Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Savage My Heart

I would like to introduce the new woman in my life. She's a lot like the rest of the women in my life for two reasons:

1: She doesn't know I exist

2: She has a strong thread of insanity woven into her double helix.

Her name is Roz Savage and she is courageous, strong, daring and, well...I'll say it....downright adorable. She also appears to have a bit of a death wish. See, Roz just launched her boat, 'Brocade', out of Crescent City, California in an attempt to row across the Pacific Ocean. That's right, ROW. Not sail, not motor, not float, ROW! She plans on rowing (yeah, rowing!) the over 7,000 miles over the course of 3 years and 3 stages.

Stage 1 - Summer 2007 (just underway): San Francisco to Hawaii.
Stage 2 - 2008: Hawaii to Tuvalu. No, I don't know where Tuvalu is either.
Stage 3 - 2009: Tuvalu to Australia.

Imposing task to say the least. What's even more amazing is Savage already rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 2006. She's effectively rowing herself around the world! See what I mean about insane? At least this time she has planned it out a bit. The Atlantic Ocean trip seemed to find her in over her head, with her portable camping stove and satellite phone breaking along the way. Think she isn't tough? She managed the last leg of the Atlantic Ocean trip after having broken all of her oars. Two while rowing and two when her boat got swamped by 20 foot waves. Instead of surrendering, she patched the oars together and continued on her way.

This time she's rowing in this MOFO:

Not exactly the Ritz, but she could do worse. What's really impressive is the boat has self sustaining solar panels and a wind generator. I think she'll find plenty of wind while paddling around the middle of the Pacific. It's also been equipped with the latest tracking devices (you can track Roz's progress here), a TOPP (Tagging Of Pacific Pelagics) program so marine biologists like George Costanza can gather data about turtles, sharks, whales, seals and other water life, and satellite television so she can get the Spice Channel during those lonely nights. OK, that last one is just my fantasy.

Still not impressed? Well, then how do you like that Ms. Savage is actually blogging from her boat during the row? Seriously. I have a hard enough time blogging during my daily routine. I can only imagine how I would find time while tracking whales, fighting 30 foot waves and sharks, and trying to stay alive. If you click on the link that's attached to her name above there will be a BLOG tab that contains the entries.

Hell, she's even posted her musical playlist, which provides the first chink in the armor. I mean, Wham? C'mon now. I do like that she has Monty Python's 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' from one of my favorite movies, but she is British. It might be a national requirement.

Things haven't gone completely smoothly for lovely Roz. From yesterday's entry:

'I rounded the corner, trying hard to look good.. And promptly ran aground on a sand bank lurking just under the surface of the water. The hazard of leaving at low tide. So ten minutes into my big adventure I was standing in shallow water with my leggings rolled up above my knees, trying to heave the Brocade off the sand bank. After a bit of a struggle I succeeded and we were on our way again.'

She goes on to tell how sea lions were keeping an eye on her during the first few hours of her trip. I'll be keeping track of dear old Roz and keep you appraised on her progress. Keep in mind it's 2,327 miles to Hawaii, so it may be a while before she gets there.

Maybe I'll time it to meet her at the finish line. I'm sure it will make the entire trip worth her while to have me waiting for her when she arrives.


Today's distraction: Here's a taste of what Roz will be experiencing during these next 2300 miles. What the hell is she thinking?

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