Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fight the Power

Work, generally speaking, sucks. I don’t know too many people that look forward to struggling out of bed at 6:30 in the morning, readying themselves for another day at the office, then fighting off the lunacy of coworkers and/or bosses. There are a few, but they tend to be misfits despised by everyone else in their tiny social circle.

Or, more likely, they have been blessed by being successful at doing something they love. I consider myself lucky at getting paid fairly well for doing something I don't mind that much.

I must admit the extra two hours of sleep I got every morning during vacation made me a much more pleasant person. I know that’s hard to believe, considering my overwhelming generosity and spirit displayed here. Wouldn’t most of us rather stay in bed and sleep for another two hours, gradually waking, then leisurely have a breakfast with coffee and do whatever we wanted?

I guess that’s why mortgages were invented. To keep us coming into work and the cogs of productivity grinding. If we didn’t HAVE to work, our society would crumble. Or at the very least, revert to the system of bartering goods and services. Or something.

As much as I complain about my schedule and job, the truth is I have it rather easy. I’m basically my own boss, come and go as I please and just need to worry about the idiocy of others ruining the work day for everyone else. Fail safes have prevented too much chaos and the stupidity of certain coworkers is usually easily corrected.

That doesn’t mean I look forward to work. I much prefer the weekends regardless. My company’s collective ignorance, arrogance and questionable (often mind boggling) decision making drains my life force in minute, daily doses. Every day I learn something new that just makes me shake my head, laugh (otherwise cry), and wonder how some people can live with themselves.

But there are times when the collective animal that is our company gets things right. Last week was our local office ‘Awards Night’ and they nailed our Employee of the Year on the nose. For once. No, it wasn’t me….that’s funny in so many different ways I’m just going to pass on it.

It was a good friend of mine, though, who won this award and deservedly so. She is skilled and organized, smart and competent (it’s amazing how rarely these two combine), and poised and confident. More importantly, she makes things happen. Stunningly, she doesn’t do this by being the ‘Office Bitch’ or whining to the right people. She is pleasant and, especially for me, a soothing presence. Whenever I have something to complain about, she is the first one I vent to. 9 times out of 10 I feel better about everything. That tenth time, I’ve raised her blood pressure, but that’s just my demeanor rubbing off. Not her fault.

While this award does little to ease my troubled mind over the so called ‘plans’ our company has in store for 2008, it does make me feel better that deserving employees will get their due. Even if it is only once a year. Or once every other year.

She received a nice $250 dinner voucher from the company, of which I tried claiming a free lunch from, but she wasn’t biting. Like I said, she’s smart. Too smart for me.

Small praise indeed.

Today's distraction: Some quotes against work. I really like Faulkner's theory on why work life sucks. It's all because of other people and their willingness to spread their own misery. Bastards!


Jim Hammen said...

Hopefully your office awards were called the "Dundies."

BeachBum said...

Our office doesn't tolerate that kind of nonsense. Inflexible, humorless bastards.

Anonymous said...

Work does suck my friend. This was a good read. Good to know I am not the only one who feels like I am surrounded by frickin' idiots at work.