Monday, January 14, 2008

Final Four

Quick Boston note: I hate winter.

As for this past weekend, allow me to say 'Now THAT is what I'm talking about!'

Only one of the playoff games was a laugher (thanks, Seahawks) and two went down to the final second. Allow me a quick recap before we get into next weekend's games.

Patriots 31 - Jaguars 20: Does anyone need any more proof? Jaguars played their balls off and they still couldn't beat this Patriot team. Brady is quickly becoming a legend. 26 for 28??!! And one of them was Welker dropping one that would have hit him right in the numbers. Randy Moss had one catch and Gerrard played the game of his young career (as well as two other QBs we'll be discussing), yet it STILL wasn't enough.

As for this supposed powerful Jaguars defense (and they were impressive) check out the Patriot possessions for the game: TD, TD, missed FG, end of half, TD, TD, FG, Punt. The punt came with 3:25 left in the game, too. Holy shit! And Randy Moss had ONE CATCH!! WHY DO I KEEP USING CAPS!!????

Bottom line: The Jaguars were probably the biggest threat in the AFC and the Patriots put them in a full nelson and slammed them face first into a brick wall. How do you beat this team?

Chargers 28 - Colts 24: Let me get this straight - the Chargers lose Tomlinson AND Rivers (who was playing out of his mind, I might add) and the still march down the field for the winning touchdown? Indy's defense sure looked like it relaxed way too much once they saw Rivers was out. Too bad. I was actually looking forward to the Colts getting their asses kicked in Foxboro this weekend. Oh, well.

One thing I did notice, as an impartial observer: It sure looked like the Colts were getting some highly questionable calls their way. Three in particular standout. The first was a phantom pass interference call that sustained an Indy TD drive. The replays showed no contact at all. The second was a 'Wait, where was it again?' holding call on the interception return for a TD at the end of the first half. Just a joke of a call. The third was yet another pass interference call where there was minimal contact, but the ball was thrown into the ground about 10 yards ahead of where the receiver was standing. I always thought one of the requirements for pass interference was that the ball had to be 'catchable'?

Anyway, it didn't matter in the long run, but I could feel the frustration of Charger fans everywhere.

Bottom line: New champ this year and Norv Turner is rewriting his legacy. Implausible as that sounds.

Packers 42 - Seahawks 20: Man alive, did things turn around for both teams in this game. Seattle goes up a quick 14 - zip, then Green Bay does this the rest of the game: TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, punt, punt, punt. Favre looked good again, but the story here is Ryan Grant who, after fumbling, ran for 201 yards and 3 TDs in the snow. Just a force of nature in this game.

As for Seattle, they seemed to get way too complacent after going up by two touchdowns. They did realize there was more than 3 quarters left to play, right? Seemed like they went into 'Don't lose' mode, rather than 'play to win'.

Bottom line: Packers look like the favs for the NFC and Shaun Alexander is getting released this off season.

Giants 21 - Cowboys 17: Christ on a cracker, I think hell has frozen over. Not only does Norv Turner have his team in the AFC Championship game and playing their best ball of the year, but Eli Manning is in the NFC Championship game while brother Peyton Manning is sitting at home. Remember two weeks ago I wrote 'Does anyone think Eli Manning is really taking the Giants to the SuperBowl?' Um, yeah, let's just pretend that didn't happen.

As much as it pains me, Eli did look good against the Cowboys. Don't think I saw one mistake from him all game, which just boggles my mind. Plus their running game is more then adequate for the playoffs. I really like Bradshaw and have marked him down for next year's fantasy draft.

As far as the Cowboys go, Tony Romo is now officially the new Peyton Manning (now that Peyton has won the SuperBowl) in that he puts up great regular season stats, then shits the bed in the playoffs. I don't care about Jessica Simpson or his mini vacation, but everyone in Dallas will be talking about it all offseason. Nice job, putz.

Quick sidenote: Everyone always bitches about athletes not caring about winning and losing, but when they truly show their emotion and frustration with a playoff loss everyone makes fun of him. Yeah, I'm talking about TO and his tearful defense of Romo. Say what you will, but nobody cares more about the game then Owens.

That said, it was still pretty funny. He has some issues, I believe.

Bottom line: 10 years and counting since the Cowboys last won a playoff game. Yikes!

Let's save the previews for tomorrow. I might try an all football week. Let's see if I can find enough to talk about.

I'm always up for a challenge.

Today's distraction: A frustrating difficult quarterback game. Click on the Play This Game to the right.


Jim Hammen said...

I make fun of TO cause he's an asshole who throws his QB under the bus everywhere he goes. Yeah, he's defending Romo now, but give it time...also, he is routinely among the league leaders in drops, but blames most everything on his QB.

BeachBum said...

Yeah, he's kind of a fruitcake. And isn't he the one that started this whole 'Jessica Simpson is distracting my QB' thing in the first place?

I make fun of TO, too, I just thought it worth nothing that these athletes can't win no matter what they do. If they're too cool after they don't care enough, if they cry like a little girl, then they're....well...a little girl.

Remember when Dennis Rodman broke down after signing with the Lakers. What a tool!!

BeachBum said...

That should have been 'worth noting' in my above comment. Stupid typos!