Friday, May 9, 2008

Lost - Part 11

There are times with ‘Lost’ that a simple sentence can bring together years worth of storylines and speculation. A simple statement that makes certain things fall into place with a mentally audible *CLICK*.

Last night’s episode was one of those. At least for me.

We’ve always wondered what the strange connection was between Locke and the island. Well, now we know.


You know the drill by now.


What Happened: Let’s see. Locke’s life has been a pain in the ass since the moment he emerged from his bratty mother’s womb. Poor bastard. It seems he was an unwanted pregnancy and was born premature because Mother Princess decided to run away from home in a down pour and ran right into the path of an oncoming car. In yet another diss by karma, it appears Locke didn’t have much brain power to inherit. On the bright side he had a flaming bitch for a grandmother.

The connection to the island goes far beyond miraculously being healed from paralysis, too. Back when he was 6 or 7 years old he was drawing pictures of the smoke monster and had a visit from the ageless wonder, Richard. I can’t remember if that was his name on the island, too. Can anyone clear that up for me?

Locke also had a visit from the same dude that had some hand in organizing the ‘rescue’ crew to the island. Not Widmore, but that black dude from ‘The Wire’ that recruited PAD, Physics Dan and Dead Naomi. He, like Richard, also doesn’t age and – lest we forget – also paid a visit to Future Hurley in the mental hospital.

I should note that I’m writing this without having my morning coffee, yet. Pretty impressive, if I do say so.

Where was I?

So, Locke seems to have been recruited to come to the island since before he was out of diapers. He is also having dreams again. He meets some dude that appears to be spending eternity chopping down the same tree and never losing his gut while doing so. He tells Locke he needs to find him before he finds Jacob’s cabin.

(Bonus points if you know what movie that dead Dharma guy is from. Answer at the bottom)

Locke, Hurley and Ben all head to the ditch with all the dead Dharma people in it. In one of those deadpan funny moments the show has been sorely lacking this year Hurley asks what happened to them. Locke answers matter of factly ‘He did’ and motions to Ben. Locke rummages through the dead bodies and finds the blueprints for the cabin. Now, how the blueprints help him actually find a moving cabin in the middle of a jungle isn’t explained, but this is Lost and…well…that should say it all.

Interestingly, Ben seems to have resigned himself to having lost his power on the island. In one exchange with Hurley he mournfully mentions that even he isn’t in charge all the time and that ‘I used to have dreams’. He even lets Locke enter Jacob’s cabin once they find it. He and Hurley sit outside and share a funny, silent moment sharing a candy bar. The look Ben gave Hurley when he first started opening the wrapper made me laugh out loud.

But it’s what happens inside the cabin that I’m sure everyone wants to talk about. We don’t meet Jacob (there’s another season or two to go, you know), but Locke does have an interesting conversation with Jack’s dead father, Christian, about how to save the island.

He also runs into Claire who now seems to share the same smirk and riddle talk everyone else who knows what’s going on wears on their smug, stupid faces. When Locke asks her where Aaron is, she answers ‘Where he’s supposed to be’. I was hoping he would ask a follow up question like ‘Are you retarded now, too?’ or even a simple ‘Hey, since you’re here why don’t you kiss my ass?’ Do they give a course in pomposity and talking around questions during initiation into the walking dead or something?

I digress.

There was also big doings on the freighter where the surviving mercenaries lick their wounds and plan to ‘scorch the island’. Yeah, head mercenary is a bit ticked off. He even tried to kill Michael, but guns don’t seem to want to work around Michael much lately. We do see head mercenary guy getting equipped with some sort of electronic device before he heads back into battle.

Sayid, with the help of the captain, steals a boat and heads back to the island to save his friends. Desmond, for his part, decides he’s done with the island and stays to witness the throat slashing of the doctor and the captain getting shot in the chest. What’s interesting about the doctor getting killed is the boat had already received communication that they have found the doctor’s body washed up on the island. As the doc says ‘But…I’m the doctor!’ You would think that would be a head’s up for the guy, but sorry to say he gets offed a few minutes later because the helicopter pilot was refusing to take the crazies back to the island. He was convinced after a few random killings.

However, Lawnmower Man had a backup plan and dropped a back pack to Jack and crew on the beach. This pack included a sat phone with a homing beacon. ‘I think he wants us to follow them’, Jack says.

All of this is just a means to an end, of course. The big water cooler talk today will be Locke’s final line. When he emerges from the cabin and Ben asks ‘Well, what does he want us to do?’ Locke answers in a way nobody expected.

‘He wants us to move the island’.

DUH! Of course! Whey didn’t I think of that?

What We Learned:

- Uh, well, apparently the island is mobile.

- Locke has been gifted and obsessed with backgammon since very young. The parallels between him and Walt are uncanny the more we learn.

- The island has been either calling Locke or been keeping an eye on him for most of his life.

- Ben likes chocolate.

- Jack is a terrible patient.

- Michael is still being protected by the island for some reason.

- Ben still likes to get his shots in on Locke, especially his answer to Locke’s proclamation that he isn’t like Ben: ‘No, you certainly aren’t’.

- Ben, for his part, is still reeling from the death of his daughter. He claims to have been ‘chosen’ at one point, too, but seems to think his time is over.

- Hurley dreams about Mallomars. Hell, who doesn’t?

- Black dude is the one who gave Locke the idea of taking a ‘walk about’.

- Locke was never held by his biological mother.

New Questions:

What do you say we start with the moving island ones? That sound good?

- Can the island really be moved? Does it have an outboard or inboard engine or can it just float with the tide?

- Does anyone remember the very first episode of this show when the survivors suddenly had to move everything back from the beach because the water inexplicably moved further up the beach? Was that the island moving?

- What about when Desmond tried to escape in his sailboat? When he came back he said it was like being stuck in ‘a snowglobe’. But could the island have moved to get Desmond back? Sort of moved it’s way in front of his boat rather then the boat going in circles?

- How in holy hell did the doctor’s body wash up on shore before he was even dead?

- Who is Locke’s father? We always assumed it was the guy who conned him out of a kidney, but was that really him?

- Why is just that one setting Sayid takes (305? 350?) the only one that will get you on and off the island?

- Is Ben now bitter about his calling? He’s acting like a jilted lover.

- Even better, does the island only protect the people that it has a use for? For example, Michael and Locke have been shot at (once by Ben) but haven’t been killed. Remember Jack pulling the trigger on Locke and nothing happening?

- To extend that further, does the island now have no use for Ben and that is why his daughter was killed? Did Ben think the island would not let harm come to his daughter?

- And how is Sayid going to get people off in that dinky little boat? I mean, seriously, it looks like it wouldn’t even make it 2 hours in my bathtub.

- Does Locke now know he was being called to the island?

- Anyone catch teenage Locke being told about the research facility in Portland? That was the same one that got Juliette on the island. In fact, Richard was prominently involved in her recruitment, too. Is Richard some sort of psychic recruiter?

- How does Richard maintain his young appearance? I want his secret.

- What was with his pissy attitude when Locke took the knife as a child? Turns out Locke was right, it was his knife. How dare you question Locke!!!

- What was the significance of the items placed in front of Locke during that test? I recall, a book of something, a vial of sand, a compass, a knife, a comic book with ‘Hidden Land’ on the cover. Did I miss anything?

- Has the island really been around that long?

- Is Claire dead or just have a bad attitude?

- What does the mercenary guy have strapped to him?

- When we die do we have to hang out in a dark cabin? I hope they at least have cable.

- Anyone else remember when Locke first saw the smoke monster on the island? Again it was one of the early episodes, but does he remember drawing it as a child?

That’s all I’ve got, but I’m sure I’ve missed something.

Answer to bonus question: He played the sadistic guard in ‘The Green Mile’. Picture him with short, slicked back hair.

Until next week!!!

Today's distraction: Train your brain with this quick quiz. You'll need all the training you can get with this friggin' show.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I believe his name was richard on the island as well, was that his name when he recruited Juliet to the island? So damn confusing. Good post as always.

son pere said...

Yes! His name was Richard when he recruited Juliet. The "book" on the table was "The Book of Laws". As far as anybody "aging" on this show, nobody does that I have seen. Yes, I just KNEW Locke would choose the knife from the table. Do you think Richard was looking for someone less likely to be "cold-blooded" than Ben to become the leader on the island? And now we have a conundrum; remember when Charlie told Hurley that Jack "was not supposed to raise him", referring to Aaron? Now, we have Claire, the baby's mother, saying that "he's where he's supposed to be!" What the f...?

Oh, well, next week is another episode. Great post, bb, as usual.

BeachBum said...

I was thinking about that Aaron thing, too. Do you think Sawyer is the one that is supposed to raise him?

Yet, there was a show early in the first season when Claire went to a psychic and that guy told her that 'The baby cannot be raised by another' (or something like that). I took that to assume Aaron should only be raised by Claire. Who the hell knows!

BeachBum said...

Sorry, meant to post this last week, but here is an interesting take on the Ben/Locke parallels. First both had mothers named Emily, both were premature and neither had any time with their biological mothers. Remember, Ben's died when he was born and was raised by his father. Below is part of's recap:

"There was a moment last night when Ben accused Locke of manipulating Hurley into going with them to Jacob's cabin by using Ben-patented reverse psychology. Locke denied doing so, saying, ''I'm not you.'' Ben jumped on this, saying, ''You're certainly not.''

Now, do the timeline math.

Locke is born early. At age 5, he takes a test that most likely would have taken him to the Island if he had passed. He didn't. That same year, Benjamin Linus is born. At age 16, Locke is invited to go to a science camp that again would have taken him to the Island. He refused. About that same time, Benjamin Linus and his father joined the Dharma Initiative. The implication, it seems, is that Ben has been walking the path that was originally meant for Locke. Ben was the contingency plan — the course correction — for Locke's altered destiny. But Ben is his own person, of course, and he has done things differently from what Locke would have done, and this, in turn, has created further changes in the original order of things — changes that I think a certain ticked-off, Island-deprived billionaire named Charles Widmore is trying to reverse. The scene at the rehab center between paralyzed adult Locke and his wheelchair pusher, the creepy Matthew Abbaddon — who accepted the description of ''orderly'' with knowing irony — was meant to suggest one way Widmore is scheming to restore the original order: by getting Locke on that Island and taking back the birthright that was supposed to be his.

(Unless I’m getting this reversed: What if Ben was the man of destiny, but for decades, various forces — including Alpert and Widmore-Abbaddon — have been vainly trying to change destiny by getting Locke to the Island to supplant the über-Other?)"