Friday, April 25, 2008

Lost - Part 9

Let me just first say that this 10pm time slot is going to wreak havoc with my old man sleeping habits. I’m exhausted today. Man alive, what was wrong with 9pm? Can’t they push that piece of crap show that comes on before ‘Lost’ (I refuse to even utter it’s name) to 10 and leave the good show at 9? Am I really asking too much here?

Whatever, I’m just glad ‘Lost’ is back.

Same drill as before; if you haven’t watched it yet then look away.

Read no further.

Ready? Let’s roll!

What Happened: Well, Ben got his daughter killed for one thing. In a stunner even for Ben, he thought he could out negotiate a mercenary who had his daughter as a hostage. Instead the guy shot his daughter in the back of the head and calmly walked away. Bastard! Never thought I would feel bad for Ben, but this show never ceases to surprise. On the plus side, the mopey daughter is out of the way for the rest of the show.

Needless to say this unexpected turn of events got Ben in touch with his dark, angry side. He disappeared into his hidden hole in the wall, emerged a few minutes later all grimy and told everyone to get ready to run into the woods. Not 30 seconds later Smokey comes rumbling through camp and kicks the collective ass of all the soldiers hiding in the trees. That was cool, even if Locke took exception to Ben lying to him about knowing what the smoke monster was. Hurley spoke for all of us when he asked Ben ‘Did you call that thing?’

Yeah, Ben. What gives?

Well, not even he seems to know. He got Locke and Hurley signed up for a trek to go find Jacob, so they can all find out. As Ben said, ‘Jacob will know what to do next’. Think that answers the question of who’s really in charge.

But wait!! We’re not done with Ben, yet. We see him in a flash forward when he arrives in the middle of the Iraqi desert wearing a winter parka. He proceeds to beat some horsemen into the sand, then just happens to run across Sayid in the middle of a funeral procession. Sayid spots Ben, confronts him and we learn why they join forces.

More interesting is the exchange between future Ben and one Mr. Charles Widmore. Ben sneaks into his penthouse where we learn that the island initially belonged (if it can ‘belong’ to anyone) to Widmore and he’s just trying to take it back. Personally, the most interesting line of the season came from Widmore last night: ‘Everything you have you took from me!’

Things that make you go ‘Hmmmmmm’……

Oh, yeah, Ben makes some idle threat about killing Widmore’s daughter (who just happens to be Desmond’s Penny) since ‘you changed the rules’.

What else? Jack seems to be getting sick and he and Bernard tricked the boat people into revealing that they were never going to take the survivors off the island. Jack was none too happy about that.

We (meaning me and every guy watching this show) were treated to a near strip tease by Kate. That was fun. Some dead guy washed up on shore with his throat slit. Turns out he was the freighter’s doctor. Another dead guy from the boat.

Think I would take my chances with the island.

What We Learned:

How Ben and Sayid came to be a team.

That Sayid found and married Nadia only to have her get gunned down by one of Widmore’s men after returning from the island. We don’t see this, but we learn of it.

There is some MAJOR history between Ben and Widmore. In fact, there was some indication that they used to be colleagues, if not out right friends in their exchange last night. Very interesting!

Sawyer is going soft on us. First he risks life and limb to rescue Claire, then he calls her ‘sweetheart’, then he gets all big brother about Hurley. I like the rough and tumble Sawyer better. And not one wise ass nickname last night. What the hell?

Psychic Asian Dude is smarter than he initially seems. ‘I think I’ll stick with you guys’.

Ben can call – and possibly control – the smoke monster.

That Widmore’s team of mercenaries ain’t fooling around.

New Questions:

Can Ben time travel? Remember his reaction when he came to in the middle of the desert? Disoriented and sick and wearing inappropriate clothing. Reminded me of my college years.

Is there another way off the island? I’ve always suspected that there is a ‘back door’ to and from the island that only a few know about. Remember when Ben checked into the hotel, he was using a passport we already saw from that back room on the island. Maybe when he arrived in the desert he wasn’t suffering from the ill effects of time travel but of leaving the island.

What is the history between Ben and Widmore?

What are ‘the rules’ Ben mentions twice last night? Did this start out as some game between Ben and Widmore and has now escalated to a more dangerous and personal level?

Will Ben really try to kill Penny and is Sayid going to be his pawn?

What in holy hell is the smoke monster? That thing is one scary killing machine. But not always. Anyone remember that interaction between the monster and Mr Ekko? How it saw his entire life? Is that how Ben learns everything about people that land on the island?

Why, if the island has healing powers, is Jack getting sick? You telling me the island can cure cancer or make a paralyzed man walk, but it can’t help appendicitis? Random prediction that will turn out to be way off: Jack isn’t sick, but being poisoned by Juliette.

Is Rousseau really dead? I rewatched the part where she got shot and it does show a wound, but it’s near her side and hardly fatal. Random prediction that will turn out to be way off #2: We’ll see Rousseau again before the end of the season.

Why would the freighter send one of the worst liars in modern day history? The physics dude may be smart, but he can’t lie worth a damn.

And with that, my friends, we wrap up another episode. We’re one hour closer to either finding out what’s going on or banging our heads against a wall in frustration.

Until next week.

Today's distraction: A cool, fun game called Toon Crisis. I played this for about an hour yesterday when I should have been working. I refer to that as 'a weekday'.


Beach Bum said...

Stumbling around the net and discovered your site. But yeah, saw Lost last night and actually thought it funny in a way to see Sawyer getting all responsible and worried about Claire and Hugo. But I guess its suppose to mean that people change and grow. I also felt bad for Ben last night and have some concern that he might actually be on the side of "right" in protecting the island and its secrets.
I don't know what it is about Juliette but she could poison me anyday. Dear Lord that woman trips my switches.

BeachBum said...

well you have great taste in nicknames, so you're welcome here anytime.

I'd go with Kate personally.

son pere said...

I missed last weeks episode, so I was greatly looking forward to this blog entry. I just returned from a quick trip down to Florida (school vacation week), and I was in Georgia on Thursday night, and I was not able to find "Lost" on the Telly where I was. Anyway, I appreciate your synopses after each episode. I believe the reason why they changed the time slot for "LOST" is that they were hoping to get a larger audience for the show on before it (at 9:00), but I have to agree, I liked it a lot better when "LOST" was on at 9:00, as I, also, am an "old man"!

Hard to believe that there be two "Beach Bums" in this crazy world. I also vote for Kate!!

BeachBum said...

Glad to be of service. Don't forget you can watch any episodes you miss on

The preceding was not a paid promotional adverstisement.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

My favorite part of the whole episode was when Ben was playing the piano and then randomly busts out a shotgun. That sneeky little bastard.

BeachBum said...

Holy shit, I forgot about that. I loved Sawyer's reaction to that move.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

pretty sure I laughed my ass off during that part.