Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Memorial

A tribute to the weekend that was.

Absolutely glorious weather, but something about the Boston mentality makes people around here complain no matter what. When it's cold, they can't wait until spring. When it's rainy, they can't wait until summer. When it's warm, they can't wait until fall. I think there are a grand total of 5 days a year in this area that almost make everyone happy. That may be an over estimate.

Had another impromptu party at our house on Friday night. Bunch of neighbors dropped by to drink in the long weekend. A couple across the street could be the biggest Red Sox fans ever. Husband brought over a bottle opener that plays the WEEI broadcast of the final out of the 2004 World Series. They also named their son Theo.

There are a few movies that seem funnier to me the more I watch them. One is 'Anchorman' which actually seems to improve every time I watch it. The other is '40 Year Old Virgin'. Didn't really like it the first time. Turns out I watched the 'Extended Edition' DVD which threw in a bunch of unnecessary, unfunny, insulting, ad lib scenes that went nowhere. The original is much more streamlined and funny. There's a reason some that footage gets axed.

Also, caught 'Mr and Mrs Smith' again and this is another one that seems to improve with repeated watchings. I don't like Brad Pitt, but he's actually pretty funny in this.

Did the following on Saturday because I kick ass. That's right, I am a kick ass father/husband/home owner. Ready? Mowed and weed wacked the lawn. Setup the new pool. Mulched some of the garden, but ran out. Washed the cars. Watched the Sox. Bathed both my children. Put one of them to bed. Started writing this blog. Drank approximately 10 beers and grilled up dinner. I should probably mention I was completely exhausted and fell asleep around 9:30. Still, I RULE!

Watched some of 'Jaws' on my relaxation Monday (hey, after Saturday, I needed to rest!) and am still amazed how watchable it is after all these years. Has any movie aged better?

Just putting this out there but now that Sammy Sosa seems to be hitting again, does this diminish any steroid suspicions about him? I must admit, when he fell apart with the Orioles I was convinced it was the inevitable post-roid decline. Now that he's back to being Sosa, maybe he did just have a foot injury that took time to heal properly (so he says). Or maybe he's just doing HGH and hoping not to get caught.

Wifey and I setup a slide into the little kiddy pool on Sunday to entertain the youngest. He enjoyed it so much he went up and down into the pool so many times he finally just burst into tears from exhaustion. Fell right to sleep for his nap and right to sleep that night. One more reason to love summer.

Since we're here - Reasons I Love Summer

- Women's wear. This will include bikinis, those sleeveless, low cut business blouses, and short skirts.

- Beach. Duh

- Cigars and beers on the back deck

- Going barefoot all day

- Smell of fresh cut grass

- Lobsters!!!! I know these can be had in the winter, but I always associate them with summer.

- Baseball season

Speaking of which, since last we spoke, the Sox have won 4 in a row and the Yanks have lost 4 in a row. Just thought I would bring that up.

Finally finished watching 'Lost' last night and am consistently blown away by the creativity of the writers. Not just in the story line (which was great) but also how they love to fuck with our heads. As a warning, I'm giving away a few things about the season finale, so skip the next few paragraphs if you haven't seen it yet.

First, the entire Jack 'backstory' which blew me away at the end. The writers know we all thought this would be a part of Jack's past we haven't learned about yet, only for them to turn the tables and give us the shakes until next season. However, it did raise some questions for me.

- When Jack is confronted in the hospital hallway and he says 'Bring my father down here and if I'm drunker than he is, you can fire me'. Knowing the ending, does this mean Jack's father is alive? Or was that just the drugs talking?

- Ben is obviously lying about the members of the boat 'killing every living person' on the island, since it appears Jack and Kate get off some how.

- I figure it's either Ben or Locke in the closed coffin. Jack claims he wasn't friend or family and Kate was offended Jack even asked her about going to the funeral. So it couldn't have been Sawyer, since she would have felt the need to go. Maybe Juliette?

Nice to see Walt make an appearance. I was waiting all season for Micheal to reappear for redemption. Shows how much I know. The greatest was Jack finally calling Ben's bluff, then beating the living shit out of him and tying him up. Ben has apparently lost complete control of his gang. Oh, and one eye is apparently invincible.

One last note on 'Lost' - for the first time I haven't been able to buy into two things. First being Charlie having to swim into the 'Looking Glass' to disable the transmission blocker. Why didn't they just cut the electrical line running to the station? You know the one they used to pull themselves out with? Second, why the hell didn't Charlie just swim out the window rather than electing to drown? Or am I guessing next season's premiere?

Back to real life. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends.

Before I forget, my own personal memorial list.

- Both sets of grandparents. The last having left at the tender age of 96 and was still sharp as a tack.

- Tony, who still has me and my friends scratching our heads.

- Dick, who always has a fond place as being the first one to buy a round.

- Arthur, who isn't actually dead, yet, but will be soon. My best friend just told me has bone cancer and probably won't make it to his own son's wedding in October. Please make it for his sake. I can't imagine anything more devastating to him than you not being there.

Today's distraction: A Memorial Day Word Search. Did you know M-Day was originally called Decoration Day? It's true! Another fun fact learned at the most useless blog ever. You're welcome.

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