Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost - Part 2

I'll be summing up last night's 'Lost' episode again, so if you haven't watched it yet don't read any further.

All set?

Alrighty then. Let me first say that I hate episodes like this. Things become even more confusing and muddled than ever before. For all the questions answered in the season premiere, there were 20 more raised with this episode. Part of me wants this to end so I can get on with my life and finally figure out what in holy hell is going on.

What Happened: A lot, actually. We met the four new island visitors and their quick backstories during this hour. Quick recap:

- Asian dude who can speak with the dead and uses that ability to steal hidden drug money. He learns what happens to Naomi by hovering over her dead body, so he has some other psychic ability. Turns out 'tell my sister I love her' was code for 'holy shit, these people just stabbed me to death. Avenge me!!'

- Bearded dude who looks vaguely familiar and who describes himself as a 'physicist' but 'doesn't like to be pigeon holed'. When he first learns of Oceanic 815 on the news he is very upset. His wife (we assume) asks why he is so upset, he answers 'I don't know. So maybe he has some sort of psychic ability, as well.

- English chick, who seems to have been on to Dharma for a while now. We are introduced to her as she bullies her way onto an excavation site in some desert and she uncovers the remians of a polar bear (remember there was one on the island too!!!???) and a collar that had a Dharma logo on it (looked like an octopus symbol, which is new).

- Pilot who was supposed to be the one flying Flight 815, but bailed for reasons not yet known. Appears to have a drinking problem.

These four were led by Naomi, who seems to have been some mercenary type (like Sayid) and was rounded up by the same black dude that visits Hurley in the mental hospital when he gets back from the island.

They all manage to get on the island safely, even land a fully functional helicopter which Kate, Jack and Sayid are all happy/weepy about. We also find out quite late that they really didn't come to rescue the survivors but have a hard on about one Ben Linus. At this point (they confront Juliette when they find out she wasn't on the plane) we see a picture of Ben going through airport security.

Ben for his part is already on top of things. In an unusual moment of panic (Locke was ready to execute him. It happens), he admits he knows all about the the four visitors and when asked how he replies, 'I have a man on their boat'. Dun dun DAAAAAA!!!

Fucking Ben.

What We Learned: Other then Ben being a big, fat, fucking liar, not a whole hell of a lot. Didn't Ben always say he never left the island? Yet there he is going through an airport or something. Did I misinterpret that picture?

- Locke probably lived from the gunshot wound because he didn't have a kidney on that side (although I would think infection would be an issue. You know if he weren't invincible and all) and he told everyone he saw Walt 'only bigger'. Sawyer asks 'You mean like a giant?' which was so Sawyer....

- They really do find the wreckage of Flight 815 near the Indian Ocean. News casts even show the remains of the pilot (although we all know he got eaten by the monster in Season 1). Only he really isn't the pilot because the pilot that actually should have been flying it could tell it wasn't because the corpse didn't have his wedding ring on. No really!

- Dharma has apparently been around for years. Maybe decades.

New Questions: Besides the whole 'what the fuck is going on' thing, there are many.

- Who's the man on the boat working with Ben? Micheal?

- Why do the new islanders want Ben so badly?

- What was with the gas masks they brought with them? Were they planning on gassing all the people?

- Why did the crew looking for the island need a physicist with them?

- Where do I know that bearded actor from? It's been driving me crazy. Also, why is his character such a bad liar?

- How did the English chick figure out Dharma? Do all of these people have some sort of psychic abilities?

- Did the guy from 'The Wire' really think there were no survivors from the plane or was he implying that if survivors were found they shouldn't be rescued or they should be 'eliminated'?

- Would Naomi and Sayid have hooked up if she had lived? Or at least had some sort of knock down, drag out martial arts fight?

- What the fuck is with the fake wreckage? Is it really faked or is there some sort of alternate reality or time-space (something only a physicist would understand) thing going on?

- Why did Ben leave the island and what's he going to do now that he knows Hurley saw the cabin, too?

- More importantly, why don't they just blow Ben's brains out and be done with it. Although it was fun to watch him get the shit kicked out of him.

- Why can't we see the waiting freight boat from the island?

My New Theory?: Yeah, I got nothing. I'm thoroughly and utterly confused. Nice work, 'Lost' creators. My brain is mush trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Thanks!

Supposedly we find out another member of the 'Oceanic 6' next week. I have one thing to add, this goddamn writer's strike better end soon, because there are only 6 new episodes left and that's not nearly enough to answer all the new questions this show is raising.

Today's distraction: Speaking of making your brain mush, try playing Shift. I could only get about seven stages into it before giving up. Fun, though. Happy Friday!

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