Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost - Part 5

I'm sick as a dog, just so everyone knows. Finally couldn't fight off the family flu, although I did put up a gallant fight. Usually I'm fine with a cold or flu, but this one comes with a cough that feels like someone stabbing you repeatedly in the lungs. Fun!

Another stellar episode of Lost last night. Same routine, if you haven't watched it yet, look away...


What Happened: Let's see. It appears time travel is possible, but only in your head. Desmond, having traveled from the island to the freighter had a bout of...shall we say...displacement. While passing through a storm cloud he opened his eyes and found himself at boot camp. During his pushup punishment he suddenly found himself back on the boat with zero memory of where he was or what was going on.

And so it went. Desmond flashing back and forth. Between 1996 and 2004. Like a cosmic yo-yo.

Fortunately, the island happens to have a physicist/time travel/worm hole expert on it. One Daniel Faraday tells Desmond that when he gets back to 1996 he needs to look him up tell him to set the something something to something and something. Desmond tracks down 1996 Faraday and gets him to set the gizmo to the settings 2004 Faraday gave him. Low and behold the mouse they test travels ahead in time (in his head only) and manages to navigate a maze he never was in before. Wow.

There's a catch, however. If Desmond can't stop the bouncing back and forth in time his brain with 'short circuit' and he'll basically seize up, go blank and no more Desmond. That would be a shame. 1996 Faraday tells Desmond that he could probably stop it by finding a 'constant' in each time frame. This of course means Penny.

So 1996 Desmond convinces 1996 Penny to keep her same phone number and be ready for a call on Christmas Eve 2004. In the meantime, Sayid and Desmond and Fisher Stevens (did you know he was married to Michelle Pfeiffer for a while? I still can't get over that) sneak around the freighter, get a phone working, Fisher Stevens gets a nose bleed and shorts out, and Desmond finally - FINALLY - gets in touch with Penny, who, while sitting for years waiting for this call sure took her time picking up.

What We Learned: Not a whole lot, really. Other than Desmond really can bounce back and forth through time as was suggested last season. It wasn't his imagination after all. Faraday, for his part, appears to be one smart MOFO and really should have cut his hair in 1996.

On the island Faraday gave Jack and Juliette some info about the quirks of leaving the island. Although, once again not nearly enough was said.

New Questions: Not many, but a few.

- What's the deal with the crew on the freight boat? They come off all friendly, but in an ominous, 'we don't want to hurt you, but we will' kind of way. They friendlies or other?

- Who the hell is running their operation?

- Have we met the man Ben has on the boat? Is he the same one who unlocked the door for them? I assume it was the pilot, but who knows. I'm still waiting for Michael to show his face. Don't be surprised if he's on the boat.

- Is Penny's father part of the billionaire group behind the fake Oceanic plane? Seems so, but we all know how things 'seem' to be on Lost.

- How, exactly, did the helicopter make it through that storm?

- What happened to the other guy that tried to get to the island? Did they say and I just miss it?

I miss anything? Probably since I was in a feverish state watching this.

Until next week!

Today's distraction: The 15 biggest screw ups in Internet history! Keep close tabs on 5 and 6, by the way and don't get too comfortable with this space.


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