Sunday, March 18, 2007

Robot Chicken

Even before they became (in)famous for planting advertising bombs all over Boston, I was aware of Adult Swim. It's basically a block of adult animation shows like 'The Boondocks' and, yes, 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'. But if that's all you're aware of regarding them, then you're missing out on one of the funniest, most subversive shows currently airing. Some of the shit they think up is so disturbing it's hysterical.

The show was co-created by Dr. Evil's son, Seth Green. You know the one that keeps getting shushed by his bald, scarred, dim witted, evil father in the Austin Powers movies? Him. Sure he's been in other stuff ('Scooby Doo' comes to mind) but this is where most know him.

Anyway, he joined forces with Matt Senreich (sorry, no idea who that is) to basically lampoon whatever they want. Nothing is sacred. Not even Noah's Ark. 'Game over, man, game over'!!

Fortunately for all of us, YouTube has a bunch of clips from the show and you can bet I'll be buying DVDs of this fucker as soon as they become available. My favorites are below and they are all today's distraction.

This giraffe clip is fairly short and gives you an idea what the show is about. It also gives you an idea how many drugs the writers are doing.

Dicks with Time Machines comes up an appropriate Commandment number 1

They even take on relatively unknown shows like Teen Titans. Note, I'm only onto this because my six year old LOVES this show. No, seriously.

Check out their version of Calvin and Hobbes. 'Mars is amazing!'

The Super Villain carpool.

And three of my all time favorites. I go to these whenever I need a laugh.

Darth Vader calls after the Death Star is destroyed. I must have seen this clip 50 times and I still laugh. 'Just get your 7 foot, 2 inch asthmatic ass back here!'

Grand Theft Mario. 'Mama mia, Luigi, we got a pimped out ride'

And their singular stroke of genius - A Behind the Music Special about The Muppet Show band, Electric Mayhem.

Enjoy, my friends. Enjoy!

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