Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Some random thoughts and links built up over the past week.

- Well, Bonds finally did it. Sorry, but just can't muster up enough enthusiasm about it. Bonds' speech was a bit nauseating, as well. I really wish he would have been honest with everybody just that one time. 'I want to thank my wife for allowing me a mistress for many years, Greg Anderson for introducing me to the wonders of 'The Clear' - if you're watching from jail, Greg, you were good for 30 of those 73 home runs, and God for eliminating any overt evidence against me. He really does work in mysterious ways. THANK YOU!!!'

- It's bad enough that Nationals' pitcher Mike Bacsik will forever be known as the guy that gave up 756, but then the game stops for 15 minutes so everyone can celebrate Bonds' tainted accomplishment. Think he might have been a bit steamed about that? I didn't see the game, so could someone tell me if Bacsik got some warmup tosses before the it resumed?

- While I can't say I'm happy a Mets fan caught number 756, I thought - when seeing the Mets hat being ushered along: 'Well at least he wasn't a Yankees fan.' That would have been cruel. Plus, those soulless fans in SF didn't deserve to catch that ball.

- While there will probably never be absolute proof (unless more players fess up) here are ten players I am fairly certain have taken steroids at some point during their playing careers:

1: Barry Bonds
2: Mark McGwire (Schilling may be a blow hard, but he's right in saying that if you are being accused of something you didn't do, you deny it outright. You know, like Rafael Palmeiro)
3: Sammy Sosa (over 60 home runs in three straight seasons and we are to suspect nothing?)
4: Brady Anderson
5: Pudge Rodriguez (he was on the Rangers with Conseco and Palmeiro, so there must be some truth to Conseco's claims)
6: Nomar Garciaparra (kills me putting him on this list, but he became enormous then suffered a series of bizarre injuries)
7: Luis Gonzalez (when he was with Diamondbacks)
8: Brett Boone
9: Gary Sheffield (good friends with Bonds + same trainer = DUH)
10: Jeremy Giambi (not that anyone cares)

- Finally finished watching 'Pan's Labyrinth' over the weekend and was astounded by this movie. Let me say that it's definitely not for everyone, but if you like movies that challenge you and let you form your own conclusions, then this is one you'll enjoy. Be warned, there are moments of extreme violence.

- Took the boys to the free 'Animal Planet' exhibit at the Topsfield Fairground last weekend and we were distressed to learn our seven year old has not yet recovered from his fear of crowds. Quick backstory - wifey took him to WaterCountry a few years back and he got separated from her and his cousins for a while. To his credit he remained calm and went to security until they tracked her down. As wifey tells it when he finally saw her, he completely lost it and has yet to recover. Anytime we go any where there will be large crowds he freaks and clings to me for dear life. His problem is when he loses sight of us, he panics and starts walking around looking for us instead of staying put. I always tell him to stay where he is; that if he's wandering it makes it harder for us to find him then if he stays in the last place we saw him.

I bring this up, because next week we're going to StoryLand (woo hoo for me!) in New Hampshire for a few days and the first question out of his mouth is 'Are there a lot of people there?'. Fear not, dear readers, for his father is a genius. Behold the FireFly. I asked him if he had one of these would he feel more safe. His face lit up like a Christmas Tree. 'I'd have my own phone?!'. How it works is you pick up one of these kid cell phones, activate it online and you can program Mom and Dad's cell numbers into it. They carry it around and if they get lost they just press the Dad button and it calls my cell phone.

You can get another version of this from Verizon that includes GPS tracking (or as I refer to it 'The Stalker Option'), but I don't think we'll get that extreme yet. Just as well save that for his teenage years and not tell him.

- Remember my argument over that reality show about the bachelor choosing between 20 somethings and 40 somethings? I found out the name of it - 'Age of Love'. Plus...surprise, surprise, wifey told me this morning that he picked a 25 year old over a 48 year old. SHOCKER! Oh, shit, did I just ruin the ending for you? Sorry about that. For some reason wifey is holding my correct prediction against me.

- For the first time in years, I may be more excited for the Celtics season to begin than the Patriots. We knew the Pats would be good regardless, but the Celtics went from absolute crap to contender literally over night. One thing to keep in mind, all three of the Celtics new Trio of Terror are used to being The MAN on their previous teams. Who's going to sacrifice their game to make the team better?

- Been listening to Black Sabbath's new release 'The Dio Years', which compiles some of the best of the band's songs during Ronnie James Dio's tenure as lead singer. I forgot how good Tommy Iaommi was as a guitarist. Definitely one of the forgotten musical artists from the 70s and 80s.

- Ever wonder what happens to all the stuff confiscated from the airports around the country? Well take a look at this. I can't believe the things people try to get on planes. This would include a chainsaw and an electric impact drill.

- Back in Baltimore today. It's hot as hell and I just realized I have no idea where my hotel is. I usually stay at the one directly across the street, but that was full and I had to take the next closest which is...well, I'm not exactly sure. I may be roaming the streets tonight and asking the enormous homeless population for hand outs or directions to the nearest shelter.

- By the way, there is an ESPN Zone right around the corner here. Ran into it looking for the Best Buy. You know where I'm hanging out tonight.

Gotta ton of work to do while I'm here so I can't promise anything for tomorrow. Will try, though. As hard as I am capable.

Today's distraction: Great article from Tim Kurkijan about the Bonds situation.

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