Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Fever

Our long national nightmare is nearly over.

No, sorry, I'm not talking about the Bush Presidency. I'm talking about winter. It is no more and I couldn't be happier about it. Very soon my favorite time of year will be in full swing. I can't friggin' wait!

While I'm getting antsy, here are a few random thoughts and follow ups.

Before I forget, here are some of my favorite things about spring:

- Spotting the first buds on the trees and the first flowers emerging from the ground.

- That first day over 70. Like the end of an ice age.

- No longer wearing a coat, hat, and gloves to work.

- Driving with the windows down.

- That first time someone in my neighborhood starts up the lawn mower.

- Smell of the ocean air once the wind currents start flowing from the south again.

- Watching the boys play outside. It's what I imagine bear cubs emerging from hibernation must be like.

- Smoking cigars on my back deck.

- Bare feet.

- Baseball season.

- Three letters: BBQ

- Remember the lovely couple from the Kansas trailer? You remember, the woman who was on a toilet for two years or so? Right, her. Her boyfriend has been charged with 'mistreatment of a dependent adult'. This basically means every married woman is on the hook if her husband winds up having to make his own dinner or clean the house because she's out partying with her friends.

- Could the 'Hi, I'm a Mac' commercials be affecting how people view Microsoft? Perhaps, but me thinks this slip has more to do with Microsoft pushing an over priced, ineffective, and counter productive operating system. I do like those ads, though, even if the Mac is dating Drew Barrymore. Talk about virtual reality.

- Anyone who lives over in Boston's Copley area will be thrilled to hear that the Copley Place owners are going to build a new 47 story building. This addition will include expanding the Neiman Marcus store by 53,000 feet and a bunch of new residential condos. Don't worry, current residents, it's not like you had that much parking or much of a view to begin with.

- If you haven't seen this trailer yet, take a moment and enjoy. I hope this is as funny as it looks.

- As a tribute to friends heading to Paris soon, the Eiffel Tower is adding a huge Kevlar constructed observation deck to help celebrate it's 120th anniversary. I really hope this is temporary because it ruins the effect.

- If you've read here for a while or French, you know we've both been preaching proper urinal etiquette. Well, it finally spilled over into the real world. Hopefully this will spur social change.

- The list of America's cleanest cities was published in Forbes this week and Miami is the big winner. This surprised me initially, then I remembered that this is the same population base that wears all white to Miami Heat home games (well, when they used to go to the games), so they are used to acting like Stepford wives. Here are the top 10: Miami, Seattle, Jacksonville, Orlando, Portland (Oregon), San Fran, Oklahoma City, Tampa, Minneapolis - St. Paul, San Jose.

- Since today is the opening day of March Madness, here is a great article from one of my favorite sites ( about the 6 people who ruin the office pool. My favorite is the guy that picks Duke every year.

- Speaking of which, I've signed up for CWTV again and am watching 2 games on 2 different computers in my office. I am March Madness central! Next year I'm buying two widescreen monitors and hooking them up on my walls. That would be kick ass!

That's all I got. Time to concentrate on my bracket. I've decided that if I'm doing badly the first weekend, I'm shaving my goatee off. If I'm doing well, I ain't changing a thing. Don't fuck with the mojo.

Today's distraction: A totally bizarre, but fun game that involves moving an Asian grandmother. Let's just say a catapult is involved.


Jim Hammen said...

'the guy who picks Duke every year'

Oh, you mean Dick Vitale.

BeachBum said...

Yeah, him. I loved the ESPN expert picks and nearly all of them have the four #1 seeds in the Final Four. Way to show your expertise and go out on a limb!