Friday, May 25, 2007

Dotting the T's

Some finishing touches on a crazy week before I take a nice, long, well deserved weekend.

Impressions of McLean, Virginia: The mall capital of the world. There's Tyson's Corner mall. Across the street is Tyson's Corner 2 mall. Down the street are multiple strip malls. The town appears to be made up of malls, office buildings, hotels, and three lane divided highways. Not even sure anyone actually lives there.

Flew US Airways back to Boston and was impressed. Very organized and efficient. Although it's tough sitting in a terminal for 2 hours that has NO BAR!! What the fuck!??

Flying out of Reagan is pretty cool. Get to see all the landmarks and monuments while taking off.

Love the weather. Why can't it be like this all the time? Whyyyyyy????

One great thing about McLean: restaurant called Maggiano's that makes the best chicken parm I've ever had. But that's not the main reason to go there. Go there for the absolutely mouth watering cheese cake. Screw Cheesecake Factory, this is the best.

Had an odd moment of dislocation yesterday when three people from the Baltimore office showed up in the McLean office. I had just met them and knew I recognized them, but couldn't figure out from where. There was that awkward moment of 'Hey!' followed by me trying to remember where I knew them from and what their names were.

Not sure what's going on with the blog, but every time I save it and return the spaces are doubled. Stupid blog.

Have you ever been anticipating a movie less than the third 'Pirates of the Caribbean'?

Say what you want about LeBron against the Pistons, but in the first game he made the absolute right play. Always go for the win on the road as opposed to over time. That said, the first two games of this series have been atrocious. Both teams should be embarrassed.

I like John Kruk and what he has to say on 'Baseball Tonight' but his hair is becoming a major distraction.

Just finished the season finale of 'Heroes' and was surprised they actually wrapped up the story line. Thought for sure they would leave you hanging. Strong first season, by the way.

On another front, '24' ended with a whimper. They really think we'd swallow Jack feeling sorry for himself and contemplating suicide. Give me a fucking break. If anything he would want to go out and kill someone that slighted him. They better get their shit together next year or I'm replacing '24' with 'Heroes' on my top 5. Don't make me do it!!

Just need to watch the two hour 'Lost' and I'm ready to continue my life.

Today's distraction: We're entering one of the best weekends of the year. You don't need a distraction. Enjoy, y'all!!

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