Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Cleaning

Want to scrape off some excess thoughts from the bottom of my brain. It’s a cleansing, often painful process. Cleansing for me; painful for you.

- Watching JD Drew bat against CC Sabathia was just embarrassing. He strikes out on a breaking ball in his first at bat. The very next at bat Sabathia throws him that same breaking ball three straight times. Drew can’t lay off it and can’t hit it. He swings or half swings at every one. On the bright side the Sox are only paying him $15 million this year.

- I really like this new shortstop the Sox picked up. Glad they dumped his evil twin brother as part of that deal, too.

- Nice to see Coco lighting it up, too. Love watching him play and one of the few players I want to see do well.

- Saw Kenny Rogers pitching for the Tigers last night and he looks exactly like someone’s alcoholic uncle that keeps showing up to family gatherings uninvited.

- It has just dawned on me that Tom Brady is most likely going to win this ESPN ‘Who’s Now’ fake, useless tournament. Honestly, I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad.

- Checked into the noisy, crowded, bustling Downtown Philadelphia Marriot and immediately was informed the movement around the hotel would be limited on Thursday. Why? Because our esteemed President is coming here and when the President shows up any sense of normalcy is thrown to the wind. I need to make sure I get out of the hotel before he shows or I may never get to work. Wait a minute……

- If you sense some bitterness with Presidential visits, it’s because I used to spend summers on Martha’s Vineyard. My aunt had a great place that she used to let us use for weeks at a time. It was great. I say was, because once Clinton decided to use it as his summer getaway, it’s became over crowded, over exposed and no longer fun. It’s so bad now that you can barely move around on the weekends. Stupid Clinton.

- Took seven year old to see ‘Transformers’ and despite some cool scenes, this movie has pretty much solidified Michael Bay as one of the worst directors working. Although my son did offer his review upon leaving the theater, ‘Dad….that was AWESOME!’

- I know what you’re thinking. Me taking a seven year old to a PG-13 movie. Fear not, I did my research and even called one of his friend’s mothers who took her son to it the week before. The only uncomfortable part came when there was a joke about the main character masturbating. Seven year old leans over and asks ‘Dad, what’s masturbating?’ I said, ‘You’ll learn about that when you’re older.’ To which he replies ‘When I’m eight?’

- My wife was describing the latest reality show atrocity she watches. Forget the name, but it's like 'The Bachelor' but with one group of 20 year olds and one group of 40 year olds and the bachelor being 30. This kicked off a heated debate between a group of us when I said that the 40 year olds don't stand a chance. Women (my wife included) were offended by that. 'Some of these 40 year olds are hot!' which wasn't my point. I was merely saying that if a man is in his 30s and he has to choose between a 20 something or a 40 something, the 20 something will win EVERY time. It has nothing to do with sexism or agism and everything to do with breeding. A man would want to have kids and the 20 year old would be in prime child bearing years. 40 year old women will have a harder time getting pregnant and will have more complications if she does.

Plus two women have a distinct advantage. The guy is 30 exactly, but two of the 20 somethings are 27 and 28. So there is only a 2-3 year difference in age. The 40 somethings are AT LEAST 10 years older and I was told there is a 48 year old. I've already predicted one of the girls between the ages of 25-29 will be the one he picks. Even got money riding on it. $10!! You can call me big spender now.

- Notice that everyone is now predicting the Yankees are going to be the wild card team and that the Sox better watch out and they're finally playing like they should....blah....blah. May I point out that the Yankees are beating up on the crappiest teams in the league. Their last three series were against Tampa Bay, Toronto (which they lost one) and Kansas City. And we're supposed to think this is how they'll play for the rest of the year? Yeah, KC took 2 out of 3 from the Sox, but our pitching is going to keep us on top. The only thing that has me worried is August when the Sox have two - that's 2 - 10 game road trips. Considering their tendencies to get tired and bored, that won't be a good month.

- That's all for today. Going to try and take some pics of downtown Philly while I'm here and give you my impressions. So far I'm liking this city. Nice mix of history and modern and the people are much friendlier than I expected. Not Baltimore friendly, but I think they get a bad rap. Throwing snowballs at Santa can have that effect, I guess.

- Oh, one more thing: I got yelled at by Secret Service this morning. I ran out of toothpaste and went to the lobby looking for the lobby shop to get some more. While there I unexpectedly discovered there is a Starbucks in the lobby. Wooooo!! Anyway, I took a wrong turn, saw a dude in that looked like security (nice suit, earpiece, sunglasses) and walked up to ask him where the store was. He stops me before I'm halfway to him by yelling 'No further, sir. You'll need to take the elevators on the other side.' As soon as he says 'No', two other guys came around the corner to stare me down. I said 'Just looking for the gift shop' at which point ANOTHER dude who works for the hotel popped around the corner to give me directions. As I walked away I looked back and they were still watching me. Wonder how many other guys were hiding around the corner. Turns out they were shutting down that entire wing so the President could enter and exit quickly and quietly.

Today's distraction: Here is a collection of funny bus ads. No, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything I've just written about. I tried and tried, but couldn't think of a tie in. Cut me some slack, I worked 14 hours yesterday and at least 4 of that was legitimate.


D-Lo said...

Agreed, I don't care who those 40 year olds are, if that guy cares even the least about procreating, he'll focus only on the youngsters.

BeachBum said...

Right on, brotha. Not to mention 20 something chicks are HOT!!