Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Follow Ups

Some follow ups to past entries and other random thoughts.

Remember my rant on antibacterial soaps and gels? How we could be creating a new strain of bacteria or virus? Guess what? Scientists in Australia have just discovered a new virus strain that killed 3 organ transplant recipients. Turns out they all received the organs from a single donor who just happened to be carrying a virus never before identified. What's scary is that it took three different organizations and a process called 'rapid sequencing' to figure out what it was. You can read the details here.

Just read that Apple is getting ready to reveal it's new video iPod. Rumor has it this new iPod will have wireless built into it. No word on when my commission will be mailed. This now means I'll need to drop another $300 or so to get myself up to date. But, since it seems Steve Jobs reads my blog, might I suggest a trade in deal to upgrade?

Sox - Yankees Part 2 was almost as satisfying as the first one. Yankees pitching sucks. And I mean that in the worst way possible. Also, I noticed a bunch of players going and coming to the DL with hamstring injuries. Have the Yankees done away with stretching before games? What the hell is going on? I counted five different players including Matsui and Mussina that had this problem. Maybe they're just getting old. That's a shame.

I am completely hooked on the new show 'Drive' on Fox. It's on just before '24'. Give it a shot if you think of it.

A University of Wisconsin study shows that pomegranate juice may prevent lung cancer. Mouse studies conducted by a team led by Hasan Mukhtar showed that mice who were fed pomegranate juice extract had 'significantly lower lung tumor growth' than those that had none.
No word on how many packs a day those mice were smoking or how they got their teeny little mouths around the filter. Now the question is when tobacco firms will start dipping their wrapping paper in pomegranate juice to keep their customers alive longer.

I have yet to be invited to any of the Presidential debates. Not sure what's going on, but everyone knows I'm in the running, right? RIGHT?! I bet it's my idea to have fisticuffs during the debates. That has to be it. They're just scared. Just a bunch of bed wetting Momma's boys. Yeah, I'm talking to you Hillary!!

Which reminds me, Hillary Clinton has taken $10 million of her New York Senate campaign funds and put them into her Presidential run. Is that legal? If I'm donating to her Senate run, but then she takes the money I gave her and puts it towards running for President, shouldn't I be informed first and be given the option of taking it back? It's one thing to want her as my Senator and an entirely different thing to want her as my President. Anyone have answers about that?

Watched some of the Democratic debate and was bored beyond tears. Are the candidates required not to have personalities? Is there some factory turning out these robots? Halliburton? C'mon, people! Show some charisma! Show some passion! Get angry. Our country is a complete mess and all you're talking about is Iraq. Get with it. Don't make me get up there and show you all up. I'll do it! My 'Prostitutes for Iraq' idea will be a huge hit. And I'm sure the crowd would love to see me smack Biden around a bit.

One other thing, and this is for all the candidates, stop using the stupid, meaningless hand gesture when you're trying to make a point. The one where it's almost a fist, but isn't. Almost a point, but isn't. I know they coach you how to do it in Politician Class 101 or something, but just stop it! It drives me crazy. You're human, start acting like it!

Next stop, nerdville. Sir John Pendry, who apparently is King of Dorks (see picture in link), has invented the first actual invisibility cloak. It really only makes one invisible to microwaves, but it's the first step towards 14 year old boys everywhere wrapping themselves up and walking into the girls locker room. Gotta love technology.

Still haven't made my mind up about the Pats getting Randy Moss. Sure, he's still a threat and it did fill one of the glaring weaknesses from last year's team. But my first thought when I heard this was 'What the fuck are they thinking'. The Pats pride themselves on getting team players who keep their mouths shut and play hard every down. Does Moss fit any of those profiles? Nope. Not one. Since it is the Pats, I'm trying to talk myself into this. Yeah, if he gets his shit together it could work. Yeah, they're only giving up a fourth round pick to get him. Yeah, he's relatively inexpensive for a player of his caliber. Yeah, him and Brady could be fantastic together. Yeah, if there is one clubhouse his shit won't be tolerated, it's in Foxboro. But every time I'm almost there; I've almost convinced myself, this thought enters: This is Randy Moss we're talking about! Try to keep in mind why he was so cheap. Try and remember that he has openly criticized and quit on both teams he has played for. Keep in mind he openly admitted to not giving his all on plays not designed for him. Keep in mind this is the same Randy Moss that attempted to run down a Minneapolis police woman!! Keep it all in mind if things implode and turn ugly this season. Because there's a good chance that could happen. Just don't act surprised when it does.

While we're talking NFL, what the fuck is with Mel Kiper giving draft grades to teams the day after the draft? How the hell is he supposed to know which players are going to be good or not when they haven't played a single down yet? He doesn't. He's guessing. Just like most of the NFL 'experts'. Whenever I hear some analyst spouting off about this guy's speed or this guy's athleticism and upside, I remind myself that a lot of these idiots thought the Colts should have picked Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning. Or that Ric Mirer was going to be a better quarterback then Drew Bledsoe. What Kiper should be doing is grading last year's draft. You know, players that have actually played in the league.

Just read the Governor of Virginia closed the gun law loophole that allowed the Virginia Tech shooter to legally purchase a gun despite having mental health issues and being deemed a 'danger to himself'. Good thing they got to that before anyone got killed.

Weight a second! If you'll recall, my last weigh in was 208.6, making me miss my goal my 6 tenths of a pound. I had not weighed myself since until two weekends ago. Weigh in - 208.6. Are you kidding? Is that even possible? To the tenth of a pound?! That's just weird. The scale wasn't broken, either, as the weight would change if I shifted around or picked something up.

And finally, take a look at this ridiculous story on ESPN about a study that concluded more black players get whistled for fouls in the NBA than white players. Let's think about that for a second. Isn't that obvious? Black players out number white players, what? 3 to 1? 5 to 1? Higher? Of course they get whistled more! Since black players are basically the majority of the players and get more playing time they will commit more fouls. Allow me a scream of frustration. AHHHRRRRGGGGG! That's all I have to say about this stupid study.

Today's distraction: Send this game to the authors of that NBA study and keep them busy for hours.


BeachBum said...

Two quick updates already!

First, just found out from my friend that 'Drive' has been cancelled. I'm bummed.

Second, Yanks pitcher Hughes is in the middle of a no hitter and pulls his hammy!! Are you kidding?! What is going on over there? Did they fire their trainer to save money? Does some Yankee hater have a voodoo doll of all their players? I've never seen anything like this.

Anonymous said...


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