Wednesday, April 4, 2007


There are times when I hate everybody. Mornings when people's incompetency and/or rude and aggressive behavior just get under my skin and ruin my day.

Yesterday was one of those days. Rainy, raw and just plain shitty, I had to drive to the parking garage where a Passat driving princess thought she had every right to cut me off when changing lanes, then proceeded to make me miss a green light because she was too busy lighting up a cigarette to notice the light had changed.

Fine. I can deal with that. She'll have cancer soon anyway and be out of my way.

Pull into the parking lot, take a turn to go into the garage and nearly crash into a crane that's sitting in the middle of the road. Drive around to the other side where a backlog of about 30 cars are waiting to get into the garage. There are two roads that converge before you get to the entrance. Logic would dictate alternating cars from each lane, which is exactly what everyone was doing until my turn came when another VW driving bitch actually gunned her Jetta and swerved around me. She then pulled the old 'I'm not looking at you, so you don't exist' routine despite me turning my headlights on and off and gesturing at her. She was so insistent about not looking at me I started thinking about things I could do to MAKE her look at me. Driving my truck into the side of her car and pushing it out of my way was the first thing that came to mind. Keep in mind she did this to get one car ahead of me. One. Which equals less than 10 seconds of time.

Then finally, I get to the entrance and there, standing off to the side, doing absolutely nothing is a cop on detail. When I mean nothing, I am leaving out the basic assumption that he was drinking coffee. While traffic is backing up on to the major roadway and causing all sorts of anger, confusion and congestion, this nimrod is standing there acting like a scarecrow. Do some cops think things will run smoothly just because they're a cop? 'I am here. All is well'. Guess what, douche, all is not well. Get off your ass and start helping out.

How much do you think these detail cops get paid? $50 an hour? $70? More? The topper on everything was while this dick was sipping his Dunkin Donuts, half the people waiting in line for the garage didn't realize the second gate was open. Everyone just assumed it was closed because the sign was off, which backed up the traffic even further. Think Officer Terd could have used his free hand to point out the other gate was open? Of course not, that would mean he would have to take his hand out of his pocket and it might get chilly and damp. Poor baby.

One happy note: Jetta bitch also didn't realize the second gate was open so I went around her and got into the garage first. I made sure to give her a nice, friendly wave when I drove past her. Even gave her a little toot with my horn.

Today's distraction: Play one of the most entertaining and therapeutic games I've discovered in some time. It's called Ant City and makes me feel all fuzzy and soft. Especially after mornings like yesterday.

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