't enjoy playing anymore. That is, if he even enjoys it now. Hard to tell watching him on the court.

Friend of mine has been away for the last week. While I don't actually see or speak to this friend, I still feel something missing. Odd, I know, but that's me in a nutshell. I've been thinking about this friend a lot lately, too, as the family is going through a health crisis. Frustrating not being able to do anything. You ever wish you could just concentrate real hard and make things better through sheer force of will? Me too.

I just read French's blog about his trip to Cali (link to the right) and realized his girlfriend could, quite possibly, be the perfect woman. I mean seriously...batting cages?!! I thought, "Man, where was she when I was single" and one single unprovoked, unsolicited, unnecessary word popped into my head as the answer: Kindergarten. Stupid brain.

I'd wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, but I don't believe in it.

Today's distraction: Find out what kind of drinker you are. To the surprise of nobody, I'm a 'Heavy Drinker'. Which just means this test is frighteningly accurate.

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