Thursday, June 21, 2007

Odds and Ends

- In case you haven't heard (and if you haven't, shame on you. FOR SHAME!!), the new iPhone makes it big ass premiere on June 29th. It's all touch screen and colorful and fancy-like. Go to the link to take a quick tour. Some unsolicited advice: Don't ever buy a brand new tech gizmo when it's first released. Always wait a few months so they get the bugs worked out of it (and there will be bugs!) and the prices come down. Looks like AT&T will have the rights to distribute it, but it's not clear if that's just at the start or forever. I can't imagine Apple limiting the usage of this to one carrier. Then again, I can't imagine Apple doing a lot of the things they've done.

- Was a bit ambivalent about Schilling's shoulder checking out fine. One one hand, it means there is nothing physically wrong with him and he can keep pitching. On the other hand it means he just sucks and can keep pitching.

- There's a brand new PF Chang's in Baltimore! Had lunch there yesterday and on the way out made a crack to the women I went with that it was official - Baltimore is Boston Junior. She started laughing, stopped, decided that she should be offended and gave me a dirty look. I asked, 'You've never been to Boston, have you?'. 'No, but it can't be better than here.' Defending her city. How sweet.

- Not even two minutes later we walked by an entire park of homeless people. At least 8 all sitting on benches, hands out asking for money. One even bummed a cigarette from my companion. She says 'Are there this many homeless people in Boston?' 'No,' I answer, 'that's the one thing Baltimore does better than us.' Score one for the Bostonian!!

- Like we needed another verification that Bush is the biggest Presidential buffoon in history, he does this. Is it any wonder all the biggest medical discoveries are all occurring in other countries. For someone that claims to be 'pro-life' he sure likes to prolong the life of fatal diseases we could find cures for using stem cells. Nice work, Mr. President.

- If you haven't seen it, yet, check out Roger Clemens trying to sign with the Yankees yet again. A bit long, but they cast it perfectly. 'I'm the Rocket!'

- Absolutely gorgeous night on the Baltimore waterfront last night. Got a taste of the local scene when I spent a better part of the night at J Paul's outdoor bar. One thing I noted right off the bat, was the extraordinary number of crazy people around. These aren't the same as the homeless, but people that just seem 'off' in a mostly harmless way. Like the long haired stoner dude who thought it was his job to pretend to play drums while the acoustic guitarist sang his songs. He even went off twice to find sticks so he could really get into it.

- I should probably mention the odd response I got from the bar staff and people immediately surrounding me. A lot of double takes. Turns out some obnoxious drunk guy had been sitting in my seat and had asked him to leave. They thought I was him and were ignoring me until they realized I was not that guy. After that they were very friendly.

- By the way, obnoxious guy came back and they turned him away, telling him he was too drunk. He tried to give the bartender a hug, but he stepped back VERY quickly and said, 'Whoa, I have a strict 12 inch personal space rule, man.' Drunk guy then just staggered away, but would stop now and then to look back and point at the bartender.

- Met a 'rad' dude named Koit (no really, I asked him to spell it and everything) who rides bikes for a living. You know, like one of those X-Game bikers? He doesn't do the ramps, only flat surfaces. As he put it, 'It's like ballet on a bike'. Nice work if you can get it. He's been touring the country and has been on ESPN and MTV. He's also 27, but looks 15. Very nice guy who grew up in Iowa, but couldn't handle the boredom. I guessing there are a lot of Iowans in that same boat.

- Great crabcakes at J Paul's.

- In every city I visit I like to try a local beer. Last night it was Yuengling Traditional Lager and it was great. Technically it's from the Pittsburgh area, but I still wound up having quite a few of these and feeling good.

- Cute girl bartender (who was just happy I wasn't drunk guy) originates from the area and told me about a church that they turned into a brewery. As I said when I first heard this, 'Now there's a religion I can get behind!'. They have a huge brewery where the altar should be and in the confessionals are the hard liquor. I did a quick search for you so you can see for yourself. I've just added this to my list of places to visit before I die.

- Just putting the rest of the baseball world on notice that Manny, Papi, JD, and Coco are all warming up at once for the first time all season. We could be looking at a good run if this keeps up.

Today's distraction: Take a tour of Baltimore's Inner Harbor area. I'm liking this area quite a bit.

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