Friday, February 1, 2008

Lost - Part 1

Finally! 'Lost' is back - demented and confusing as ever.

Before you read on, I'm going to recap last night's show, so if you haven't seen it don't continue.



Summary: As it should be, things picked up right where they left off from last season's finale. Hurley and Claire learned about Charlie's death in an emotional scene. Doubts about the intentions of the people arriving in the boat literally divided the survivors. Locke led the group that went into hiding while Jack and the rest stayed and waited for the 'rescue'.

Locke showed up out of the blue again after Hurley saw Jacob's cabin in the jungle. Peaking through the window Hurley saw the shadow of a figure in the rocking chair (like Locke last season) before someone's eye showed up and scared him away.

We also saw Hurley after he has been rescued from the island. He loses it, leads police on a high speed chase and meets Ana Lucia's old partner. Hurley claims to have not known Ana Lucia. It also seems Hurley has lost his mind, as he is committed and is grateful for it. Oh, and he has a nice conversation with Charlie. Yeah, dead Charlie. Turns out seeing Charlie 'by the Ho Hos' is what sent Hurley into his mental tailspin.

What We Learned:

- Only six of the survivors return from the island.

- Jack was actually very well put together after his return. He visits Hurley in the mental hospital and is adamant about never returning to the island.

- There are people keeping an eye on the survivors that returned. One visits Hurley in the hospital and offers him a 'place by the ocean' and asks 'are they alive?'

- Jack would have literally killed Locke. He wrestled his gun away from him and pulled the trigger only to learn it was empty. A shocking, unsettling moment for viewers and the other survivors.

- Hurley has visions, too!

- The actor playing Charlie will still have plenty of work in the coming seasons.

New questions: Yeah, can't go one freakin' episode without raising a whole bunch of new questions.

- Who are the remaining three that return? We know Jack, Kate and Hurley are three that have come back. Who else?

- Why doesn't that helicopter chick (the one who had the satellite phone and who Locke stabbed in the back) experience the healing powers of the island? Christ, Locke was just shot in the stomach and he's already back to normal. Do you have to be a believer?

- Why didn't she turn in Locke when talking to her colleagues on the boat? She just claims she fell, then dies. What gives? Is she trying to get the people on the island no matter what?

- Were the 'flashbacks' of Hurley in the mental hospital from past seasons actually 'flashforwards'?

- What are the true intentions of the people coming onto the island? We meet one of them as he parachutes onto the island right at the end, but he doesn't look familiar (I was half expecting it to be Michael).

- Why did Locke forgive Ben so quickly after he shot him in the stomach and left him for dead? If it were me, I would have hung him from the nearest tree. Ben seems to get off the hook an awful lot.

My New Theory?: I put a question mark because nothing on this show can be totally explained away. Anyone still remember the polar bear that was on Walt's comic book?

Anyway, here's mine: Hurley is behind everything. He has some sort of psychic power that even he may be unaware of.

Bear with me for a minute. In the opening season, Hurley wins a huge lottery and becomes a sort of celebrity. Immediately after, things start going south for him. His grandfather dies, his mansion burns down, his new fast food joint gets hit by a meteor and kills a local television reporter and he crash lands on a remote island with crazy people and a smoke monster that kills people at random.

Not once, but twice in last night's episode Hurley willed away visions. First Jacob's cabin, then Charlie.

Jack seemed to be fine about being home (he mentions he's back doing surgery to Hurley). My guess is that he starts having doubts almost as soon as he visits Hurley. Does Hurley plant the idea that 'it wants us to come back' in Jack's head? Isn't that basically the same thing Jack said to Kate at the end of last season?

Hurley is the one who knew about the numbers from his lottery win. Suddenly, they start showing up everywhere on the island and even in the airport as he's walking to get on the plane.

The question is why would he be causing this? Well, considering his size, upbringing without a father, and his general lack of self esteem, maybe Hurley didn't really think he deserved that hundred million dollars. Subconsciously he could be creating disaster for himself. I mean seriously...a meteor?

Again, just a theory, but don't forget that Libby was in the mental hospital with Hurley at some point, too. Maybe he imagined her on the island after the crash. Maybe he's been the one imagining everyone's back stories, which could explain why some of the same people keep appearing in other people's lives. Remember Hurley and Locke sharing the same boss? Remember Libby being the one to give Desmond the boat he uses to race around the world? Remember Locke's father being the same guy that Sawyer was looking for? Did Jack's father operate or interact with Hurley at some point?

I could probably never prove it, but do more of the survivors have some connection to Hurley than anybody else on the island? This could also explain how some of the people don't seem to age (like the dark haired guy with the eyeliner who makes Ben kill all the other Dharma people). Also, didn't one of Hurley's old patient friends show up on the island in Season 2? The bald guy from 'Sex and the City?'

I know, I get carried away, but part of the fun of the show is trying to figure out the puzzle. I know I never will, but damned if I'm not going to look foolish for trying.

Today's distraction: Enjoy some 'Lost' questions and semi-answers. Just enjoy the ride, folks.

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