Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost - Part 8

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is we finally found out what happened to Michael and Walt after they got off the island.

The bad news is we are officially in a Lost lull. No new episodes until April 24th (if we are to believe last night's post show trailer). Stupid writer's strike!

Off we go. Don't read further if you haven't watched yet.

What Happened: This was mostly a Michael episode. Sayid and Desmond managed to corner him on the freighter and he told his story.

It seems that our old, treacherous friend Mike had a severe case of survivor's guilt. Or in his case 'murdering Ana Lucia and Libby in cold blood' guilt. When we first meet him post island, he looks like his usual harried self. That is until he posts a note to his chest and drives his car into the side of a freight container on a dock. That crazy Michael. Always up to something.

This lame suicide attempt doesn't take of course. In fact, he heals rather quickly and visits his mother, who won't even let him into her house. 'He's my son', he pleads to her. Apparently he hasn't told her about his adventures on an invisible island or that he gunned down two hotties on said island. He has, however, told her that he and Walt are considered dead and she is not to tell anyone they are alive. After refusing him, he looks up and sees Walt in a window. Walt (in a suspiciously quick glimpse - is he 21 yet?) turns away from his father.

Well, that's it. Mike ain't fooling around anymore. He hocks the watch Jin gave him (did anyone else completely forget that?) for a gun and some bullets, which the kindly, rational pawn shop owner agrees to (what kind of small business owner is that dude?) and heads for a back alley to wipe himself of the earth.

Only he's interrupted by....wait for it.....Tom. At least I think that was his name. The bearded Other! 'You don't think we would let you leave the island and not keep tabs on you, do you?' Tom is full of useful information like 'You can't kill yourself. The island won't let you' and how to disarm a man in 3 seconds if he tries to shoot you. Of the two, I'm more dubious he could pull off the latter one. He isn't exactly in top shape unless you consider round a top shape.

Tom tells Michael that they need his help and he has a chance to redeem himself yadda yadda yadda. Mike goes back to his apartment to kill himself in privacy, but the gun doesn't go off. He checks and sure enough it's fully loaded. He tries again, but this is when the news report comes on about the discovery of Oceanic 815. Let's just say his interest is piqued.

He goes to find Tom in his swanky, yet oh so gay, penthouse suite (anyone remember last season's 'Don't worry, Kate, you're not my type' line?). Here Michael is told that it is Charles Widmore that has planted the plane and has stolen the 320 bodies from Korean graves. See, Widmore wants the island to himself and will kill everyone on the island once he finds it. Michael is to get on the freighter and pose as Kevin Johnson. 'I am not going back to that island!' says Mike. 'You don't understand,' Tom says, 'we don't want you to go back to the island. We want you to kill everyone on the boat'. Or something like that.

Michael agrees, flies to Fiji, gets on board and has moments of doubts. These doubts are erased rather quickly when he sees crew members shooting skeet with an automatic rifle. He goes to his room, opens a crate that had been shipped to him and proceeds to arm a bomb in the engine room. Of course, just as he's about to, Libby comes out of nowhere to tell him 'Don't Michael!' She's weird and creepy.

He doesn't listen to the chick he killed (let's face it, who would?), detonates the bomb and is greeted with a 'NOT YET' message. That clever Ben. I bet he's awesome at MouseTrap. Anyway, as Michael is wondering just what the holy hell is going on he gets a call from Walt. He runs up only to find it's really Ben calling from his secret under ground lair. 'I don't kill innocent people, Michael' which we all know is bullshit. 'What about Libby and Ana Lucia,' Mike shoots back. 'You killed them, Michael. We never asked you to do that'.

Oh, SNAP! Back at ya, Michael! Bastard! At this point Michael agrees to disable the engine and radio, then proceeds to cry like the little bitch he is. Ben is satisfied and smug and goes back to creeping out Juliette. We don't actually see this, but I know that's what happened. I'll bet he made her another ham.

So, that's pretty much it for Michael. Sayid stares at him a bit before deciding to muck things up even more by turning him into the captain. 'This man is not who he says he is!' Hey, at this point in Lost, who is?

Meanwhile, the idiots on the island are still trusting Ben. Locke brings the rest of his camp up to speed about Psychic Asian Dude (I know, Miles, but I like my name better) and that if they allow them to take Ben, the rest of them will die. They know this because Ben told them. That same Ben that introduced himself as Henry Gale and has lied to them and tried to kill them on many, many, many occasions. PAD makes Locke and Sawyer (who really needs more air time this season) think by stating, 'Last week he was caged up and now he's having dinner with you'.

Ben also tells his daughter, Rousseau and his soon to be dead son-in-law to run to the Temple (where all the others are apparently hiding). When they are about halfway there soon to be dead son-in-law becomes dead 'guess you won't be marrying my daughter after all' ex-boyfriend. Rousseau then gets it before his daughter raises her hands in surrender and yells 'I'm Ben's daughter!!!' to whoever is shooting.

And scene. Until April 24th. Dammit!!

What We Learned:

- Michael confided in Walt what he did to free him from the Others. Walt, shall we say, didn't take it so well and now won't talk to Michael.

- The island has some super natural control over anyone who comes in contact with it. We sort of knew this already, but it was explicitly stated for the first time last night.

- Kate really wasn't Tom's type. Jack and Sawyer are, though.

- The captain on the freighter is having trouble controlling his crew. They all seem to want to get to the island as soon as possible.

- Sayid may be the smartest person on the show.

- Sayid may be the dumbest person on the show.

- Tom enjoys his time off the island.

- Libby is haunting Michael and might have a degree in nursing.

- PAD seems to be the only completely honest person on the island.

- Walt's an ungrateful, little brat.

New Questions and a Random Prediction:

- How do these Others keep showing up at the exact right moment? I mean, a back alley in New York City? Is there someone that knows what's going to happen before it happens?

- When Tom says to Michael 'the island won't let you', is he actually referring to Jacob? Does Jacob control the island and those that come in contact with it?

- Is Rousseau really dead? I think not. When they showed her body there was no blood and she's survived too long to be so quickly dispatched. We'll see her again.

- Did Ben set up his own daughter?

- Why are people still listening to Ben? Why hasn't someone just shot him in the head and be done with it? Sawyer was on the right track earlier this season. So close....

- What happens between now and when Sayid gets off the island that makes him start working for Ben?

- What are the intentions of the crew on the freighter?

- Is Charles Widmore really behind the fake Oceanic 815? Or are the Others manipulating Locke and Michael to protect themselves?

- Who was shooting at Rousseau and company?

- What the hell is the daughter's name again? Danielle?

- Why didn't Danielle's boyfriend just wear a shirt with a bulls eye on it? Way to move when the bullets started flying. 'Duh...why did my water bottle just explode?'

OK, my random prediction: The captain of the freighter already knows about Michael. No basis for this, I just got that feeling when Sayid brought Michael into his office. The look on the captain's face was anything but surprised. In fact, he seemed a little put out by the whole thing. Maybe he's just more concerned about a possible mutiny, but remember this: Ben always has a backup plan.


Today's distraction: Figure out Sawyer's nickname for yourself. Me? I'm Professor. Must admit, I like it!


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

My nickname is quicky, not sure if that's a good thing or not. I would have been really mad if this was the last episode of the season, but thankfully we will get a couple more.
good post as usual.

son pere said...

Great post, Beachbum! Since I missed last weeks episode, I eagerly anticipated this installment. Now, I'm up-to-date. I can't say I understand things, but I am up-to-date with what's happening. My "Sawyer" nickname is "SAND DAB" - how that came about, I don't have a clue! So, what else is new?

BeachBum said...

Sand Dab? No idea why, but that is hysterical. I'm thinking it's because it reminds me of a tropical island version of panty waste.