Monday, June 11, 2007

This Weekend In Baseball

Some thoughts from the weekend action.

- Was extremely impressed with the Diamonbacks this weekend. Not only their kick ass uniforms (love the 'db' logo on their sleeves), but their lineup is tough, too. They work the counts and seem like they're modeling themselves after the best AL teams.

- Randy Johnson looked steady yesterday. I bet the Yankees try to trade for him before the deadline. They could use a starter like him.

- I always liked Eric Byrnes, but he seems to finally be putting it together at the plate. Was kind of erratic with the A's, but he was a tough out all weekend and is hitting over .300. Color me impressed.

- Nice to see Roger Clemens put in an effective outing against a killer lineup. Glad he didn't waste a start on that lame Chicago White Sox lineup.

- Also nice to see the Yankee fans having something to cheer for. Only 9.5 back. Keep the faith. Long way to go.

- Speaking of the Yankees and Pirates, what the hell were they doing playing each other? I thought the AL East and the NL West were on the interleague schedule. Last I checked (this morning) the Pirates were in the NL Central. Some further digging revealed that not only do the Yankees play the Pirates at home, but they don't play them at Pittsburgh. What kind of scheduling glitch is this and why do the Pirates get screwed? Answers, anyone?

- There was some bad blood and some nasty attitudes during the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves series starting after Soriano hit 3 homers then was beaned in Saturday's game. It even resulted in something I had never seen before. Ted Lilly was the starting pitcher for the Cubs on Sunday. He hits Edgar Renteria in the first inning and gets thrown out! In the first inning!! Even more bizarre was the news that there were no warnings given to either team before the game. So Lilly gets tossed, new pitcher comes in and on his second pitch Rentertia steals second and smashes the second baseman in the face with a forearm. It was completely intentional as the slide was the ugliest thing I had ever seen and his arm was up and ahead of him. So Renteria gets tossed, too, right? Not only does he not get tossed, but nothing is even said to him. On the other hand, it makes for great baseball. I watched the rest to see which pitcher throws at old friend Edgar's head later in the game.

- Unsurprisingly for anyone who watched Edgar in Boston, he took himself out of the game soon after his forearm to the nose. Considering he's a shortstop and had a target on his back, I'm sure he was waiting for retaliation when he was turning a double play. Yeah, I know the Braves are claiming an injury, but I'll put money that it's one of those 'day to day' things.

- Speaking of day to day, it's time for Mr. Julio Lugo to develop some sort of 'injury'. Putrid doesn't even begin to describe his play lately. Just horrible. Time for him to take time off and let Pedroia and his astounding .400 + on base percentage take the lead for a while. Consider him and Youk batting 1 - 2 with Papi and Manny following. Good lord! Let Crisp stay ninth in the order and Cora take short for a while. How can it possibly be worse?

- While I'm against pitchers hitting (I mean, seriously, how lame is an nearly automatic out every nine spots?), I would keep it just to have the opportunity to watch Randy Johnson and Dice-K attempt to hit each other. I laughed out loud at the face Matsuzaka made after striking out. Kind of the way I would look if I were hitting against Johnson.

- Let's finish on a high note and the way Captain Varitek came through for us on Saturday when we needed him most. Just like the good old days. Also, welcome back JD Drew!! Nice of you to join the rest of the team. Here's a theory I have on Drew. Considering his kick ass start, I'm convinced he's been playing hurt for the last month. Nothing major, but definitely something that was effecting his swing. He knows he's been criticized for getting hurt a lot, so rather then incurring the wrath of this new team, decided to keep quiet about it and play through it. While I can respect that, if it starts effecting your team and your play, it's time to come clean and let Wily Mo play for a bit. Anyway, it appears he's feeling better.

Today's distraction: I'm in a beach frame of mind today (you know, just like every other day), so in celebration here are some amazing sand castles for your viewing pleasure.


Jim Hammen said...

Good start to the story. Keep 'em coming, please. Also, it's kind of interesting that besides Okajima, the new acquisitions haven't really done a whole lot for us so far. Basically, everyone that underachieved/got hurt last year has stepped up, plus some improvement from other guys getting older (Youk, Pedroia) that has led us to the best record in baseball.

French said...

The Sox played the Braves as well. I was also wondering about that scheduling twist.

BeachBum said...

I know the Sox and Braves are what they call 'Rivalry Teams' for the interleague schedule. They play each other every year (same with the Mets and Yankees) but they play at each others park. One three gamer in Boston, one in Atlanta.

The Pittsburgh series in NY makes no sense. And even less when the Yankees don't play in Pittsburgh.