Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hollywood Hotties

Time for a much needed diversion (Hey, look! My blog title works today!) . As promised I have put together my list of my favorite Hollywood babes. Ladies, you can bypass today's entry if you want, but I will not be putting together a list of Hollywood men. For the record, I took in more than just looks. Included were personalities (or perceived personalities as I don't actually know any of them), intelligence, and talent. Just one man's opinion, but I do have great taste in women.

1: Jessica Alba - cream of the crop. If you doubt me, then just watch 'Deep Blue' where she's in a bikini nearly the entire time. I haven't met one guy that doesn't think she's scorchingly hot. I'm convinced she could turn a gay guy.

2: Rachel McAdams - most know her from 'Wedding Crashers', but I fell in love with her in 'Red Eye' playing a woman caught in an elaborate (and implausible) plot to assassinate someone important. Also caught sight of her boob in 'The Notebook'. The most talented actress on this list and probably the one I would give up all the others for. If I had a shot at any of the others. Or her for that matter. Or if I wasn't already married. Let's just move on before I find myself Googling 'cyanide'. Read that she just got engaged to her 'Notebook' costar, Ryan Gosling.

3: Halle Berry - she might have been at the top of the list if not for 3 things:
1: Finally showing us her boobs in 'Swordfish'. While I appreciated the gratuitous display, why did it have to be in this movie? It was so bad, the ONLY thing you would watch it for is to see Berry's Breasts. Yes, they deserve to be capitalized
2: 'Catwoman'
3: The sex scene with Billy Bob Thorton in 'Monster's Ball'. One of the hottest women in Hollywood doing her best acting and they somehow create one of the most uncomfortable sex scenes in cinematic history. Quite a feat.

I'm going to add #4 after I see how bad 'Perfect Stranger' is.

5: Jessica Biel - If you saw 'Blade: Trinity' you know why she's on this list. She was pretty hot in the baseball movie, too. Can't remember the title, but Freddie Prince Jr, played a pitcher in the Cape Cod League. Played it badly, too.

6: Aniston - thought she was more attractive before she became a gym rat. She's still hot, but I prefer the Aniston from the early seasons of 'Friends'.

4: Mila Kunis - she's the girl that played Jackie on 'That 70's Show'. I never watched the show, but caught sight of her on some talk show and was blown away. A definite plus in that she seems to be a jeans gal. Beautiful, seductive eyes. Bonus points if you knew she does the voice of Meg Griffin on 'Family Guy'. That fact alone almost put her in the top 5. Wait: Jeans, eyes, great body and smile, 'Family Guy'. That does it. I'm replacing Aniston with Mila. Sorry, Jen. You know what? Sorry Biel, too. I'm vaulting her into fourth place. I mean, look at those eyes!!

7: Evangaline Lilly - Kate on 'Lost'. Even if you haven't seen the show, you know who I'm talking about. Her hotness trandscends the show.

8: Michelle Pfeiffer - So she's in her mid 40's. So what? She's still more beautiful than most of the up and coming actresses out there. Plus, I'm in my 40's now and I need someone my own age.

9: Beyonce Knowles - Possibly the most natural beauty on this list. Would be higher, but her legs are thicker than mine and she introduced the world to the term 'bootylicious'.

10: Elisha Cuthbert - Jack Bauer's daughter who transitioned seamlessly to playing a high school Lolita in 'Old School' then to a porn star in 'The Girl Next Door'. Plus I'm a sucker for blondes.

Honorable Mentions: Cameron Diaz, Kate Beckinsale, Natalie Portman/Keira Knightly (they look so much alike it's kinda scary), Scarlett Johanson, Naomi Watts and Lucy Liu

Dishonorable Mentions (Appeals I just don't get or did at one time, but no longer) - Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie (ruined for me since Billy Bob and his vial of blood. That's two he's taken down a notch), Kirsten Dunst, Renee Zellweger, Sarah Michelle Geller, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Julia Stiles.

Today's distraction: Take an actor/actress quiz. Only catch is it ends on your first wrong answer. Still I made it 9 questions before missing one. Lesson? I rock!


Jim Hammen said...

Ohhh boy...allow me to be the first guy you've heard say that he doesn't think Jessica Alba is scorchingly hot. I just don't. Don't get me wrong, she's good-looking, hot even, but I doubt she'd crack my top 20. I have had many arguments over this, but I can't help it. She doesn't do it for me.

BeachBum said...

Must say I'm shocked. SHOCKED! Not even top 20??!! You need to put your own list together so I can see who you consider hotter than her.

French said...

Didn't crack your top 20, Hammen? Is Cheryl Miller in that top 20?