Friday, March 7, 2008

Lost - Part 6

Yeah, you know the drill.

If you haven't watched, then avert your eyes.

Look away! Look away!

Wait, two notes I missed last week. Did you catch that Penny's father was actually bidding on the log from the Black Rock; that boat with all the dynamite in the middle of the island?

Also, there is a great Lost blog run by Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly online and he has the pull to talk to producers from the show. Basically last week's episode was summed up this way: Desmond did not travel back in time, but rather his 1996 self traveled forward in time. That's why he didn't know who Sayid was or what was going on. Once his 1996 self found a constant, his 2004 brain basically reset itself with the new memories.

No idea what any of that means or why it's important he traveled forward in time and not back, but there you go.

OK, last night....

What Happened: Apparently they were making up for the Desmond time traveling episode from last week, because this was loaded with new information. Let's take this in parts.

Juliette's flashbacks showed up what happened between her and Goodwin. Turns out they had quite a fling, but they kept it secret because Juliette was afraid Ben would do something to Goodwin or not handle the affair well.

See, Ben has quite a thing for Juliette. A thing that looks a lot like psychotic jealousy. As Ben says to Juliette after sadistically bringing her to view Goodwin's decomposing body, 'You're mine!'

On the island, Faraday and Charlotte escape into the jungle and head for the Tempest. This seems to be the main power plant for the island and Juliette's old therapist (and Goodwin's wife and extremely creepy) shows up in the middle of the jungle to tell her she needs to kill both of them before they try to kill everyone. Jack joins the hunt, as well.

Kate, showing flashes of stupidity this year, runs into F&C on their way and is bright enough to turn her back on Charlotte while checking out their bag. She gets a nice big gash and concussion for her trouble. Jack helps Kate up and gets dumped by Juliette who beats them to the Tempest. Just as she's about to shoot Faraday, who tells her he's actually trying to SAVE everyone (save, kill, it all gets so confusing), she's blind sided by Charlotte who seems startling good at beating people up.

Anyway, they fight, Juliette gets her gun back and Charlotte basically dares her to shoot them 'if you really don't think Ben would gas every person on this island'. Yeah, she backs down because she's seen the cute side of Ben before.

Meanwhile, Ben is fucking with Locke's head again and manages to secure his freedom by not only divulging who is behind the people coming to rescue them, but who his man is on the boat. He shows Locke on tape that it's Penny's father, Mr. Charles Widmore, behind everything and he's actually looking for the island.

As for the man on the boat...well...Locke might just want to sit down for that piece of news.

What We Learned:

- Ben isn't always so conniving and cuddly and rational. In fact, we saw his deranged, psychotic side on full display.

- Widmore isn't trying to prevent the island from being found, he's trying to find it.

- Ben taped over the Sox 2004 game. What the hell?

- Locke is still as easily manipulated by Ben as ever. He does remember Ben shot him and left him for dead, right?

- Juliette has a thing for Jack.

- She's also afraid of what Ben will do when he discovers this crush.

- Juliette was a little hussy pre-Oceanic 815. Stealing Goodwin away from his therapist wife (who knew). She's even doing it with Jack and Kate. Home wrecker!

- Ben's safe combo is 36-15-28.

- Even though they now live in houses with beds and running water, Hurley and Sawyer still don't appear to shower and shave on a regular basis.

- The man on the boat is.....

New Questions:

- Who is the man on the boat? We still don't know although Locke supposedly does. I still think it's Michael.

- Why is Ben so obsessed with Juliette? 'You're mine!' was one of the creepiest things to come out of his mouth in a long time. And that's saying something.

- Is Ben telling the truth about Widmore? Is he really trying to find the island or is there something else going on?

- Does The Tempest station provide the camouflage for the island? Didn't the jungle therapist say something about it being the main power for the island?

- How the hell to the people appear and disappear in the jungle so easily? Jack and Juliette turn their backs and therapist/Goodwin's wife disappears. What gives?

- Where are the kids and other survivors Ben references from 'the list'? They must be around somewhere.

- Who made up this list? Are we still operating under the assumption Ben takes his orders from someone else?

- Is Locke really trusting Ben again or does he have a plan? Loved the reactions from Hurley and Sawyer and Ben's 'see you at dinner'. Great stuff.

- What's with Claire finally speaking up? This setting the stage for her heading back to Jack's group? Is there a bigger rebellion coming?

Trouble on the horizon for us Lost freaks. Only eight episodes have been filmed which means only two left before the emptiness begins. I've read the producers will be filming 5 or 6 more, but this will not be a full season. Still, so far this has been one of the best seasons. Definitely the best since the first.

One last thing.

Two of my most loyal readers have mentioned that I need to finish up the Therapy story and since I do whatever my readers demand, I'll be picking up that thread soon. Not sure how I'm going to wrap things up, but it will need at least three more sessions. This is still in the planning stages, but I've always had the general outline in my head, I just need to flesh it out.

Plus I need to reread things to get back in that mindset. I haven't thought about it since the last entry and need to brush up on the details.

Stay tuned.

Today's distraction: A friend of mine (and fellow Lost addict) sent me this link about Michael Faraday. She said she knew the name Faraday sounded familiar and finally looked it up. Very interesting stuff and it just shows that Lost writers may be the smartest in television history. Which probably means I will never understand the final explanation about what's going on.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Solid lost post, I'm with you on the man on the boat being Michael. Didn't the therapist lady mention that juliette was "just like her" in reference to Ben. Maybe Ben had a woman before juliette got on the island, which might explain is obsession with her.

BeachBum said...

Yeah, I forgot about that. That's one of the few irritations about the show is that Juliette should have asked 'Just like who?' like any normal person. Instead she just brushed it off leaving us to try and figure out what the hell that just meant.