Monday, June 18, 2007

Idle Thoughts

An absolutely hectic weekend. I'm friggin' exhausted.

- Son's little league season wrapped up Saturday morning with a family day at the park and a parents versus kids kickball game. I made two catches holding an iced vanilla Americano in the field. Impressed the adults more than the kids.

- Part of the day was a raffle that included two tickets to the Sox game that night (Yeah, the Giants and Bonds). I don't have to tell you I didn't win, because if I had I would be writing about my day at Fenway.

- Saturday was also eldest son's birthday. He is now 'seven year old' in this space from now on. The one thing he wanted more than anything was a wooden bat. You know how hard it is to find a wooden bat the proper size for a seven year old? Right, hard. We finally found one at Modell's that unfortunately had Derek Jeter's name and fake signature on it.

- Other things he got that will give you an idea of my son's interests: Star Wars Lego set, SpongeBob Legos that looks like I'll be spending the better part of the day helping him put together, basketball, basketball hoop (which I'm happy about), super soakers, and one of those baseball rope - ball thingys that are supposed to help you practice your swing. It attaches to a pole and you hit the ball, which swings around then back again so you can hit it again. Kind of like tether ball. Guess who's face and name is all over that, too? Yup. Jeter. Guy's pimping his name out to anything.

- Got the boys and myself haircuts on Saturday, as well. Got my youngest his first wiffle and he looks about 2 years older. How does that happen?

- Saturday afternoon the inlaws came over for a Father's Day/Birthday party and I had to sit there listening to my father in law go on and on about how they're going to be dredging the harbor where his condo is because when they first created the harbor that was the agreement and if they don't do that then they'll be forcing the Association....oh shut the fuck up already!!!! As soon as he took a breath, I ran and grabbed a beer. It was 3pm.

- An unexpected, added benefit to our new television - I can sit on the back deck and still watch the Sox game through the back windows. I am very close to nirvana at my house. All I need is to add a fully functional beer tap and subtract one very annoying dog. Oh, and a wife that would let me have friends. That would be nice, too.

- Sunday was another crazy day. Newly minted seven year old had to go to his friend's birthday party at LaserQuest in Danvers. Gotta tell you, shooting at bratty kids is very therapeutic. Enjoyed myself a bit more than I probably should have.

- Sunday afternoon we went to my parents for yet another Father's Day/Birthday party. My mother, who is over 70 now, spent all day making dinner when we all thought it was just going to be a simple cookout. I'm convinced we'll find her dead body slumped over a boiling pot of pasta one day. She needs to chill out and realize she's not as young as she used to be.

- Played wiffle ball in my folks backyard nearly all afternoon. Oldest never wants to quit. I hope his passion for the game keeps up. Seems to love playing and is good. Figure if he's drafted out of high school I can retire early and become his manager.

- I was supposed to do work over the weekend, but it was so nice I blew it off. Yes, I am the model of responsibility and motivation.

- Sox looked good over the weekend. Nice to see Manny finally start his season. Only took two months.

- Yankees finally lost, too. I hope the NY fans aren't too crushed when they come out of their streak. They've been playing the best ball of the season, but there is always a bit of a slide when a winning streak ends. Maybe when they actually go on the road and face a tough team. Yeah, I bet that's when it happens.

- Speaking of which, who the hell puts the schedule together? Sox go out west and play the A's and Diamondbacks, come home for the Giants, then go back out to Atlanta, San Diego, then Seattle, then back to Boston. I hope the players have a frequent flyer program. Holy crap! Meanwhile the Yankees have played about 12 games in a row at home. And are still eight and a half back after the Sox went through their worst stretch (so far). Just pointing it out is all.

- By the way, I still haven't received an answer on why the Pirates had to go play the Yankees in New York, but the Yankees don't have to go to Pittsburgh. And I've been asking around. Nothing. Maybe I should ask Simmons.

- Watched 'Flushed Away' with the kiddies on Father's Day morning and laughed out loud on more than a few occasions. These Aardman guys are funny fucks. They made the 'Wallace and Gromit' movie and 'Chicken Run'. Kids and parents both like their movies which isn't easy to do.

- Finally, this week is going to be sporadic for posts. I head back to Baltimore tomorrow morning and will be there until Friday. Will try to keep on schedule, but that probably won't happen.

Today's distraction: As a tribute to shooting lasers at little eyes on Sunday, here is a fun, challenging laser game. Use the mirrors to deflect the laser to the correct spots.

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