Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost - Part 7

For those outside and looking in to the Lost experience, the show may simply appear to be one gigantic puzzle that viewers are trying to piece together. We create theories, argue about numbers and their relevance, try to outguess the writers at every turn, and debate the merits of murdering Ben in cold blood.

They would be correct, of course, but the real reason we tune in again and again to have our minds blown is because we legitimately care about the characters. Some we hate, some we love, some we still haven’t made our minds up about, yet, but they are all human characters. People we enjoy spending time with and want to see get off this bizarre island. Well, except Locke, who should stay.

We are emotionally invested in these people. Simple as that. We want to see them over come their limitations, get past the trauma of childhood, become better people. Yes, even Sawyer who is much more entertaining as an uncaring tough guy.

Last night’s episode reminded viewers of this in a rather cruel, thunderclap of an ending.

Avoid the rest if you haven’t watched. If you have, my condolences. Not an easy episode to get over.

What Happened: Let’s break this into parts, because there is much to cover.

The Freighter – Sayid and Desmond find that the boat isn't any more stable than the island. Both watch as a female crew member laden down with chains walks to the edge and jumps into the sea. Bye, nice cameo, no named actress. They are both taken aback when the rest of the crew passively watches her sink to her death.

They also meet the captain, at long last, after receiving the least cryptic note ever ‘Don’t trust the captain’. However, the captain turns out to be one of the most forthcoming characters in ‘Lost’ history. Actually telling Desmond and Sayid that Charles Widmore is the man behind the project and showing them what’s supposedly the Black Box from Oceanic 815. As he disturbingly says ‘How many resources are needed to plant a fake plane and where do you find 320 dead bodies?’

As for the suicide, he calmly explains that his crew is experiencing a rather extreme case of cabin fever. We saw the woman before, reading her book upside down and being rather testy. Captain thinks it has to do with being close to the island, but they can’t move further away because someone has screwed with the engines.

Which leads us to the least surprising twist Lost has ever given us. The revelation that Michael is indeed the spy on the freighter. He’s a janitor going by Kevin Johnson (didn’t he play for the Phoenix Suns?) and Sayid and Desmond played it off like they never met before.

Sun/Jin Mind Fuck – Once again Lost plays us against our own expectations. We see Sun and Jin on the island deciding to join Locke’s band of misfit toys. Sun has decided she doesn’t trust Daniel or Charlotte and heads off with Jin to Locke’s camp. Juliette, desperate to stop her and pulling one of the all time bitch moves in television history, tells Jin that Sun had an affair and she wasn’t sure the baby was his.

Yeah, that would do it. Jin storms off to…um….go fishing? Just what I would do. Bernard, in a rare appearance joins him and, in a Buddhist type conversation convinces Jin he should forgive Sun because ‘it’s the right thing to do’. Bernard was talking about Rose, but still.

Juliette for her part explains that Sun needs to get off this island at all costs or she and her baby will die a horrible, gasping death. Worst beach day ever.

Sun, it turns out does leave the island. We know because her flashforwards show her in labor and the birth of her daughter. Indeed. There are complications and we’re given the impression that things are going badly, but both mother and daughter are just fine.

As for Jin, he’s running around trying to get to the hospital and having a heck of a time. He loses a giant panda when it takes off with another guy in a cab (did that guy that took the cab not find it strange there was a gigantic stuffed panda sitting next to him?), then his cell phone gets run over and he over pays for a replacement panda. Finally, he gets to the hospital.

BUT WAIT, he isn’t there for Sun. He’s there to give the panda as a gift to some ambassador, who’s daughter just gave birth to a son. It’s a gift meant to grease the wheels for some future deal. Here I’m actually angry because I think Jin has slipped back into his business only mode after getting back from the island.

BUT WAIT AGAIN! Turns out this isn’t a flashforward at all. It’s a flashback and they are showing Jin only two months into his marriage with Sun.

So what gives, you may ask? Us too. Flashforward to Hurley showing up at Sun’s door to visit the newborn (again, Hurley seems to connect everyone together, no?). While there he says ‘Guess we should go visit Jin’. And they do.

At his fucking grave!!!


Here is where Lost earns it’s loyalty. Not with the twist (which is traumatic for me, since Jin is one of my favorites and the most rational person on the island), but the very emotional scene of Sun talking to her dead husband and introducing his daughter to him. One of the best, most heart wrenching, depressing scenes of the show.

Oh, and it ends on that. Thanks for watching. Anyone else think the girl jumping into the ocean loaded with chains was onto something?

What We Learned:

- Sun is one of the Oceanic Six. That makes Sayid, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun and.....Aaron? Not sure I would include him, but that could be six. Or it could be five.

- Michael is Ben's spy.

- Hurley doesn't clean up well off the island, either.

- Captain could become one of my favorite characters if he keeps with the straight talk. Sort of refreshing after all the island characters talking in code half the time.

- Sun and her daughter live!

- Hurley either gets out of the mental hospital at some point or when we see him at Sun's he hasn't been committed with Charlie-itis, yet.

- The boat is not immune to the psychosis of the island. Pity.

- Juliette has a major mean streak.

- Neither Ben nor Michael are very good at coming up with convincing fake names. I mean Kevin Johnson. That's the best they could do?

- Oh, yeah, Jin dies!

New Questions:

- Do we consider Jin one of the Oceanic Six? Did he die after coming home?

- Is Jin really dead? As one of my friends said, why would Sun go to the trouble of having a fake head stone if he weren't? My argument - maybe it's all part of the cover up and he had to stay on the island for some reason.

- What's with the banging on the boat? Both Desmond and Sayid hear it. Is there a prisoner on the boat?

- What's with the gory bloodstain in the room? Suicide or something else?

- How the hell did Michael get back to the free world and still have time to incorporate himself into the freighter's crew?

- Where is Walt?

- Why would Michael voluntarily spy for Ben? My guess - he wouldn't and Walt is being held captive again. Which means Ben is a lying, back stabbing piece of shit. But we already knew that.

- Why are we not supposed to trust the captain? Seems to be the only straight shooter in this entire universe.

- If Widmore didn't plant that fake Oceanic 815 with the dead bodies than who did? And how was that even possible? I always figured him to be behind that since he's the richest guy we've met, but it's becoming more apparent he may be just as clueless as we are and is looking for the island, not trying to keep it hidden.

- Is the captain really as forthcoming as he seems or is he just throwing B.S at our island friends?

- Why are some people driven insane by the island and others not?

- How long has the freighter been off the coast of the island?

- What the hell happened to Jin???!!!!! AAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Only one episode left before the withdrawal starts. I suggest running Lost from the very first episode to let the rest of the world become addicted like me. It's such a great idea, it will never happen.

Today's distraction: As a tribute to the unsolved mysteries of Lost, here are the top 20 unsolved mysteries of man. Everyone enjoy their weekends!


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Great post again. I have written a couple about lost but not to the extent you go to. Anyway I was wondering about Jin as well. I had predicted that both he and sun get off, but nothing after that. I read in the sun times that "we meet the sixth," of the oceanic six the day the episode aired, so does aaron count, did jin die off the island? I have no clue, but 1 more episode makes me sad. Again good post.

BeachBum said...

I read in one of the Lost forums (I don't read any until I finish mine) that Jin's gravestone had the date of the plane crash as his time of death. Does this mean he is still alive, but on the island? Did Sun just keep that date for some reason?

Also, had an interesting take on the suicide girl on the freighter: she was the RG that gave Naomi her bracelet and that they were lovers. Therefore the suicide wasn't just 'cabin fever' but depression on losing her soul mate.

Again, just theories, but it seems like every minor detail (including the books people are reading) has some hidden meaning.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I try not to read too much into the show. I do read the article every week, but other than that there is just too much info/speculation on the show that I try to steer clear of.

BeachBum said...

I'm the same way. I only read ew because he catches things I miss (like the Naomi connection).

lucy said...

is jin really dead though, since the date on his grave is the date of the oceanic crash. could he not be part of this elaborate "story" the oceanic six have made up?

jin says to sun, in this episode, that he would do anything to protect her and the baby - would he not sacrifice himself (i.e. stay behind on the island) if it meant she could go back, and both her and baby could live?

lucy said...

speculation about the dead bodies: when we see locke fall into the pit of dead dharmas it really does seem like *not* enough bodies for all the people who lived in that community. could ben not have lifted a plane's worth and faked the crash?

BeachBum said...

Oooo, good point, Lucy. The problem is where they get the extra plane? And how do they plant it?

My issue is with the identifying the bodies themselves. Wouldn't the authorities try to positively id most of the passengers? And if so, would they not realize these aren't the people that were supposed to be on the plane?

Or are they?

Da Da DUM!!!!

Jonathan said...

Just found your blog Thanks to Kos...Well done, Good work, I look forward to reading from this point on, I came for the Lost stuff, but stayed for the bball talk...Well done sir.