Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Play Ball!

As a tribute to the All Star game tonight, I figured I would run through the highlights and lowlights of the first half of the season.

Highlight: Sammy Sosa. I've said it before, but I can't get over it. Who saw this coming? Even the Rangers have to be shocked and they signed him.

Lowlight: The impending HGH and/or some new undetectable performance enhancer scandal involving Sosa.

Highlight: Four home runs in a row by the Sox early in the year. Manny, JD, Mike Lowell, Varitek.

Lowlight: That the four home runs in a row are STILL the highlight of the season.

Highlight: A-Rod's torrid first half resulting in 30 home runs already.

Lowlight: A-Rod's torrid first half resulting in 30 shopping sprees for his wife. (Note: I'm trying to be objective here, but if I weren't these would be reversed)

Highlight: MVP first half's by two likable guys in the National League: Prince Fielder and Matt Holliday

Lowlight: Neither one will win when they're clubs experience their inevitable second half collapse.

Highlight: Chicago Cubs coming on strong since Lou Pinella's public breakdown.

Lowlight: The fight between Barrett and Zambrano in the dugout. Actually, this was more of a highlight for me, but lowlight for any Cubs fan.

Highlight: That insane storm that hit Colorado the other day, nearly killing the grounds crew and tossing them around like rag dolls.

Lowlight: That more Phillie players came out to help than the home town Rockies. Way to back up your crew, Rockie players.

Highlight: Verlander's no hitter against the Brewer's.

Lowlight: Schilling just missing his own with two outs in the ninth.

Highlight: Barry Bonds' surprising class in the face of hostility while inching closer to the all time home run record.

Lowlight: His babbling, incoherent answer to Peter Gammons' question about handling the negativity. I still don't know what he was talking about.

Highlight: Those cool All Star jerseys that feature the Golden Gate bridge as part of the design.

Lowlight: The Padres - Red Sox game where they wore 80's throw back jerseys. The very reason nobody uses brown, orange and yellow in the same design anymore.

Highlight: Sox in first place by 10 games at the break.

Lowlight: That they look complacent and tired at the break. Rest up, fellas. A long way to go.

Highlight: Chris Young throwing an impressive looking punch at Derek Lee's face.

Lowlight: Said punch missing by at least five inches. Probably a good thing.

Highlight: The perplexing Yankees struggling to get to .500 with a $200 million plus payroll.

Lowlight: When some low payroll team bails them out in two weeks by trading them their pitching ace for border line prospects.

Highlight: The home run derby taking place in a majestic, beautiful park like PacBell.

Lowlight: Barely any home runs being hit in a majestic, beautiful park like PacBell.

Highlight: 'Baseball Tonight' being must see viewing during the season. One of my favorite shows.

Lowlight: Over doing it with the Verlander no-hitter and last night's derby which they spent WAYYY too much time talking over. If Phillips said the hitter needs to 'lift the ball' once, he said it a hundred times. There are only so many ways to analyze home runs, guys. Try and speed things up next year, will ya?

Highlight: Being in the midst of baseball season.

Lowlight: Knowing there's only half a season left.

Today's distraction: An entire summary of every All Star Game. I just spent over an hour browsing through them. Which is why this is being posted at 3pm.

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