Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hunger Pangs

Current date: 7/17/07

Current time: 10:34 am

Current BeachBum Status: Fucking starving!

I have to wait another hour and a half before lunch! What gives? This is becoming a major distraction. I'm ready for lunch by 10 in the morning. What's even more confusing is that I have been eating breakfast every morning before I leave the house. Big, heaping bowl of Special K. Is eating breakfast causing me to be more hungry?

It's possible. I read somewhere (yeah, I read!) that eating breakfast can raise your metabolism. In fact, they studied a bunch of people and asked them to do nothing but add a healthy breakfast to their regular diet every day for a few weeks. Not bacon, eggs, sausage. Just a bowl of cereal or oatmeal or fruit. On average the people lost 5 pounds. Just by eating breakfast! Who knew you could lose weight by eating more?

I've also been going to the gym on a more regular basis. Not having boys that wake up 4-5 times a night can have that effect. Plus, I've discovered the perfect motivation for myself. If I don't go to the gym in the morning, I can't drink beer that night. Let me tell you, when that alarm goes off at 5 am and I hit the snooze that thought is enough to get me to drag my tired ass out of bed.

During one of my recent business trips I was talking to a fellow who's wife is a dietitian. She says that the best diet is one where you have a nice, big, healthy breakfast then just small snacks the rest of the day combined with a small lunch. Just fruits, salads and low fat snacks. Considering the current rumbling going on in the old tummy, I may have to try this.

The problem, of course, is what to eat. I don't mind having to snack instead of eat a full lunch, but I am a terrible lunch planner. I usually decide what I'm in the mood for about 30 minutes before it's time to go. I never brown bag it, because it's boring and I like variety in my meals.

So what do I do?

Here's a rough outline off the top of my head:

6:30 AM - Breakfast. Usually bowl of cereal, but may have to expand this to add apples or some kind of fruit. Not a big banana guy, which seems to be the breakfast fruit of choice. Might just have two bowls of cereal and be done with it.

10 AM - Mid Morning Snack. This is usually when I start getting hungry again. Maybe a larger breakfast will push me to 10:30? Here I'm thinking some apples or bananas. A bagel? Maybe downstairs cafe has a fruit salad bowl or something I can pick up. Failing that I'll just grab a bag of animal crackers. Love those!

Noonish - Lunch. Will probably just have a salad from now on. Usually a sandwich guy, but like salads from certain places around work. Sue's Deli is one. They have a great salad there.

(Random sidenote: Do you think lunch is like the middle child of a dysfunctional family? Always being overlooked and developing an inferiority complex because everyone praises breakfast as the 'most important meal of the day' and looks forward to and plans out dinner? Lunch, especially in the workplace, always gets taken for granted. Poor lunch. I've always looked forward to you, lunch, and I always will.)

3 PM - Afternoon snack. This will be the toughest as it usually involves hitting Starbucks for my afternoon pick-me-up. Might just pass on the coffee from now on and get something more substantial. Like frozen yogurt. Although I did notice that Starbucks sells a carrot and celery bin that has ranch dressing in it. Might have to look into that if they aren't charging $8 for it. Besides being a big 'if' on that pricing, I can't believe I'm resorting to carrots and celery for an afternoon snack. Will I start growing breasts soon? If so, is that a bad thing or a good thing?

6 - 7 PM - Dinner. I'm a big seafood guy, especially during the summer so might stick with that. Chicken, too. Something with protein seems important here. Otherwise, I'll be laying face down on my plate halfway through the meal.

Summary: Doesn't look like I need to change much. Heavier breakfast, lighter lunch, dinner stays pretty much the same. I just need to snack healthier throughout the day to compensate for the lighter lunch. I can do that. Hell if I dropped 14.6 pounds in 31 days, I can do this.

I will keep you updated on progress or lack thereof. Although I might find it tough to type after I've gnawed my own arm off.

Damn, I'm hungry!

Today's distraction: Play Cuisine King. It's harder than it really should be, but still fun.

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