Saturday, April 14, 2007

Go Go Gadget.....

Finish off the title with your favorite Inspector I was alway partial to the helicopter out of the hat. Never understood why he didn't just use that all the time and get rid of that annoying car.

Some useful, not so useful, strange and downright dangerous new inventions I've run across.

File this one under the dangerous and completely stupid section. It's a laptop that's been designed to fit over your steering wheel. Now you can finish off your reports on the way to work. I know you think I'm kidding, but look here. Just think, with this you can IM, hit Dunkin Donuts drive through and keep up to date with baseball scores while killing hundreds of innocent bystanders.

While we're on the subject of killing people in the course of driving, Volvo is boasting about it's new C30 hatchback (why didn't the throw in the P?). A compact car for the entry level price range that has a center console. Take a look at this (picture below) and tell me how you're supposed to figure out what button to push while doing 75 on the highway. Not that I drive that fast, but I've seen others go zooming by.

Tired of having to leave your desk to get your caffeine fix? Well worry no more. Vroom Foods is offering Caffeinated Breath Mints. One mint = one cup of coffee. They also have Chocolate treats called Buzz Bites. According the their site, one Buzz Bite is equal to 3 cans of Coke. Where were these when I was pulling all nighters in college? By all nighters I'm referring to parties.

Every once in a while you run across an idea so simple, yet so ingenious you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. Pictured below is one of those ideas. It's the OneGrip. It takes all those plastic bags from the grocery store and let's you carry them in one hand. How great is that? You can buy a pair here for $13.

Heading the pack for most useless idea is paper email. I'll just let that speak for itself.

For you foosball lovers, there is the Good vs Evil table designed by ElevenForty. On the good side are Santa Claus, God, Mother Teresa, Christopher Robin, Mary Poppins, and Ghandi. However, if Ghandi is still on his hunger strike, he'll be fairly useless. Opposing them are Satan, Hitler, Vlad the Impaler, Jack the Ripper, and Idi Amin. Plus, Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde get to face each other. Save your money, though, as only 20 of these were made. If I were rich, I'd be placing the order right now.

'Give dead marriage it's final, proper resting place'. When you're divorce is final you can put your wedding rings in the Wedding Ring Coffin. I already put one on layaway.

Details of the new Zune were 'accidentally' leaked and guess what? The new version will have built in Wi-Fi. And not only is it built into their new standard Zune (which is the same size as the video iPod I use) but it will be built into the new Flash Zune (that plugs into your USB ports). Now if you'll excuse me I need to write a letter to Microsoft suggesting an iPod trade-in bargain price.
Today's distraction: Rules for the Inspector Gadget drinking game. Play it at you next party or next I.G. viewing. Which to me, are basically the same thing. Admit it, you watch!

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