Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus Confess

In case you haven't noticed, Don Imus is spinning his mentally impaired tires in a good, old fashioned racial quagmire. I love when an racist prick forgets he's speaking in public and let's his true personality slip out.

If you missed it, on last Wednesday's show Imus called the Rutgers women's basketball team 'nappy headed hos'. Here's the exchange with his producer, Bernie McGuirk:

'That's some rough girls from Rutgers,' Imus said. 'Man, they got tattoos ... .'
'Some hardcore hos,' McGuirk said.
'That's some nappy-headed hos there, I'm going to tell you that,' Imus said.

When the outrage and backlash set in, Imus apologized during his Friday show then went on Al Sharpton's radio program to do damage control and apologize again. Although, during his visit with Sharpton he hilariously uttered that time honored racist 'you people'. Al wasn't too happy about that, as you can imagine.

I'll set aside the obvious racist remarks (surprise! Jesse Jackson's getting involved) and the ensuing editorial riots. I'll set aside that everyone is focusing on the 'nappy headed' part and ignoring the 'ho' part (Shouldn't all women be offended by that?). I'll set aside that Imus is so old and out of date he finds women with tatoos threatening. Instead I'll focus on the counter argument Imus is trying to make in his defense. During the Sharpton show he stated, 'Our agenda is to be funny and sometimes we go too far. And this time we went way too far.'

I might be able to give Imus some slack for this if it wasn't for one glaring problem. He isn't funny. I attempted to watch his show on MSNBC when I was home sick one day and the entire 30 minutes I wasted watching this train wreck I didn't laugh once. Not once. Not even a smile. Meanwhile, his knob sucking boyfriends are howling with laughter at everything he says. If you think I'm exaggerating, try watching it sometime. It's painful and embarrassing and he seems to be making millions off of it.

What happens when you stick a microphone in front of a senile, desperate radio personality that is trying to appeal to the hipster, 20 and 30 something generation? 'Nappy-headed hos' is what you get. Go back and reread the exchange that led up to the offending comments. Is that really an attempt at humor? My bet is his sycophantic male groupies accepting his weekly paychecks were laughing like hyenas.

Imus is an old school radio guy who realized too late that you have to be controversial, radical, and border line obscene to get people to pay attention to you. Hell, it worked for Howard Stern and if Stern can do it, why shouldn't Imus. Well, guess what? It worked! He's all anyone is talking about. I'll bet his ratings went up last week simply because of this. Which just proves his own incorrect point to himself. Be crazy, be racist, be 'out there' and people are going to pay attention. Doesn't matter if it's good or bad, just notice me!! PLEASE!!!

The crux of the problem is we, as a society, can't ignore this sort of ignorant, hurtful talk. But there comes a point where the media (and through them, us) is feeding the monster. If this is the sort of press and attention he gets, you don't think he'll pull this again? Of course he will. No such thing as bad publicity. He may get fired from his gig, but there will be satellite radio or some other station waiting in the wings to pick up his paycheck and provide another forum for his idiocy. Just do a quick background check on Opie and Anthony (two former WAAF DJs that got fired for announcing Thomas Menino died as an April Fool's Joke - now that's funny!).

A tease heading up this morning's SportsCenter asked 'when will the Rutgers team respond?' I thought 'Why do we need a response from them?' Why do they HAVE to respond? Any semi-intelligent person knows what they're going to say. Any or all of the words 'hurtful', 'racist', 'obscene', 'insulting' will be used in their statement. But don't we already know that? Do we need the subject of Imus' bile confirming for us that, yes indeed, Imus is a racist pig?

The team's head coach did respond, of course, with the players dutifully lined up to the right. Turns out I missed 'despicable'. One of the players announced they would meet with Imus, thus putting his name in the news for another few weeks. I also couldn't help but notice that none of the black girls on the team had 'nappy heads'. Is that irony or intentional misdirection with hair straightener by the girls? Either way I thought it was a nice touch.

Then there is CBS Radio's hand slap of a suspension of Imus, which means when he gets back there will be even more publicity. 'Look, Imus is back on the air. Let's listen in'.

Imus, of course, can't keep his mouth shut (he does get paid to talk, I guess) and called himself a 'good person' and that 'you can't make fun of everybody, because some people don't deserve it.' Wrong again, dipshit. Everyone deserves to be made fun of, just make fun of them for the right reasons.

Keep in mind that 'fun' is the root of 'funny'. Your show is neither.

Today's distraction: Use Scott Pakin's automatic complaint letter generator to show your Imus displeasure. I put my own name in and might print it out to tack on my wall. Like a badge of honor.

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