Thursday, March 29, 2007


I've had my new iPod for about three weeks now. Here are some initial reactions. Steve Jobs, start taking notes.

- Sound quality isn't as good as I thought it would be. It's passable, but I find it odd that my cheapo Samsung USB/MP3 Player/FM Radio/voice recorder had richer more powerful sound than this top of the line iPod.

- Bought new headphones that don't fall out when I'm running and it did improve the sound a bit, but still not great. Would it kill Apple to provide nicer standard earbuds?

- Love that there are so many accessories you can get for it. Got arm band and belt attachment so it doesn't take up space in my pockets and makes it easy to change songs or adjust the volume.

- Speaking of volume, a major annoyance is the difference in song quality. I downloaded the new Arcade Fire and Akaline Trio last week and they have different volume levels. I wind up turning it up for Akaline Trio, then another song comes on that nearly blows my head off, leaving me to scramble to turn down the volume. I mean, what the fuck? They both were downloaded of iTunes, I synced them up the same way. What gives?

- I drop almost $300 on this fucking thing and there is no way for me to delete a song off the iPod itself? Seriously? Everything needs to be done through iTunes, which I fucking despise. Here's what we should be able to do: We initially sync songs up to the iPod through iTunes. As we're listening to them we run across one song that we really don't like. Why can't there be a menu option to Delete Song? It can't be that difficult, right? It takes the song off our list of available songs. Then when we sync up again, iTunes notices that we've unchecked certain songs and removes them. Is this that difficult to add? Or how about being able to create a play list on the iPod itself?

This is my biggest complaint with iPods. Why do I have to do everything from my computer? The iPod is basically a portable hard drive with a music and video playback built into it. You telling me you can't add some simple operating system options to make things easier? We're living in a wireless era, yet Apple insists on keeping things archaic with their biggest selling item. They develop a whopper of an idea, market and sell it perfectly, but then keep you grounded to your computer to do ANYTHING to it. How does that make sense?

Each of these iPods comes with it's own activation code and serial number. You need to enter it in when you activate your player on iTunes. Why can't they build wireless into their iPods then use the individual codes to wirelessly download and sync music to it? Not only would every single person love it, Apple would make a ton of money. Imagine this: You hear a song you like or hear that your favorite band just put out a new CD. You turn on your iPod, go to the iTunes store from your iPod, buy that song or CD and have it downloaded directly onto your player. Would that not be the greatest thing ever?

The benefit of this would be instant access to your favorite music. You wouldn't be sitting at the airport kicking yourself because you forgot to sync your player to your PC, therefore you don't have those 10 songs you just bought. Or that new playlist you spent 2 hours putting together just for that trip.

I checked out Microsoft's Zune (their version of the iPod I have) and guess what? There is wireless built into it. If you have friends who also own a Zune, you can pick songs you want to share and beam them over to your friend's player. No wires EVER!!! (say that like Faye Dunaway in 'Mommy Dearest') So basically, Microsoft has taken someone else's good idea and improved on it. Again. This is what they're known for. Don't be surprised in 3 years to see the Zune is outselling the iPod because Apple refuses to give the consumer what they want. Again. This is what Apple is known for.

- Now that that's out of my system, one of the joys of having 30 gigs of space on this thing is rediscovering old music I haven't listened to in years. 'Adam and Eve' by Catherine Wheel, 'Nimrod' by Green Day (light years better than 'American Idiot'), 'Do The Collapse' by Guided By Voices, 'The Ugly Organ' by Cursive. I have it on shuffle and at least once on the train I hear the first chords of an old favorite and think 'Oh, YEAH! I forgot how good this song is'. I'm then bopping my way into work with a smile on my face.

Maybe that's why iPod's are so popular. It isn't every day you stroll into work with a smile on your face.

Today's distraction: Visit Pandora and discover some new music. Just enter in an artist you like and it will offer suggestions and let you listen to some songs.


French said...

"...bopping my way into work..."

Hey Jeff, are you not even going to touch this one? I'm trying to think of the last time I bopped, and for the life of me, I can't. I do, however, have this image of Bowen snapping his fingers, biting his lower lip, and bopping as he enters a turnstyle. The first woman he sees inside definitely gets the "what's cookin', good lookin'?"

BeachBum said...

I have definitely used 'what's cookin', good lookin'?' more than once. Only on legitimately good looking women, though.

I am one soul patch from being a hep cat, dude.

French said...

I feel like I have to admit here that I had a soul patch in college.