Thursday, March 15, 2007

Global Cooling

I am firmly on record as being in favor of global warming. If this past winter is any indication of what's to come, I say we make the ozone hole just a teensy bit larger. My house is up high and about 8 miles from Boston. If things play out as I hope, my house will soon be ocean front property. Can you say 'early retirement'?

Unfortunately, it seems everyone else is dead set on stopping or even reversing the trend. So called 'Green Houses' are now being built with earth friendly and recycled materials. Wait, isn't wood earth friendly? It grew from the earth. It provides oxygen that helps all the fuzzy little critters live. Doesn't get more friendly than that. So, cut them all down and let's build our houses from them. They'll grow back. Hopefully.

It's not just the materials, either. Companies are looking towards alternative energy sources. One fitness club in Hong Kong, California Fitness (As far as I could gather there is no California in Hong Kong), is even having their members provide their power for them. As the website claims; 'Energy burned off by exercisers is diverted and converted into power for lighting'. They even have backup batteries on site that get charged for later use.

I will ignore the fact they obviously ripped off this idea from the SportsCenter commercial with Lance Armstrong and focus on how this is ruining my life. See, with less green house gasses escaping into the atmosphere, winters will start going back to cold, snowy and just fucking miserable. That's not good. I don't want that and I think I speak for many North East residents when I say STOP!!! Please just stop!

An architectual firm in Rotterdam teamed with an environmental company and created a 'Sustainable Dance Floor'. The energy and heat given off by the club partiers is converted and turned into power. Take a look here if you want to see how it works. It's actually pretty cool even if it does mean I'll need to invest in snow shoes soon.

Look, I'm all for alternative energy. I have a ton of it if anyone can figure out how to harness my natural tendencies. It definitely isn't good for the environment immediately surrounding me at the time of release, but it's better then dealing with Saudi Arabia. But, do we have to try and reverse things? Can't we just keep it at the status quo for now and see what happens. This past winter wasn't too bad. It even hit 65 in January. I can live with this.

Besides, how do we know global warming isn't just a natural cycle? When the dinosaurs lived in Montana, they were living in a tropical rainforest wonderland. Then some big ass meteor hit and ushered in a sunless, cold, ice age that killed off nearly everything. Are we sure the earth isn't just gradually warming back up to it's original state?

To be clear, I recycle, I keep my heat down unless it's needed, I walk to the train to get to work. I get it. I'm just saying why jump to conclusions? Especially when it interferes with my happiness and comfort? Let's just take a step back and see how things play out. We're not making things worse. I just don't see any reason to make things better. Our air is cleaner, our ozone hole is shrinking, people are mindful of waste. Isn't that good enough?

I say yes. And to show I'm not just in this for myself, I am willing to switch my house to purely solar power. In fact, you are all invited for the great unveiling.

As soon as the water level rises to a level where a clambake would be appropriate, the invitations will be going out.

Today's distraction: See how much you know about Global Warming and whether we really need to capitalize it. I'm assuming so, since every article I've read seems to be doing it. I got about a 70 on this quiz, but I'm just guessing since it doesn't give you a final score. Cheap ass quiz.


French said...

Check it out, sunny. Your solar-powered house is a thing of the near future, assuming these bad boys can produce with the grant money they're being given by our good uncle.,+the+issue+is+material/2100-1008_3-6121488.html

Now take it further...CIGS, my friend...Copper Indium Gallium Selenide. Imagine, your house could a solar-power-generating juggernaut.

BeachBum said...

I checked out the picture of the house with CIGS installed in the roof and my first thought was 'bet that thing leaks like a sieve.'

Skepicism is my security blanket.