Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm Back!

Did you miss me?


Some highlights and lowlights since last What exactly is our relationship? Can we clear that up at some point? Might be helpful.

Away we go.

Highlights: All of it. Absolutely perfect. Sunny, 75 degrees, 6 Y.O. gets me out on the baseball field for some practice. Even got some color to my usually fair skin.

Lowlights: Coming to the sudden, sad realization that my hair has thinned to the point my scalp now gets sunburned. Can't wait for it to start peeling and looking like I have runaway dandruff.

Highlights: Plenty. Got to play baseball with my eldest. Had a family birthday party for my nephew that included street hockey, basketball (I was on fire!) and baseball games.

Lowlights: Striking out swinging against my 10 year old nephew. Watching my 75 year old father trying to move like a 25 year old and falling into the mud. This was also sort of a highlight after we learned he didn't hurt himself.

Follow up highlight: Launching a mammoth home run that cleared the house. Brother in law was pitching at this point and it came in my next at bat after striking out. Quote the BIL: 'I knew that was a mistake as soon as I threw it.' Redemption was sweet.

Lowlights: So many to choose from, but the overwhelming winner being NBC for airing the video footage the shooter mailed to them. I mean, seriously, what the fuck were they thinking? Was watching Bill Maher's show on HBO and he summed it up perfectly: Stations broadcasting baseball games refuse to show fans that run onto the field during the game because 'they're jerks and we're just giving them what they want. Seems to me this guy was a bigger jerk.'

Highlights: CNN spending an entire morning showing us all the victims from the shootings. Included pictures and interviews with friends and loved ones. Very well done. I do enough complaining about hack journalism and feeding the fetishes of the sick mofos out there, that I was pleasantly surprised to run across this. Kudos, CNN.

Highlights: Sweep, 4 homers in a row, two friends of mine managing to get tickets to two of the three games.

Lowlights: Yanks still getting to our 3 best pitchers even with a depleted lineup, two friends of mine managing to get tickets to two of the three games. Bastards.

Lowlight: Discovering our clean up hitter's average was at .183

Highlight: Launching one during the very next at bat.

Highlight: Finally getting in a groove and hurting the Yankees.

Lowlight: On the DL again. Can this guy stay on the field? We've all seen what happens when Wily Mo plays center.

Highlight: Watching the kids play and being surprised how natural my son looks playing ball now. Last year was all about proper form and not being afraid of the ball. Now he's completely at ease and looking like a pro, even basket catching a few balls thrown at him from about 30 feet away. Show off.

Lowlight: Brat kids on his team and their equally dysfunctional parents.

Amusing sidenote: Some huckster decided to name the park all the North Medford kids play at 'Carr Park'. If you have heard the Medford accent at all, you know why this is a cruel joke. They all say it 'Cah Pahhk'. Every single one of them.

Highlights: Just got a new one from work and it kicks ass. The new Blackberry Pearl. Don't like the two letters on one key setup, but it makes texting and emailing much easier.

Lowlights: Parents at Little League talking on the phone the ENTIRE time their kids are practicing. Practice on Tuesday ran 2 hours. So these two mothers talked on the phone for two straight hours. How is that even possible? I don't talk 2 hours a week on any phone. I wonder if they were talking to each other.

Lowlight: Why are they holding these again? Didn't we already know all of this? The Army lied to the family about how he died. What else?

Highlight: Jessica Lynch. No, not how good she looked (she did look good!), but I'm impressed not only in how she presents herself, but what she had to say. Basically, that she managed to survive an attack that killed others in her group didn't make her a hero. Something I've been arguing for a while now. She also said that Americans are more than capable of choosing their own heroes and don't need them spoon fed to them by the Army PR machine. Add to this that she has kept a low profile when she could have been cashing in on her new found celebrity and that I'm convinced her ordeal was a lot more horrific and traumatizing than anyone knows and I have my new hero. Humble, intelligent, well spoken. Now if she would just take my calls.....

Lowlight: Why the fuck are we even talking about this? How did this become a story so big that it's all over the sports pages? Who cares?

Highlight: Still waiting.....

Highlight: How do you improve on perfection?

Lowlight: Monday - Friday of this week.

Todays Distraction: Sorry, none. Still in class and haven't had time. Be back on schedule next week.


French said...

You can't imagine the amusement I took from those text messages to you. It was like Christmas, only much, much better. I'd type out a text, show Jeff, giggle, press send, giggle again, then picture your red face upon receiving the text. Then I'd erupt into fits of hysterical laughter.

French said...

By the way, the highlight of the Schill Sock Situation was Gary Thorne's retraction during which, he said "I talked to Doug (Mirabelli) and he was wonderful." Mike & Mike on EPSN this morning said it sounded like Thorne could have been talking to Mirabelli about his performance in a play or something.

BeachBum said...

Actually, Jeff is now Walter Scott. I call him Wally.

What I don't understand about the Schilling thing was this was supposedly a conversation that happened two years ago. Thorne threw it into the broadcast off the cuff like it wasn't a big deal. Then he's shocked that there is this uproar? He just threw one of the most iconic baseball moments in history under the bus then is surprised when everyone jumps on him about it. Fucking putz!

BeachBum said...

Oh, as for the game, Wally will tell you I wasn't really upset about it, just jealous. I'm glad you guys had fun and got to go.

You both still suck, though.

Sanjay said...

it wasn't a big dealThen he's shocked that there is this uproar.