Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost Thoughts

Random thoughts from the past weekend.

- I wonder if any of the Super Bowl analysts will mention the collective groan of the rest of the country when the Giants beat the Packers? Not only is it New York vs Boston AGAIN, but the Giants could be even more unlikable than the Patriots. Or more specifically, Eli Manning is extremely unlikable. He acts like a 6 year old on the field, throwing his arms up in frustration at the slightest bit of bad luck, looking like he's on the verge of tears, often showing up his receivers even if his throw is 10 yards over his head. Maybe it's just me, but watching the guy just makes me want to punch him in the face. And this is after he demanded not to play in San Diego when he was first drafted.

- Speaking of draft day, nobody mentioned that both Eli and Phillip Rivers were in their respective Championship games. Considering they were basically traded for each other (along with Merriman and whoever the kicker is on SD), you could only imagine the hoopla if those two wound up in the Super Bowl. Let's just all say our thanks that didn't happen.

- Back when Derek Lowe was pitching for the Red Sox, the team hired someone to work with Lowe on his body language. He was notorious for sulking on the mound and generally looking like he was contemplating suicide any time anything went wrong. I can see the Giants trying the same thing with Manning. It can't hurt, right?

- Looks like Roger Clemens' boat of denial has as many holes as a cheese grater. It seems waaaay back in 2004, McNamee met with Clemens' representatives to express concerns that Roger may test positive for steroids. With the new testing starting that year, McNamee was worried Clemens may still have traces left in him and would get caught. Here's what makes this interesting: McNamee only claims he injected Clemens 16 times - in 1999, 2000, and 2001. Considering it was 3 years later he expressed concerns, did that mean he suspected Roger was still using? I doubt steroids stays in your system for 3 years after you stop using.

- I am so sick of these two already. Here's hoping John Edwards and his $400 hair climb back into this thing. You know, since they won't let me take part in the debates.

- If you're wondering, yes, I did see that picture of Tom Brady in a foot cast. Like someone I know changing their cell phone number to the 310 area code, I'm just choosing to ignore it and hope it means nothing.

- Check out this video from CNN. Fulton, NY got literally crushed under 3 feet of snow. I link to this not because I need more proof why winter sucks, but because the ad before the story is kind of rubbing it in. In case you get a different one, it's for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and shows a family romping on the beach having a grand old time.

- Like we need one more thing to worry about. New research from Oregon State University suggests the dinosaurs may have been wiped out by an insect attack. The meteorites and other catastrophic events contributed to their decline, of course, but the insects may have been the final straw for these lovely reptiles. Considering there are about a billion insects per person alive, this will not help me sleep well.

- I can't link to it for financial reasons, but a new study shows that women's skulls are thicker than men's. This in turn means women have fewer brain injuries growing up then men do. Sometimes a simple piece of information can explain eons of behavior.

- I finally got around to watching the series finale of 'Extras' on HBO and was not disappointed. The final 15 minutes or so was a bit sappy for my tastes, but it was a funny, intelligent look at fame and the price someone has to pay in order to achieve their dreams. The cameo of George Michael on the 'queer bench' was one of the funniest fucking things I have ever seen.

- Since I'm going 'green' with my next car, I found the perfect solution for my global concerns and my natural coolness. If you're nice I'll give you a ride. Although there may be only one seat in this.

- Finally (since I need to do some actual work), there is this interesting study from the University of Utah that suggests humans are evolving faster than ever before. The problem is, according to the research team leader, is we are not evolving into a singular human species. It seems people are evolving differently depending on which continent they live on. Africans, Europeans, South Americans, North Americans are all evolving away from each other. This means within a few generations Americans will be the 'Fat lard' species, the Europeans 'chain smoking, arrogant bastards' and Africans 'marathon winners with no shoes'. Researchers aren't sure about the South Americans yet, but there is a good possibility they'll sleep through the whole thing.

Today's distraction: Place the 50 states. Much harder than I expected, but I'm a guy and have had extensive brain damage.


Jim Hammen said...

'marathon runners with no shoes.' nice. i'm gonna put up a link soon that will make you bust a gut laughing every time you see eli manning...just wait.

BeachBum said...

I think you mean bust a gut MORE every time I see Eli Manning. I can't wait to see what game plan Belichick has in store for him in the Super Bowl.