Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacating My Mind

You know how sometimes you get a song you don't even like stuck in your head? Common wisdom advises listening to the actual song or singing it aloud to get rid of it. Think of this entry as a bunch of songs stuck in my head. If I don't get rid of these thoughts, they'll just be bouncing around taking up valuable space. Considering my beer intake recently, I need all the space I can get.

- Went kayaking yesterday for the second time this year. Only this time I got away from the city(ies) and paddled up the Concord river. There are Federal sanctuaries on both sides of the river in spots and I saw two deer along the banks. One looked like a kid deer (not quite baby, but not fully adult) and another bigger one who I gathered was the mother. She stared me down as I coasted by. I even took what I thought was a great picture of it. She stood out in the wide open and I quietly and quickly took one with my phone. I then emailed it to myself only to get back to the house, look at the picture and see....nothing....or almost nothing. The picture is below. You can sort of see the deer's face in the middle (by the white marker on the tree), but it's almost like a 'Where's Waldo' picture. Good luck finding it.

- We bought a pool last year at an end of season type sale. We only paid $80 for it and it sets up easily enough and came with a filter so we wouldn't have to keep emptying and refilling it. Figure it would save us money on the water bill and it seemed simple enough to maintain. However, last week I realized the water was turning green and couldn't figure out why the chemicals and filter weren't helping. So, yesterday I emptied it and scrubbed it clean and refilled it. Looks sparkling now. Once that was done I went online to the manufacturer and realized the treatments weren't working because I was going on the assumption that we had a pool that held 500 gallons. WRONG! It holds 1700 gallons. Whoops. Never said math was my strong suit.

- Wifey has a sister that lives out of state and comes to visit once a year, usually during the summer. Yeah, you can see where I'm going already. She, her hubby and kids are coming next week and wifey asks 'Do you mind if they stay with us?'. Now they're staying for about three weeks and my initial response was 'The whole time?!!!'. 'No, no, just for a few days.' So what possible answer can I give. Of course I mind they're staying with us. First, we don't have the room, second her sister attempted to end our marriage last summer (very long story) and I haven't spoken to her since, and third I will be the only one in the house that will have to get up in the morning and go to work. Considering they'll be sleeping in our living room, it's going to be a problem. To maintain harmony, what other answer can I give then 'That's fine'?

- Is there a more dreaded appointment than the six month teeth cleaning? I hate getting the confirmation call.

- Sox looked great against Detroit over the weekend. I see they've started their All Start break early again this year.

- How can Bonds not partake in the Home Run Derby in his own park? On the other hand there would be a good chance his oblique muscle might go streaming into center field on one of his swings. Like when Roy Hobbs hit the cover off the ball in 'The Natural'. I'm sure Bonds would just reel it back in and rub some 'Flaxseed Oil' on it and get back to work.

- Should PacBell Park be nicknamed 'The House That BALCO Built?'

- Take a few minutes and read this great article by Peter May that takes Danny Ainge to task for claiming the Celtics can now win the East with Ray Allen on the team. Couldn't have said it better myself and I like how he points out that Doc Rivers is still the coach. I feel like Peter and I are brothers.

- Watched 'Casino Royale' over the weekend and can say that Craig is the best Bond yet. Not to be a purist, as I liked most of the Bond movies, but I read a few of the original Ian Fleming novels and this is how he portrayed Bond. A dark, moody, troubled guy who only charmed the women when he needed and wanted to get something from them. But there is one other aspect that I liked. It was that Bond wasn't just skilled (although he did show some martial art moves which was new) or intelligent or resourceful, but it was his relentlessness that put him on another level. The chase scene near the beginning was downright remarkable in that he just wouldn't give up. I was exhausted when it was over. That said, I had a hard time figuring out what, exactly, was going on and who the bad guy was until about half way through. It was also about 20 minutes too long. Still, one of the best Bond movies yet and I hope they keep things going in this direction.

- If I ever need some quick cash, I just found out my corpse will be worth about $4700. Ca-ching.

- Since I'm always looking out for you, dear reader, here is a great relaxation site. You can visit when work is getting too much and you need a 'happy place'. You're welcome.

- My office elevator is driving me crazy. Our company occupies three floors. I'm on the top one. But lately when I'm on one floor and press up, the elevator will open, the light indicates it's going up, I step in and hit the top floor, the doors close and I go down. It then stops at the lobby, but the doors don't open, then it shoots back up to the floor I want. I think they accidentally installed the yo-yo program on it.

- Boeing unveiled it's new 787, aka 'The DreamLiner' over the weekend. They even broadcast it to 35 different countries in 9 different languages. You just know this enormous plane will be involved in the worst aviation disaster in history. The largest of them can hold 290-330 passengers. Figure more than 330, because you know the airlines will take out all the frills and pack as many people into them as humanly possible. Oh, did I mention they've already sold a bunch of these and it hasn't even been test flown, yet? Not sure about you, but I would keep my $100 million deposit until I was sure the thing know...FLY!

- Check out these cool 'transparent laptop screen' art photos.

- An independent toy company has created the first divorce aware doll house. It can be reconfigured and changed if Mom and Dad break up. No really. Go check it out. They even have Step Brother and Sister figures. The best part is the magnetic Mom and Dad figures. If they're smiling they can be attached in a kiss. If they have the frown face they 'cannot be pushed together'. If they really wanted to get realistic they should have had a 'Dad's slum apartment room' after Mom takes him to the cleaners in the divorce settlement. How about a cardboard box? Or maybe Dad and his 'new friend' Floozy? 'New transgender Mom'? Do I have to think of everything?

- Here are some Monopoly cards we'd like to see. I especially like the 'Done Giving a Rat's Ass' card.

Today's distraction: Yeah, like all the links above aren't enough. And they aren't. I just spent the better part of Friday browsing through this site. It's called and you can look up any and all kinds of information about any city in the U.S. I'm warning you, only start looking at this if you have nothing else to do.

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