Friday, January 4, 2008

The Playoffs!

Now we're talking! Enough of these crappy teams trying to salvage a 3-13 season, let's get down to business!!

Tomorrow we start weeding out the wannabes. Those teams that have somehow fooled themselves into thinking they actually have a chance at winning the Super Bowl. Please. Anything can happen, of course, but do we really think Eli Manning is going to lead the Giants to a title? Exactly. If I were a Giants fan I would be highly disturbed that the Giants were patting themselves on the back after blowing a lead to the Patriots. In my entire life, I've never seen any professional team that happy after losing a game. Christ, even the Bad News Bears showed some defiance after losing the championship game.

I took issue with both Indy and Dallas laying down in their final games of the year, too. Both teams basically rested their starters even though they had a bye week coming up. The result was the Redskins and Titans getting in with a win against their opposition's second and third stringers. Would it be karma if Washington and Tennessee win this week then go on to beat the same teams that could have kept them out of the playoffs if they actually tried to win?

I actually give the Giants credit for not resting their starters against the Pats. They played to win, at least. Shame on you, Indy and Dallas. You'll pay for this somehow.

Anyway, rundown of each playoff team.

New England Patriots: Boston fans are becoming completely spoiled. I asked a friend during the Giants game 'Would you rather have the Pats win this game or win the Super Bowl?' He answers 'I want both!' Look, I do, too, but the media already anointing this team 'The Greatest Ever' concerns me. The last team the media got a hard on for was the 2001 Rams and we all saw what happened there. After that, the USC Trojans were being ranked among history's best college football teams. They went on to lose to Texas in the championship game. Let's see if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, then we can discuss their place in history.

Indianapolis Colts: What the hell is going on with Marvin Harrison? He's practicing, he might play, no he won't, maybe he will, nope - he's out again. This has been going on for seven or eight weeks now. Is he more seriously hurt than the Colts are letting on? One thing is for sure - if Harrison isn't 100% the Colts are not repeating this year. I know they still have Reggie Wayne and Gonzalez is coming on, but Wayne seems to drop a number of catchable balls and there is no replacing one of the greatest receivers our generation has ever seen.

Dallas Cowboys: Does anyone outside the Dallas area really think this team can win the Super Bowl? Not get there, but actually win it? Romo's been shitting the bed lately and the Owens muzzle has suddenly popped loose. All signs are pointing to a premature exit. Let's hope they don't blame it on the ball being too slippery again.

Green Bay Packers: If anything, this team looks to be the one to beat in the playoffs in the NFC. I had my doubts until Grant sprouted before our eyes and gave the Packers a solid running game to go with Favre's resurgence. And, their defense is solid enough to keep them in most games.


Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers (8PM): Here's the thing - this team is better then anyone in the NFC and is probably the third best team in the entire league. But, due to the NFL's religious commitment to division winners, they have to travel to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but they just played the Steelers on that field and most of the time when two good teams play each other things tend to even out. Each figures out the other's weakness and exploit things they may not have noticed the first time around.

Lucky for Jacksonville the Steelers really aren't that good. They had a soft schedule, nearly blew a game against the Dolphins (1-15, people, 1-15!), lost to the Jets and looked absolutely horrible against the better teams in the league. They lost to the Pats and Jaguars by a combined score of 63-35 and it was only that close because they came storming back against the Jaguars. Maybe they figured something out in the fourth quarter of the Jacksonville game, but I doubt it.

Prediction: Jacksonville by 6

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks (4:30PM): Everyone is all psyched up about this Redskins team because they won their last 4 games to make the playoffs and they're 'playing with emotion' due to the murder of Sean Taylor. Plus Todd Collins has come out of nowhere and they have a solid defense.

Too bad for them they're flying across country to play in one of the worst fields for any visiting team. Besides, Seattle is my dark horse, are rested and healthy and I still predict them to make the Super Bowl. Plus, let's not forget this Redskins team got absolutely embarrassed in Foxboro and showed zero pride for themselves after. I can't get past that.

Prediction: Seattle by 20


New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1PM): Holy shit, is this really a playoff game? No wonder everyone thinks the AFC is a better conference. The Giants might be the worst team still playing - or would be if the Titans weren't playing later this day - which is the only reason the Bucs will advance to the second round. Either way, one of these teams is going to advance to the second round of these playoffs. Let's just dwell on that for a few seconds.....

Prediction: Tampa Bay by 10
Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers (4:30 PM): How the hell did the Titans get in and Cleveland miss? Did this really happen? If the Titans score more than 15 points I'll be shocked. Granted they have a good defense, but this is the playoffs and you need to score points. Plus Tomlinson is rolling again, the Chargers seem to have their swagger back and the Titans just suck.

Prediction: Chargers by 15

That's it. Man, only four games this weekend? I may have to start getting back to my life. That doesn't fly. At all.

Enjoy the weekend! Love these short work weeks.

Today's distraction: Coach a game against the computer. When I played I think I was the Giants. I kept calling rush plays and cruised down the field for 45 yards. My first pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. I need a new QB and soon.


Jim Hammen said...

As much as it pains me to agree that they are indeed terrible, the Titans might be the worst 10-6 team in history.

BeachBum said...

Totally agree. Watch them beat the Chargers in SD now and make us look like idiots. Not that I need help.