Monday, March 24, 2008

Bust My Bracket??!!

Last week's entry title really wasn't a dare.


Seriously? Davidson??!!

I have only myself to blame, of course. After day one I was leading my office pool (by a whopping 3 points, but still) and I went against my own vow. I told wifey that if things were going well in the pool I would wait until after March Madness to shave my goatee.

Unfortunately, Friday night it was driving me insane. It was time. I am now clean shaven and out $20. See, I had Georgetown going to the finals. Since they didn't even make the Sweet 16 you can say I'm out a crap load of points.


There is still a remote outside chance for me. I'm the only one in the office picking Texas to win the whole thing, so if they can pull that off I might come in second or third. If everything goes as I predict from this point on, I may even win the thing outright. Three of my Final Four are still alive and six of my Elite Eight.

Plus, I don't have it nearly as bad as three other folks in my office who had Georgetown winning the title. Too bad, so sad. Looking at the leaders, I'm still only six points off the pace and everyone ahead of me has either UNC, UCLA or Kansas winning it all. Considering how UCLA looked this past weekend, is anyone feeling comfortable with that now?

Other Madness thoughts:

- I was psyched when West Virginia beat Duke because I was convinced I had them as one of my Sweet 16 picks. Once the game was over I went online and I had actually picked Duke. I hate when that happens. I'm sure I had some internal argument with myself that Duke was over rated and WV was under rated, but I just couldn't pick the under dog. Damn me!

- Villanova was my other upset 16 pick, so I look like a friggin' genius there. Well, if you ignore the whole Georgetown thing. Let's ignore that, shall we?

- My other one was Marquette who should have beat Stanford Friday night. What a let down. They had plenty of time on the clock at the end of regulation and wound up heaving a three pointer with 7-8 seconds left on the clock. They got the rebound, but whoever snagged it thought there was less time than there was and rushed a short shot. They played with such poise and confidence all game, it was frustrating to see them melt down at the worst possible time.

- To top if off, Texas now must play Stanford this weekend. That is not a good matchup for the Longhorns. I am officially very worried.

- Michigan State is the bane of my existence. For three years running, they have fucked me over. Next year, just pencil them into the Sweet 16 and be done with it. Doesn't matter who they play.

- What's going on with Duke? They've insisted on building their team around three point shooting and it just hasn't worked. Is Coach K going to recruit any big boys or what? What's frustrating about teams like Duke is how they can catch fire and get to the Final Four or they could flame out like they've done the past two years.

Best game of the tournament, so far: Marquette - Stanford. Back and forth all game long. Marquette nailing some long range threes and Stanford pounding it inside. Two teams trying to win with two different styles and it all came down to the final shot. Amazing shot by Lopez to win it, too. He was nearly behind the backboard when he released the ball.

Best shot of the tournament, so far: Western Kentucky's Ty Rogers for three, with three guys in his face, for the win - NET! Bye bye, San Diego.

Biggest Shocker: Davidson over Georgetown.

Runner Up: San Diego over UConn. I watched the second half of this game and UConn was a step slow all game. They played atrocious defense and didn't really seem to be playing very hard. Maybe they were just off or tired from traveling or they were all sick, but if this were any other coach there would (and should) be questions about the players quitting on him.

Best In Game Comment: Duke - West Virginia game. Duke had just scored with less than two minutes left to cut it to a five or six point lead. One of the commentators says 'We're going to see a great program make a stand here!' The implication being that Duke is a great program and West Virginia doesn't deserve to be on the same court with them. Three seconds later, Duke completely botches the defense of a simple screen play. The result is an easy layup to put the game out of reach. Great program indeed.

Quick note: I'm heading to Atlanta for a business trip on Wednesday morning so don't expect many entries for the rest of the week. Good thing Lost is off for a bit.

Today's distraction: Some very cool Photoshopped images. The apple on is disturbing as hell.


Jim Hammen said...

I thought the best in-game comment was in the Duke-Belmont game. 4 seconds left, Belmont down 1, about to in-bound the ball, announcer's comment:

"Belmont really needs a bucket here."

Really?!!? You think?

BeachBum said...

yeah, sorry, I should have labeled that topic 'Best Game I Watched'. I missed the Duke-Belmont game, unfortunately.

Announcers can be so silly....