Friday, June 8, 2007


So, I'm screwing around at work yesterday. Checking some sites out, reading the Simmons' NBA Finals preview, when I see this little notice on the upper right:

Schilling has A's hitless through 7 - LIVE.

The LIVE is flashing at me. Beckoning! So I click on it and see it's actually the 8th inning and Schilling has just put down the order 1-2-fucking 3! I jump up to head down to our work kitchen so I can watch the final out. I'm a bit pissed, because I didn't even realize they were playing a day game today. I've missed everything!

I take two steps and stop. Wait a second. If I go down and he gives up a hit, I'll never stop blaming myself. Normally I'm not a superstitious person. I have no problem breaking mirrors, walking under ladders. I don't wish on falling stars or throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it.

But this is different. It's a no hitter. I'm not fucking with this. I can watch the highlights when I get home. Maybe NESN will be rebroadcasting it tonight. So I sit back down and watch the GameCast while rocking back and forth in my seat. Hold on. I have to wait to see how this turns out.

Kotsay grounds out to shortstop.

Kendall at bat. He grounds out too. HOLY SHIT!! C'mon Schill. COME ON!!!

Stewart now up. FUCK!!! MOTHERFUCKER!! Single. That fuck!! Goddamn it! You suck, Stewart. I hated you with the Blue Jays and I hate you with the A's. Fuck you!

OK, I feel better now. Sorry, Stew, nothing personal.

How much must that suck for Schilling? Been pitching for a generation now and comes within one bullshit hit of his first no-hitter. Oh well. At least I didn't jinx it. Well, unless writing this blog somehow kicked in some bi coastal bad luck karma. Nah, nobody even knows this blog exists, so that could hardly be the case.

Note: saw the highlight of the hit and it wasn't bullshit. Solid opposite field single. I noticed JD Drew do something weird with the ball, though. He didn't pick it up right away. He got on his knee and stopped it from going past, but didn't pick it up and looked at Stewart. Was this something superstitious with Drew? Or do you think he was trying to goad Stewart into trying for two. In which case he could throw him out? That still wouldn't be a no-hitter, right? Just a single and thrown out trying to stretch it to a double? And if that's the case then what the hell was Drew doing?

Anyway, game is over now. Sox win 1-0 on a Schilling masterpiece. Acting like our ace again. On a losing streak, everyone on the team is exhausted and he just kicks ass and shuts down Oakland. Gotta love it. I can picture him going all cowboy in the clubhouse before the game. 'Settle down, boys. I'm carrying you out of here today.'

I know he's not very well liked around the league. There are times even I wish he would just stop talking. For once. Please. But it's things like this that cut him some slack. The leadership, the grit, the 'fuck it' attitude he shows when the team needs him the most.

If nothing else, this earns him the right to say whatever he wants for another 3 weeks. Not that it would stop him anyway.

Broadcast note - I watched the Sox in 2 (which nearly deserves it's own column for sheer brilliance) and was laughing how Orsillo and Remy were talking their way around what was going on. They phrased it every way they could without actually saying 'no hitter'. The only time it was mentioned was after Stewart's hit. Funny stuff.

One other note before we head out for the weekend. I'm starting something new either tomorrow or Sunday. I've had an outline in my head of a story that I'll be posting roughly once a week. While I know the general direction I want the story to go, this is going to be something I do on the fly. In other words, I'm making it up as I go.

This will be complete fiction, for the record. This isn't something I've gone through or done personally, as will become apparent. I'll leave it at that for now.

Feel free to offer any sort of criticism. I've got thick skin and can take your worst.

Today's distraction: A list of baseball superstitions. I notice Schilling won't step on the first base foul line going to and from the dugout. Seems to be a common practice among pitchers.

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