Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Trail Mix

I am pleased to announce that I received my first sunburn of the year this past Saturday. It was so friggin’ beautiful in Boston that the family and I spent all day outside. We were up and out of the house by 8:30 and didn’t come back in until 6 that evening. Just spectacular!! So spectacular that I used two exclamation points.

Among the chores we completed:

Raked and bagged leaves

Washed down deck

Cleaned out garage

Got deck furniture in place

But, my biggest project involved something I had been wanting for a while. A new grill!! (say it like the guy from ‘The Price is Right’ to get the full effect)

Our old grill was crumbling from the inside out and I really didn’t want to spend another year eating rust flavored turkey burgers. Home Depot just happened to have some grills on sale so we picked out the $200 one. It’s actually this one. Nice, huh? Want to know what the selling point was for me? It has a bottle opener built into it (on the left) and a retractable drink tray.

SWEET!! What can I say; I'm easy.

Unfortunately, is also came with approximately 1,342 different pieces that I had to put together. No fear, that job is done and I only spent about 3 hours getting it together. We haven’t christened it, yet, but that should be done tonight (weather permitting).

Onto other things.

Today is Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts which means three things:

1: The Boston Marathon will be run today. Not by me, who – after much consideration – has concluded that running a marathon is the equivalent of torturing yourself. Loss of toe nails, bleeding nipples, possible death by dehydration. That doesn’t sound like a sporting event, it sounds like a weekend visit to Saddam’s old torture palace. Good luck to everyone running today, but thanks anyway.

2: The Sox play a day game at Fenway. Considering last night’s come from behind win and that old friends Kason Gabbard and David Murphy (looking great so far this year) will be facing off against Buchholz, this promises to be a much more exciting event. Game time a bit after 11am. Liquid lunch a bit after noon. I hope.

3: This is the day where people dress up in Lexington and Concord and reenact the first battles of the American Revolution. Grown men play shoot ‘em up and actually take great pains to have certain people die in the exact spots (how they know I haven’t figured out, yet) they died in the original battle. Then they get up, applaud themselves and go to IHOP to celebrate. If only we had Waffle Houses around here.

Some other random thoughts for you consideration.

Hank Steinbrenner is at it again and I couldn’t be more happy. According to this blurb, Hank wants Joba Chamberlain to start and ‘so does everyone else’. We’re that much closer to a bunch of panic Yankee trades that will decimate their farm system and set them back 4 years. I can feel it in my bones.

I am officially scared of Dwight Howard in the playoffs. 25 points, 22 rebounds, 5 blocks. Yikes!

I missed most of the NBA Saturday day games (see: Sunburn, Head and Face) but did manage to catch the two over time periods of the Suns – Spurs game. Already this has the potential to be one of the best playoff series in history. Poor Suns. They defend the final play of the first OT to perfection, only to have Tim Duncan (TIM FREAKIN’ DUNCAN!!) hit a three pointer to tie it up. I can’t wait until Game 2.

Speaking of which, I was hoping the NBA would have fixed their ridiculous playoff scheduling, but NOOOOOO! The Celtics play Sunday night, then have off until Wednesday. What? The reason these playoffs drag on and on is because of all these off days. Have one day off between games, will ya? People lose interest if there is too much time between the games, Mr. Stern. If you want to have two days off, then do it during the travel days. At this rate the Finals will be dragging into August.

I watched some of the highlights of the Cavaliers – Wizards game and it sure looked like the refs were letting the Wizards beat the living snot out of LeBron. He even got chippy with Brendan Haywood near the end. My question is where are LeBron’s teammates? If he were on my team, I would be doing everything I could – including throwing cheap shots at anyone who touched him and risking ejection – to protect him. Didn’t seem like many of his teammates were rushing to his defense in that game. That better change if they want to get past this round.

Had to fill my truck up this past weekend and it cost me $54.32. Yes, that is a record. One I hope not to beat any time soon.

In what may be the first sign that our world is ending, the DC area was hit by two tornadoes and Southern Illinois suffered damage from an earth quake. If you were wondering, no, I wasn’t in the Glyndon United Methodist Church yesterday. Although it’s understandable you would think so.

I’m off. Someone just cooked something on my floor that smells fantastic. I’m on the hunt.

Today's distraction: Google's plan to take over the world looks to be right on schedule. Considering I'm riding the gravy train, there's not much more to be said.


Hammen said...

You don't get the day off today? It's Patriot's Day!

BeachBum said...

No. I guess I'm not considered much of a Patriot.

Maybe if I join those battle reenactments...

Anonymous said...

I like the grill. I am also in the market for a new one, and I immediately added a bottle opener to the short list of items I will require on a prospective purchase.

BeachBum said...

Cup holders, too. Don't forget cup holders.

Anonymous said...

True. Here is the short list of items I will require from a prospective grill-to-be:

-Bottle opener
-Cup holders
-Ability to make fire upon request
-Ability to cease making fire at my discretion

I'm out. That's all I want, and all I need.

Clayton Bigsby said...

I love that Hank is like George was back in the day. Shooting from the hip and calling reporters at all hours. I love when the Yankees are in disaray, if that's how you spell disaray.

son pere said...

I feel your pain, brother! I own a 1995 GMC Safari AWD 8 Passenger van with a 27 gallon tank. I try to never let it get down past 1/2 tank. Even at that, 1/2 tank costs over $50 to fill.

We just returned from a school vacation week trip to Florida to retrieve another guzzler I own, namely, a 38' diesel pusher motor home (this with a 90-gallon tank). The price of diesel on the way home averaged $4.13/gal, and I had to fill the tank 4 times in 1500 miles. Ouch!! And wifey wants to gat a BIGGER ONE!!! Yikes!!

Love the grill, BB. Nice touch with the bottle opener and "cup" holders(?)-might want to reconsider and call them beer can holders! I, too, am going to be looking for a new grill soon, as my Weber Genesis 500 is now about 10 years old. I've replaced the "guts" in it at least 3 times over those years, but now it's time to replace the whole enchilada.

(NOTE to Clayton Bigsby: it's spelled 'disarray')