Thursday, May 17, 2007

10 Lists of 5

I've had these rattling around in my feeble little brain for a while now. Since they're too brief to stand on their own, I'm mashing them all together. None of these lists are in any order.

Five Movies I've Watched a Combined 15,000 Times
1: Jaws
2: Raiders of the Lost Ark
3: Die Hard With a Vengeance - needs to be unedited
4: Anchorman - rising quickly thanks to HBO showing it every other hour
5: A Christmas Story - this is on the list solely for how many times I watch it during the holidays

Five Shows That Correlate to a Child's Maturity (Boy Edition)
1: Sesame Street ages 1-2
2: The Wiggles ages 2-3
3: SpongeBob Squarepants (for the colors) ages 3-4
4: Power Rangers ages 4-5
5: SpongeBob Squarepants (for the humor) ages 6 - 55

Five Reasons I Hate Kobe Bryant
1: The way he looks
2: The way he acts
3: Using the Clippers to soak the Lakers for more money
4: Forcing the Lakers to trade Shaq
5: Complaining about the lack of support on current Lakers team even though 3 & 4 directly caused lack of support on current Lakers team. What an asswipe.

Five Bands That Shaped My Musical Tastes
1: AC/DC
2: The Beatles
3: The Who
4: XTC
5: The Clash

Five of the Best Shows This Season
1: House
2: Lost
3: The Office
4: Baseball Tonight
5: 24 - still makes it into the top 5 despite this being the worst season yet

Five Shows That Bug The Shit Out Of Me
1: Grey's Anatomy - when the main character the show is titled after is whiny and grating, you're in trouble
2: Ugly Betty - would probably work better as a half hour
3: Brothers and Sisters - Rob Lowe + Calista Flockhart = nausea
4: Friday Night Lights - I tried this a few times, but the jittery camera work, improbable last second wins, and soap opera story lines have lost me. Too bad, cause I liked the coach and his wife and their relationship.
5: Extreme Makeover Home Edition - exploitation and manipulation hidden behind good deeds. The way Ty tries to act noble and caring in order to get the families to cry is sickening.

Five Songs That Change The Way I Walk When It Comes On My iPod
1: I Hate Everyone - Get Set Go
2: Did I Ever Tell You I'm In Love With Your Girlfriend - Irving
3: Midnight - Rock Kills Kid
4: Whatsername - Green Day
5: From the Ritz to the Rubble - Arctic Monkeys

Five Things I Would Like To See Happen When Barry Bonds Hits #756
1: Hank Aaron jumps out of the stands to beat Bonds to death with his own bat
2: Complete and utter silence from the crowd
3: Bonds greeted at home plate with arrest warrant and results of positive steroid test
4: Lightning bolt strikes him as he rounds second
5: Bonds crosses home plate, rolls up sleeve, injects himself with something, gives stadium the finger and walks away never to be seen again

Five Things My Office Should Add To Make Me Happy
1: Standing, ice chilled keg
2: Hammock Room
3: Weekly massages with optional happy ending
4: No asshole zone (preferably this will be my office)
5: Public beer o'clock every Friday (not the same as the private one I usually have)

Five Items I Never Leave Home Without
1: Keys
2: Wallet
3: iPod
4: Head
5: Cell phone

Today's distraction: USA Today's 25 Most Memorable Quotes. Disagree with 25. I would argue that this last list of 5 are more memorable than the one they give.

1: Master of my domain
3: They're very refreshing
4: Worlds are colliding!
5: These pretzels are making me thirsty

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