Monday, February 25, 2008

Vacation Relation

I'm back in the saddle this morning and feeling every minute of sleep I lost from getting up early. I quickly got into the routine of sleeping until 8:30 every morning. The boys now get themselves out of bed and go downstairs to play by themselves. When they get hungry one of them will come up and rouse me. They basically just use me to feed them or referee arguments about who had which toy first.

I'm totally fine with that.

Since I'm still catching up with emails and voice mails and work related crap, I only have time for a quick rundown of my week off.

Things started off with my semi annual dental cleaning. Great way to kick things off! I had high hopes when an petite, adorable brunette introduced herself, walked me to an office and proceeded to completely maul my mouth. I have never been in so much pain after a cleaning in my life. She actually had her elbow on my shoulder at one point as if I were going to try a last minute escape. Maybe I resembled an ex-boyfriend and she was taking out some unresolved rage on my teeth and gums. Bitch!

Events didn't get much better from that point on. Seven year old caught the flu which went to wifey. Only two year old and myself escaped (so far). Although I think the youngest had it first two weeks ago and it just glanced through him. Kids are strange when it comes to colds and flus. They have a few bad hours or one bad night and are back to normal in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, they pass it along to the adults who spends days fighting it off.

The lesson? Don't have kids unless they have super human powers of immunity.

Still, the week wasn't a total loss. Below are the projects I completed.

- Painted bedroom (more on this below)

- grew goatee (which I somewhat screwed up shaving this morning)

- filed taxes (H&R Block online is great!)

- fixed bathroom tub (major blockage that was totally disgusting)

- fixed and cleaned furnace (the heat kept shutting off in the middle of the night)

- Watched boatload of movies (reviews coming later)

- Succeeded in not killing my wife

This last one was a major victory. I spent all Saturday painting the ceiling and prepping, patching, sanding and cutting in the bedroom walls with the new color. Keeping in mind the original bedroom color was white and we were going to a light chocolate color, the first coat doesn't always look right. So I spend all day busting my ass and while we're getting ready for bed she looks around and says 'You know, I really don't like this color'.


Fortunately, I am the master at letting wifey vent, pretending to listen, then going ahead with what I want to do anyway. I told her we'd talk about it in the morning, then convinced her things would look better with the second coat. They did, she loves it, and I totally rock! Plus I just reminded myself that my wife is insane and she was the one that picked out the color. Freakin' whacko!

Since nothing much happened that needs recounting (or that I just can't remember what happened), here are some random thoughts from the past week.

- With Pettitte's press conference, it seems more and more likely Roger Clemens is a lying scumbag.

- Got to see the lunar eclipse from my back deck and I have to say it was damn cool. Tried taking pictures, but they never came out right.

- Speaking of cool, how impressive was the Navy blowing up that spy satellite? Considering they had to take into account the earth's rotation, the height of the seas they were on, whether it was high tide or low and missile speed and trajectory, I'm guessing there was some serious math involved.

- The NBA did some major renovations. Shaq and Kidd going West. Gasol making the Lakers a contender and baby Kobe less pouty (for now). But one thing bothers me. When I was fully into basketball mode (playing and watching) the All Star game was an event to schedule your day around. It was on national television in the late afternoon and was consistently one of the highest rated sporting events of the year. This year it was on TBS on Saturday night. I missed the entire freakin' thing cause I couldn't find it. This is progress?

- Hillary Clinton is going into full attack mode on Barack Obama. Anyone catch her tirade about pamphlets being mailed to voters in Ohio? Desperation doesn't become you, Hillary.

- What was with the NY Times article about McCain possibly having a potentially, but not really since we have no proof, sexual relationship with a lobbyist back in 2000? I tried reading it online, but it was basically a story about nothing. All anonymous sources, a lot of 'could have' or 'might have' with very little substantiation. Came off as having an axe to grind about McCain than an actual story.

Still, what would happen if this turned out to be true? Would his supporters care? Would the American public care? Have we had enough of politician's sex lives? Would McCain be forced to step down? If so, who would take over the Republican candidacy? Romney? Huckabee? Would the primaries have to be redone? Would they pick a name from a hat at the Republican Convention? Holy crap, what a scenario that would be.

OK, that's it for now. I need to get to work.

Today's distraction: Tips for planning a family vacation. These include the invaluable 'Figure out where you want to go' and 'figure out how you're going to get there'. Thank goodness this article was written, otherwise families would be trying to drive to the Bahamas or forgetting to pack clothes.

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