Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Some happy thoughts from the weekend:

Spring is almost here. You can smell it in the air. I can't fucking wait. I'm giddy with anticipation. That's right. GIDDY!!

We upgraded our Directv receiver to the new HD DVR system. The tech that installed it not only did it wrong, but somehow managed to mess up our subscription package to include the NBA League Pass. Before I could stop her, wifey called and had them correct it. There are times I hate her to the very core of her being. Still, this thing has changed my life. There is nothing like being able to pause live TV, ESPECIALLY when you have children and are interrupted every 4-5 minutes. Plus I am now signing up for the March Madness package and recording as many games as possible. I may have to call in sick Thursday and Friday. In fact, I may never be heard from again.

Dice-K is looking great. Yeah, I know it's only spring training, but as a Sox fan I can't help getting excited. This was how I felt when Schilling joined the team. You just get the feeling you're watching something special in the making.

That said, the season won't hinge on DK or Schilling. Beckett is the key to this team. If he has a good season and wins at least 17 games, the Sox are a lock for the playoffs.

Tonight is my company's Awards Night. Don't for a second think I'm getting one. Not only do my coworkers not understand what I do, they could care less (unless something goes wrong, of course). I've taken a page from the George Costanza handbook and try to look angry and upset all the time. Especially when I'm typing away on the computer. Believe it or not, this really works. People barely say a word to me anymore. It's great!!

Oh, forgot my point. Awards night is the one night a year that wifey actually expects not to see me. After year one when I stumbled home around 1am, she has chalked it up to a work event and never says a word. One of the guys here and I also make it our annual 'Golden Tee' tourney time. We leave work around 3 and head to the local pub and get a head start on everyone. It might possibly be my favorite day of the year. This year looks to be no different.

March Madness, baby! Starts for real this Thursday. I'll try to put together a guide for picking teams in your office pool. I won over $700 last year after picking 3 of the Final Four. If it wasn't for George Mason, I would have been perfect. So, you're getting experienced advice. Even if it will turn out to be completely wrong.

Drove with the window down yesterday. Nothing like airing things out after a cold spell. Even cracked open all the windows in the house. Ahhhh, fresh air.

I used to think my two kids were what sucked up a majority of my time, but, as tends to be the case, I was wrong. It's owning a house. Here are the things I spent time on over the weekend:

- Furnace was leaking and running so low on hot water our heat wasn't working properly. Managed to patch this up and get things back to normal. Time spent: 3 hours including trip to Home Depot

- Two light fixture installations. One done while my 2 year old played directly beneath it. Talk about pressure. My repeated pleas to go play somewhere else so the thing wouldn't fall on his head (a definite possibility) were finally heeded when I said "go see what's in the bathtub". He happily trotted into the bathroom and spent the next 20 minutes climbing in and out. Father of the year, I ain't. Time spent: 1 hour

- Installed new smoke detectors: 30 minutes

- Fixing the Directv installation. That's right, the fucking morons didn't install it properly so we couldn't record one show while watching another. No worries, though, as 50 feet of coax cabling, one drill and 1 hour of work resolved that little issue. I was watching Texas - Kansas while recording 'Return of the Jedi' for my son. Overall a very productive weekend.

Wife and I actually managed to find a babysitter and go out to dinner on Saturday. Met two old friends and had a great time. If you've never been to Artichokes in Malden, I cannot recommend it enough. They once made the best meal I've ever had. Veal and Lobster over pasta in a pink wine sauce. It's a special and don't always offer it, but they had it on Saturday. I actually did a double fist pump when our waiter announced it. It was just as delicious as I remember.

I never recovered my lost MP3 player and just sold my soul to the devil in order to replace it. That's right, I picked up an iPod. Not just any, either, but the 30 gig video one. I must admit it isn't the iPods I dislike, but the iTunes that go along with it. I don't want to have to sync things, just let me copy it onto the device and do my thing. Get your iTunes and iStore and iShit away from me. Sorry to say, too, that it actually doesn't sound as good as my old Samsung $80 USB one. I'm hoping it's just those crappy standard headphones, but the Samsung would blast the bass and sounded better than my 20 gig Creative in my office. Still, I can block out the maniacs on the subway and the shit they play in the gym.

Speaking of which. Yesterday was weigh in day. Starting weight 223. Current weight as of yesterday 214. However, once again, there is a problem. Namely, my gym replaced the doctor's scale I used for my initial weigh in with one of those computerized ones that give your weight down to the tenth of a pound. I'm just going on the assumption that the first scale was also accurate and I'll just round up. My actual weight was 213.7. I weighed myself twice, just to make sure it stayed true. I was also wearing the same sweats as the first weigh in. So, I've got to drop 6 pound to make my 15 pound goal. Looking good so far, although I've always been able to drop 5-10 pounds easily. It's the 5-10 pounds following that gives me trouble. We'll see.

Today's distraction: Play with particles. Beware, this can be highly addictive and appears easier than it actually is. There's music that goes along with it so if you're at work turn down the volume.

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