Monday, April 7, 2008

Game Night

Random thoughts and opinions from the game. I'm writing this as I'm watching so forgive the typos and mistakes.

The introduction for Memphis says something about the possibility of them making history with a win tonight. That sound familiar, Patriot fans? Tigers are doomed.

It's early in the first half and already this is living up to the hype. Back and forth. Kansas started off looking sloppy and sluggish, but they stabilized. Already Kansas' quick hands are wreaking havoc on Memphis' half court game.

Just saw a bizarre Burger King commercial that takes place in the future. The King is still involved and is even more creepy and intrusive because he floats and has no legs.

'Forgetting Sara Marshall' looks pretty damn funny. Of course, so did Will Farrell's Jackie Moon movie and I've heard from multiple people that it sucks.

The Bud Light roommate commercial is fantastic. College dorm life anyone?

One of the great things about March Madness is it's the one time of year wifey will leave me completely alone. She hates college basketball and has already gone to bed. Wait, time for another beer. Be right back.

I'm back. Wow, Rush just put on an ankle breaking move and made an easy layup. I can't see Memphis winning if he does that on a consistent basis. Lots of Memphis - Kansas players helping each other up so far. Quit that shit. This should be considered war.

Kansas is doing a great job finding the open man.

By the way, during the introduction I found out one of the Tigers is from Lynn, Mass. If Lynn weren't a city of absolute degenerates and thugs, I might consider rooting for Memphis. Nah, probably not.

The exact problem Memphis is going to have all night just happened. Chalmers and his lightning fast hands just took away a fast break opportunity and drove in for a layup. I also like how Kansas is using the pass to counter act Memphis' speed. Don't care how fast you are, you not out running a full length pass.

They just showed Roy Williams in the crowd. Do you think he's rooting for Kansas? Does Kansas want him rooting for them? Is his rooting for Kansas dooming the Jayhawks to a last second loss? Shouldn't he just leave the arena to be safe?

Man alive! A great pass from Chalmers to Kahn for a dunk followed by a three pointer by Memphis. This is chaotic brilliance!!

Heard before the game that Rose had some stomach ailment yesterday. Let's see if this affects him near the end of the game.

3:50 to go in the first half and it's tied at 28. Already loving this game.

Could Nike have picked a more annoying song for their 'My better is better than your better' commercial? I doubt it. I have to put the thing on mute every time it comes on. Love that Tomlinson is in this. During those training shots they should show him sitting on a bench with his helmet and dark visor on.

Gotta say, the biggest disappointment of this entire tournament has been the cheerleaders. Not very good looking from what I've seen on television. Kansas usually has some hotties, too.

Man, another killer move by Rush for a three point play. Kid is going to make a good NBA player. Talk about creating your own shot.

Applebee's 'Ultimate Trios' looks about as close to voluntary food poisoning as you can get.

Question: When Tiger Woods plays golf on the moon, how does the ball stay on the tee? Wouldn't it float away?

Halftime summary: Kansas 33 Memphis 28. The Tigers just went more than four minutes without a basket. Chalmers is all over the place, Collins is doing a lock down on Rose, the bigs for Kansas are causing all sorts of problems on the offensive end and Hammen is probably rocking back and forth while talking to himself.

Going to shower. Be back for second half.

Ahhh, I'm back. Nothing like a shower at the end of a work day to wash off the stink of incompetence. I'm a new man. Oh, just in time for a Roy Williams interview who is in the process of giving the Jayhawks the kiss of death. Way to go, Roy. Wasn't it enough to ruin your own team's championship dream?

Two things are about to open: The second half and my fourth beer.

Is this what Bobby Knight retired for? To play straight man to a Nazi Love Bug?

Anderson for Memphis makes a nice layup for a three point play. Know how I know that? Because they just replayed it four different times from four different angles.

There's about 16 minutes left. If Kansas is weary from the UNC game we should see it around the 8 or 9 minute mark.

Oh, look Memphis just missed two free throws. Just one would have tied the game. Hmmmm....

Douglas-Roberts is a stud. He can get his shot off and hit from nearly anywhere. Pure scorer.

Rose just scored on a layup for his first points of the second half. There are less than 12 minutes left. Not a good sign for Memphis. Don't worry Tiger fans, Roy Williams is rooting for Kansas.

There's eleven minutes left in the game and Billy Packer says 'I'm gonna start giving credit to the Kansas defense'. That's nice of you, Billy. Holding one of the most dynamic scorers in college basketball to one basket for nearly and entire half (first half through most of the second half) and you going to give the defenders credit. Oh, and look Chalmers stole the ball again. And now Rush scores on an easy layup. Is Memphis tired?

Shockingly, Memphis missed another free throw that would have tied the game. I'm sensing a trend. Whoops, three pointer by Rose and Memphis has the lead. The lesson? Start fouling.

I never read the Iron Man comic books, but the movie coming out looks awesome.

I really like those AT&T cell phone commercials. 'Hi, I'm Chuck's phone. He can't answer right now cause he's an idiot'.

Kansas is in the midst of the same thing they did against UNC - they're going away from what's been successful. Pound it inside!!

OH!! Fantastic move by Rose for a potential three point play. Kansas is playing scared right now. Wanna bet Rose misses the free throw? C'mon!!! Bet me!! If he misses I'll get another beer. DAMN! He made it. Fuck it, I'm getting another beer anyway.

4:18 left. Memphis 54 Kansas 49.

Killer three point prayer by Rose. Crushing is the only word. You think if CBS plays Roy Williams' interview backwards it will reverse things?

The officials have just changed Rose's shot to a two point shot. 3 minutes plus and Memphis is up five. This is getting good!!!

Kansas is starting to foul, which is a great move. Just do that all the time now. So, of course he hits both shots. Go figure. 1:54 remaining and Memphis up by seven. Hammen is getting his noose ready.

Holy shit!! Steal by Chalmers and a three pointer to get it down to four. Quick foul and let's see how they do now. First one.....good. Second one....good!! Man alive they are doing their thing.

Dorsey just makes a stupid ass foul. What the hell was that??!! And he fouled out!! How can college students be this stupid. Don't answer that.

Douglas-Roberts fouled again. He misses it. Four point lead with a minutes to go. Two point lead!!! AIEEEEEEEE!!!!

Timeout Memphis and no more writing until this thing is done. I'm on the edge of my seat here.

HOLY SHIT!!! Memphis misses free throws down the stretch and Chalmers hits a three pointer to force over time. Hammen, turn off the car and open the garage door. It's not over!!! Memphis is falling apart like a cardboard box in a rain storm.

Rush is easily the best finisher in the country. Great body control.

Am I the only one that doesn't get these Holiday Inn breakfast commercials?

Kansas has their mojo back after an alley oop and defensive stop. Great pass from Arthur for an easy layup. What a play!!! Kansas up 6 with a shade more than 2 minutes left. Great game!

Good Christ, now Douglas-Roberts hits a three to get the Tigers back into the game. Rush just hit a breakaway layup (after fucking it up. Who said he was one of the best finishers in the country?), but why didn't he just pull out and kill some time? Now there's 57 seconds left and it's only a three point game.

Now Memphis is fouling. Chalmers going to the line and he.....swishes the free throw. Kid is cool.

Now Collins slips and falls out of bounds!! What the hell else can happen in this game? Fortunately it didn't matter as Douglas-Roberts misses a three pointer. Now Collins is going to the line with a five point lead and 18 seconds left. Hits the first and hits the second. Game set match.

Congrats, Hammen!!!! Kansas is national champion and what a way to win it! Down 9 with two minutes left and they pull it out. Great game. Not normally a game lives up to expectations, but there you go.

Today's distraction: The complete list of men's division one NCAA champions. Check out the obscene records of UCLA during their historic run. They lost a total of 5 games between 1967 and 1973.


son pere said...

Great running commentary on last night's game, BB. I was watching until wifey came home, then we HAD TO switch it over to catch the end of "Dancing with the Stars". She hates sports on TV. Needless to say, I missed the rest of the game. Caught the final score this morning on the news. Damn! I missed a beauty. Thanks for bringing me up to speed.

BTW, French et moi will be going to the Sox game on April 30th - my eldest son scored a pair of tix for me at auction Sat. nite. Never managed to get there last year - watched almost every game on TV, though.

Thanks, again, for the terrific recap of last night's Championship Game. Congrats to Hammen - he's probably sleeping in this AM after that fantastic finish by KU.

Jim Hammen said...

Thanks for the congrats, Bowen, and solid work with the running commentary. You're pretty spot on with your description of me during the game. Everyone was laughing at me last night. If you just put a camera on me during a KU championship game and watched my reactions, it would make for pretty entertaining television.

Alas, I am not sleeping in today, gotta love tax season. After the downtown celebration, we went back to my buddies place and re-watched the game again, so I got ZERO sleep last night. Screw it.

BeachBum said...

Thanks! This was an incredible game. One of the more entertaining ones I can remember. The play that resulted in Chalmers hitting the three to tie it at the end of regulation was nearly botched two or three different times. Robinson almost lost the dribble then pushed it towards one of the Memphis players by accident.

Sadly, it reminded me of the Eli Manning 'helmet pass' against the Pats. The Tigers played things perfectly, nearly ended the game by shutting down the other team, then were undercut by a borderline miracle shot.

BeachBum said...

Hey, I'm not even a Jayhawk fan and I only got about 4 hours.

Anonymous said...

Wanna know how much of a douche I am? I went to bed during halftime ... I'm a loser. What can I say? I had to be up at 4:30.

BeachBum said...

We understand. You need your beauty sleep more than anyone.