Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost - Part 4

I'll fill everyone in on my flu ridden, paint drenched 'vacation' next week. Today, let's get caught up on another stellar episode of 'Lost'. Let me say that this 'flash forward' idea is pure genius.

Same routine, I'll be giving away some surprises so look away if you haven't watched or just don't care.


What Happened: Kate was the focus of this episode, which immediately makes it my favorite of the year. She's hot. Even in prison garb.

Anyway, she alternately puts Sawyer in his place, uses him to trick Locke, and cuddles up to him all in the same day. Sawyer, to his credit, doesn't seem to care as long as she's honest with him. 'If you want to use me, be a woman and say so'. Although, the biggest credibility gap this season happened when Kate and Sawyer did NOT have sex after she threw herself at him in his own bed. Yeah, right. Sawyer would never let that happen.

We also learn that Kate is one of the Oceanic Six. Wifey threw me the curve ball that we couldn't include Kate because she was wanted and could have snuck back into the real world. She was on trial for her past 'transgressions' which include fraud, murder and making every other woman in the same room with her seem ugly. Jack is actually a surprise witness in Kate's trial and claims, under oath, that he is no longer in love with her. Well DAMN, Kate's expression says.

Meanwhile, psychic Asian dude finally confronts Ben only to extort him by saying he will tell the man he's working for that Ben is dead for 3.2 million dollars. Ben, always playing people says 'Why 3.2, why not 3.3 or 3.4?' to which PAD replies 'Don't treat me like one of them, like I don't know who you are!' By 'one of them' I can only assume he was referring to us viewers. Bastard!

Locke, finally getting his balls and smarts back this season, had enough and decided that PAD needed some taming. He tied him back up in the boat house (how did Kate know where the boat house was?), put a grenade in his mouth and told him to stop talking. 'We need to be reminded there are consequences'. Loved that!

One of the big (but not the biggest) revelation was Kate had a child. It was implied that he was the 'he' she was referring to in last season's finale ('He's going to wonder where I am?'), but that could change, too. It was also implied that Jack wanted nothing to do with said child because it was Sawyers' but NOOOOO! Turns out the child isn't really Kate's at all, but Claire's. That's right. It's Aaron!

What We Learned:

- Aaron gets off the island.

- Kate is still a conniving, conning vixen

- Jack has a complete story invented for the public. Only 8 people survived the crash with only 6 surviving their time on the island. As Kate says 'I've heard you tell that story so many times I wonder if you actually believe it'.

- Jack and Kate appear to be one of those couples that will just never happen.

- Hurley watched 'Scooby Doo' on a regular basis.

- PAD has some serious ethics issues. More confirmed than learned.

- Even Ben can be confused, as when he was confronted with PAD's offer. Welcome to our world, Ben.

- Helicopter has disappeared. You know the one that had Sayid and Desmond on it? Yeah, never arrived at the boat. Or so they say. Tough to tell what to make of the people on the boat.

New Questions:

- If Aaron gets off the island, what the hell happened to Claire?

- Why does Jack not want to see Aaron? Did something happen that he had to leave Claire behind? Is Claire dead?

- Why is PAD extorting Ben? And why 3.2 million dollars? Why, indeed, Ben?

- I was going to ask how Kate kept her figure after giving birth, but that answered itself.

- What are the real intentions of the boat people? We may as well put this in the ongoing question pile. Right next to 'WTF is going on?'

- What was card guessing game between Charlotte and Physics Dude? He correctly guessed two out of three. Is there a way to train people to become psychic?

- Why is Jack spoon feeding this 'only 8 survivors' story to the general public?

- When is Charlie going to come back and haunt Hurley? That was fun!

- What happened to the helicopter? Looks like we'll find this out next week!!

Today's distraction: Nothing today. I am still on vacation, after all.

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