Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dreaming the Good Life

Things I'll do when I win tonight's $355 million Mega Millions:

- Neices and Nephews will each have a few hundred thousand to either go to college or party themselves to death.

- Dream cars for all my friends. I only have two, so it won't be that expensive.

- Goal of never experiencing temperatures below 60 realized.

- Houses in Cali, Cayman Islands and condo in Boston.

- Hot mistresses for each house above. Wife won't care as she won't have to work anymore and that's all she cares about.

- Get this

- Still come to work just to make everyone's lives miserable. Except the people I like. Those two will be fine.

- The biggest motherfucking party mankind has ever seen. No shit, either. I'm closing down the city of Boston and it's going to be like one huge multi-block party. It will be legendary.

- Start my own female modeling agency.

- Hire my own staff from the female models. After the kids go to bed, tops come off.

- Finally, put all sorts of money towards finding a way towards world peace. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, man I'm funny!!

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