Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost - Part 3

I'll be off all next week, so don't expect any postings unless I'm really bored or something incredible happens. Like Roger Clemens committing suicide because he feels bad about lying to the American public and outing his own wife as an HGH user. What a dick.

Anyway, onto 'Lost' which has cemented itself as one of the best shows ever with last night's episode. I still don't know what's going on, but it's a fantastic ride.

If you haven't seen it, don't read any further.

What Happened: This was a Sayid episode (both in character and tone) from the opening moments. We see him playing golf when a man approaches and bets him he could make his shot closer to the pin. They agree, Sayid loses then introduces himself as one of the Oceanic 6. This rattles the man and he tries to get in his cart and drive away. Unfortunately for him, Sayid has an agenda and, if you've ever seen the show, Sayid with an agenda is a bad thing for anyone else. He shoots the guy in the head and calmly walks away with his clubs.

We next see Sayid introduce himself to a cute blonde in a coffee shop in Germany. We learn quite quickly that he isn't after her, but her billionaire boss. Look out billionaire boss.

Meanwhile, on the island, Sayid makes a deal with the 'rescuers' that if he gets back their missing girl, he gets a ride to the freighter boat. Everyone agrees and he, Kate and Asian psychic guy head out to find Locke's crew. They head to Dharma's old village where they find Hurley tied up in a closet. Some snooping around by Sayid uncovers a hidden room in Ben's bedroom. In there are mulitple passports, money of varying currency and more questions than ever.

Kate was snooping around when Sawyer popped in. Yep, it was a trap. That wily Locke used Hurley as bait! He so smaht! Anyway, while Kate and Sawyer get all chummy and lovey dovey again, Sayid makes a deal with Locke to get the girl back and trades the Asian psychic dude to do so. Guess his abilities failed him on this trip, eh? Sayid brings the girl back and he, Desmond and dead Naomi (who I suspect isn't DEAD dead) head off to the freighter.

Back to the future, hitman Sayid is still wooing blonde chick when she finally gets paged by billionaire boss. Sayid in a fit of guilt (idiot!) tells the girl not to go see him because 'there will be questions'. Chicky surprises Sayid by fucking shooting him! Happy Valentine's Day! But not to kill him, to question him! Turns out she was using him, too. Such a shame. Sayid, of course, manages to kill her first then limps his way to a vet clinic where a strange voice helps patch him up. Turns out the guy helping him out is BEN!!! Yeah, that same Ben Sayid swore he would never trust!!

But the biggest revelation (like that's not enough?) wasn't that Ben and Sayid were working together, but they were working to assassinate some as yet unknown group of people. As Sayid tells blonde chick about her boss 'He's on a list'. Plus Ben let's fall this line 'Do you want to protect your friends?' which implies he's getting to the group before they get to the survivors or the Oceanic 6. And finally, when Sayid tells Ben 'They know about me now' he replies, with his usual dramatic pause 'Good!'

What We Learned:

- Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6, obviously. This adds him to Kate, Jack, Hurley so there are two more we don't know about, yet.

- Apparently, whatever is happening with the island and the survivors involves a group of very, VERY rich people. The guy on the golf course, it is assumed, has bunches of money, as well. Sayid says to him about the privacy something about the high prices of the membership.

- More disturbingly, there is some sort of time rift thing going on with the island and the rest of the real world. Physics guy did an experiment with one of the girls on the boat. He sets up a beaconing system and the girl on the boat launches 'the package' to land by the beacon. Only the package doesn't show up, even though the girl is counting down the kilometers. 'Zero kilometers', to which he responds, 'I don't have it'. Later on the package comes falling from the sky and lands next to the beacon. The timers on both are (I think) 33 minutes apart. To this physics guy says 'Not good'.

- There is a specific heading any boat, helicopter, plane needs to take in order to get back to the real world. We suspected this when Ben gave Michael the boat, but it was confirmed last night.

- Ben survives all of this shit.

- Asian psychic guy can't foresee the future. Guess he can only deal with dead people. Shame.

- Jacob's cabin is on wheels (most likely four wheel drive considering the terrain on the island). When Locke takes his crew to where he thought it was, it's gone.

New Questions:

- Is Ben a good guy or a bad guy? While it's infuriating to watch him mentally play the survivors and fun to watch them beat the crap out of him, could he really be protecting them all?

- What is the deal with the island?

- Was the plane discovered in the Indian Ocean planted? Seems to be likely since the people behind it are LOADED with money.

- If the plane was planted, why? What purpose did that serve? Are they trying to keep the island from being discovered at all costs?

- Is that 33 minute time delay the reason no babies can be born on the island?

- What is with the bracelets on blonde chick in Germany and Naomi? Do they indicate the group they work for?

- What is Sayid 'protecting' his friends from? Personally, I think he just likes killing people.

That's all I got. I'm sure I missed some new possibilites, but I'm so tired I can't think of them right now.

Until next week....

Today's distraction: Play some Avoid. Easy enough that you could kill half a day playing this. This is also a tribute to 'Lost' writers who are avoiding telling us anything useful. Bastards.

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I am not a Lost watcher, but Clemens SUCKS!