Monday, April 9, 2007

Baseball Thoughts

Some random thoughts over the first full weekend of baseball.

- I know, I know it was only his first start but I officially have Dice-K fever. It's not a full fledged man crush. Yet. Talk to me on Thursday.

- Bob Ryan once described Barry Bonds home run record chase as 'a joyless pursuit'. Perfectly phrased, Mr. Ryan. As Bonds closes in on the all time record I can't find a single person who wants him to surpass Aaron. Not one. Everyone hates this guy. Do people in San Francisco even like him? I've never wished a career ending injury on anyone before, but it would be perfect karma if he blows out both knees rounding third on number 754.

- Reason #223 I like Coco Crisp: His reaction after getting his first hit of the season.

- Laughed out loud when one of A-Rod's first plays of the season was a botched pop up in foul ground. I almost felt sorry for him. Nah, not really.

- Speaking of A-Rod, think hitting that game winning grand slam got the Yankees fans off his back? Me neither. I give them 3 weeks before they're booing him again. He's baseball's version of Kobe without the rape charge. They're both gifted, elite athletes who have been so coddled and adored their entire lives they don't know how to relate to average people. It makes them come off as spoiled and condescending. Plus he's a fucking pretty boy.

- Typing this while watching Sox game. Currently 3rd inning and Papi has already hit 2 home runs. Love having Papi. Seriously, can you imagine him on any other team?

- Discussing the early season results with my father who said (and I'm not exaggerating at all), 'Ahhh, they just don't look like they have it this year.' It's fucking five games into the season. FIVE!!! My brother and I just laughed at him.

- Some history regarding dear old Dad. I was (and am) convinced he's a complete jinx on Boston teams. This suspicion was confirmed in all it's ugly glory when I was watching Game 6 (you know which Game 6). Sox are winning, 2 outs and suddenly single, single, single. I was watching at my buddy's house and said to him 'My father is watching. I know it!'. Sure enough after the disastrous finish I see Dad the next morning. He's eating breakfast when I wake up. I say 'You watched?' 'I just wanted to watch the celebration' he answered. I don't need to tell you he watched NONE of the 2004 Series.

- Back to the game: another great defensive play by Coco in center. Line drive heading for the gap which he catches up to. Kenny Lofton, who was on first, was so sure it was a hit he winds up getting doubled off first. Think Shaughnessy was watching?

- Why is anyone surprised that Gary Matthews Jr is implicated in an HGH/steroids scandal? The guys is average for years, then has a breakout year at the age of 31. You telling me there isn't anything suspicious about that? I'm still wondering about Luis Gonzalez hitting 57 home runs for Arizona back in 2001. His highest before then was 31 in 2000. His highest after was 28 in 2002. So in 3 years Gonzalez hit 116 home runs. In his other 16 seasons he's hit 217 (includes the 2 he's hit this year). No point. Just wondering why he's so defensive when people bring up his name when steroids is mentioned. Like he wouldn't wonder the same thing.

- Speaking of steroids, they haven't shown Sammy Sosa run out to the field at the beginning of games yet. Does he still sprint out there? I saw him do that little hop when hit his home run on Saturday and was wondering if he's kept all his trademark moves intact.

- Also noticed some controversy regarding K-Rod from the Angels. Seems they caught some white stuff under the brim of his hat. Now, this may be something, but it looked to me like rosin residue.

- Papi is literally killing this Rangers pitcher. He didn't homer again, but he hits a little squib which the pitcher tries to scoop up, then trips, then manages to shovel to first for the out. Now he's limping around like he's hurt. He should just hit Papi next time up.

- Next batter is Manny, who hits the ball almost 400 feet for an out. He's hit the ball a combined 2000 feet (rough estimate) in 3 at bats but doesn't have a hit.

- Frank Catalanotto is on the Rangers now? Thank you! This guy would kill the Sox every time they played Toronto. Get him out of our division. Holy shit! Just found out the only run for Texas came when Catalanotto hit a homer. More things change......

- Wow, Yankees pitching sucks. They even gave up a homer to Kevin Millar. Who would have thought.

- Love 'Baseball Tonight'. Especially when John Kruk is on. I do miss Harold Reynolds, though.

All done. I'm tired. My sister just called to tell me her 2 year old daughter just ate some deodorant. Her breath should smell great for weeks.

Just realized me, my father and my son have completely different perspectives on Boston sports teams. Think this is an entry later this week.

Today's distraction: Test your Baseball Trivia abilities. I did horribly regarding anything before 1975.


French said...

Sammy's centerfield sprint was all a result of the huge rush from shooting up right before they took the field. Since he's supposedly clean now, he won't be doing that anymore. Even his signature homerun hop is more like a sidestep now.

BeachBum said...

Solid point, as always. I often wondered what the Cubs would do if he injured himself sprinting out like that. I mean, this is the same guy that missed almost half a season with a back injury. Which occurred when he sneezed.