Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weekend Blahs

I hate weekends like this. Rain, rain, downpours, rain, mist, downpours, rain. Sox games cancelled, kid's games cancelled, picture day for his baseball team, all cancelled. Everything cancelled, soaked, or drowned

I do have some things to keep my spirits up, though. Figured I would share them so my fellow Bostonians can have a virtual ray of sunshine.

1: Waking up to find the Yankees 10 games behind the Red Sox this morning. 10 games!! What the hell is happening with that team? Actually, I don't care and neither do the rest of the Yankee haters. I'm just enjoying the ride. On the plus side, Clemens should be ready for his first shelling any day now.

2: Watched a fun, animated movie with my son last night called 'Monster House'. It was about a house that was a monster, believe it or not. Hence the title.

3: Watched the Sun - Spurs game last night which was entirely entertaining. Sorry to see Nash and crew go out. Gotta admit the pace of the game had me exhausted. Non stop. Those dudes are in shape.

4: Also watched the Nets - Cavaliers game which had an entirely different pace. As in boring. Bye Vince. Thanks for stopping by.

5: My buddy's kids and mine get along great, so we've decided to get together today and let them run around crazy. Why does this help me? Because this is going to be a liquid play date where the parents get shitty while the kids play Star Wars in the playroom. Role models we ain't.

6: Besides the shitty weather, why was I watching so much TV yesterday? Because I just bought a new 42 inch high def set, that's why! It's freaking enormous in our family room! I just need to get a high def receiver from DirecTV and my life will be complete. Can't wait for football season to start now.

Yes, that last one doesn't really make you readers feel better, but I'm happy. And in the end, isn't that all that matters? Thought so.

Today's distraction: Turn your frowns upside down with a happy little pill. Beware, too much of a good thing will kill.